How Jammeh Betrays Al-Jazeera Crew

JammehAl-Jazeera crew has become the latest casualty of President Yahya Jammeh’s betrayal. The Qatari-based tv crew was in The Gambia for an approved government assignment only to have their permits revoked by the West African country’s Ministry of Information and Communication, which issued the permits.

“The team of Al-Jazeera journalists were in Banjul to film and report on human interest stories but were later turned down by the authorities,” sources told Xinhua.

Al-Jazeera team was asked to stop filming or risk being arrested after the government annulled their credentials.

The Gambia’s permit issuing ministry said Al-Jazeera team was not allowed to film until further authorisation was granted by Gambian President was on vacation in his home village of Kanilai.

No reasons were advanced for the annulment of permits. Al-Jazeera team quickly left for Kenya via Dakar.

Al-Jazeera correspondent was scheduled to interview President Jammeh on many important issues, including migration of Gambian youths and his so-called HIV treatment program. President Jammeh perhaps fears the backlash resulting from an interview with Catherine Wambuo-Soi.

 “We have got approval from the government to travel to Banjul to do some human interest stories, but unfortunately a day after our arrival, we were told by our fixer that the government through the ministry of information has asked us not to film anything or else risk being arrested,” Catherine Wambuo-Soi told Xinhua. 



  1. Jammeh would never allow independent media or journalist to freely do their job . He has a lot of things to hide .

  2. The Murderous kanilai yaya Killer DEVIL had a change of heart; after realising that the interview which it assumed & intended for image-cleansing, by running it’s RATATOYE-mouth on Lies mongering as usual…???

    Gambian youth won’t rush-hassle, through the backway, if there is rule of law, in judicious execution of affairs of State; instead of the kanilai Tyrannical molestation, persecution, oppression, kidnapping, detention, torture, maim, murder of innocent, etc etc…

    Youth lives won’t perish in the ocean, in search to better lives outside Gambia, if there was employment in Gambia EVEN to the PPP era level; instead of the EVIL kanilai Devil tribalising infiltrating the mercenary security into Cassamance foreigner agents, to coerce, molester, oppress, kill Gambians & humans…??

    The enslavement of the population, civil service & security apparatus, into oppressed farmhand labour, personal business agents, domestic servants & mercenary murderers, etc etc CAN’T be cleansed…

    Family members, relatives, friends & love ones have disappeared into thin air since July 1994; some of them arrested in broad daylight, in presence of family, colleagues & witnesses…?

    The HIV Aids cure, has make every Gambian, & our Murderous kanilai Liar-in Chief “aids curer” the laughing stock of the world; lots of Health sector funds, for research & development are being siphoned for EVIL yaya’s LIES mongers & experiments on innocent humans…?

    Another African colleague of mine confronted me with his enquiry; “ah, you come from Gambia, how come your president can cure Aids…”; do you believe him, was my simple response; to contain my embarrassment…

    Gambians, our friends & the International Community must redouble our collective endeavour, to restore rule of law in the motherland sooner, to stop the Murderous Tyrannical kanilai Syndicate from wanton destruction to the people, the economy, loans, grants & resources of Gambia, for Murderous EVIL yaya jammeh’s SELFISH aggrandizement…

    God helps & bless collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  3. Jammeh is a bully who betrays people at the last minute. This time he has nothing to defend so he chooses to bully Al-Jazeera. Who then should take this Buffoon president seriously?

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