Gambia Scores Well On “Brain Drain”

King Kanilai 1 & Dida HalakeEditor,

I do not mean to wind-up KairoNews readership, but I came across this story in South Africa’s Mail & Guardian. The survey is from the Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 and the three key points on The Gambia are as follows:-

  1. Brain Loss – Here The Gambia is average but is still ahead of 22 African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania – and is on par with Senegal;
  2. Brain Attraction – Here Gambia joins the top rank, beaten only by Rwanda, Seychelles and Ivory Coast.
  3. Merit for Jobs – Here Gambia is at the top all by itself as a country that gives out jobs on merit, not according to who you are related to.

The Luntango.



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