Flurry of Tributes To Late United Democratic Party Top Man

dr boro suso 1
late Dr Boro Suso (PhD). Dr Suso was senior lecturer, head of faculty for Humanities and Social Science University of Gambia. He was fired on political grounds in 2009.


Dr Boro Suso was laid to rest on Sunday 30 0f August 2015 at his home Town of Bansang, CRR. He was 70 years of age.

Flurry of tributes from United Democratic Party supporters to the late Dr Suso for his legacy and work within the Gambia’s main opposition party. Below are some of the tributes:

“A painful loss to me and the UDP. It is the biggest loss for me personally. He (Boro) was not just a political ally, he was a friend and a brother. But of course his association with the United Democratic Party is well-known and that was why he was sacked from the University of The Gambia which was a big loss for The Gambia. Dr Suso was pivotal and very prominent for the intellectual make-up of the UDP. He has also been constantly in the media and other platforms contributing to national discourse on different issues relevant to the country’s development. I would say that this is a big loss for The Gambia.” Lawyer Darboe, UDP Leader

“The party has been afflicted by another great loss. I am sad to announce the untimely death of Dr Boro Suso today. Boro was the Chairman of the Planning Committee of the UDP and a member of the National Executive of the Party. A founder member, he was a guiding light in the party. He will be buried in his home town of Bansang. May Allah grant him eternal peace in heaven. Ameen.” [Ebraima Manneh, UDP Administrative Secretary]

“I consider Dr Boro a true friend. We were not just political colleagues, but friends as well. His astute intellect will be missed, he was dedicated, considerate and well mannered, a true gentleman and patriot. A sad moment for us. May his soul rest in peace.” Femi Peters, UDP foreign affairs Secretary

“Words cannot describe how are I feeling right now. Dr Boro Suso was always ready to participate and contribute ideas in UDP affairs. He was so keen to idealise that, youths will reach out to him from various consequences for difficult political decisions. A strong pillar has fallen. He will surely be missed and the vacuum he left is enormous. May his soul rest peace.” Ebrima Solo Sandeng, UDP youth Secretary.

“The loss of Dr. Suso (“kotokay”, as I commonly address him) is yet another hemorrhaging of the party in terms of human capacity. We have lost the indefatigable Baba Touray, the affable Tapha Joof (another big brother.. senior big brother matter of fact) and now Dr. Suso in a time span of two weeks is an unanticipated loss to the party. Least to say, filling the gap left by each of these gentlemen presents a colossal challenge to the party. We certainly adore their individual and collective sacrifices They are inspirational personalities who died for cause and not because of a cause. May Allah (SWT) reward them (and all our fallen heroes ahead of them) Jan’nah-tul-Firdaus. Ameen.” Alkali Conteh [UDP U.S Chapter Chairman}

“Another sad news again. UDP loss one of the founding member and a pillar Dr Borro Suso. He was a mentor and calm personality. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.” Mai Ceesay former UDP female wing youth President

“What a bad news. May God have mercy on his soul. Please God let these old folks live to the end Jammeh. Please God. Dr Suso an intellectual powerhouse.” Burama Sanneh, UDP youth activist

“A voice of wisdom and a source of inspiration. I join you all to also pray for God’s infinite mercy for Dr Boro Susso and the two other senior executives of the UDP: Mr Joof and Mr Touray. May God reward them all and the rest of the departed souls Jannatul Fredawsu. The death of Dr Susso, Touray and Joof is understandably a great loss to the UDP in general and Ousainou in particular. We pray for God’s guidance for Ousainou and the party to have the fortitude to bear the monumental loss of these great sons of our country and struggle. Ameen” Ebrima Sillah, former Citizen FM journalist, now program director in Accra

“The demise of Dr.Boro Suso is not only a great loss to UDP and Ousainou in particular but The Gambia as a whole. It was last Sunday at Gunjur rally I last spoke to Dr.Suso. It is Dr Suso who Personally introduced me to the UDP political activism. I considered him my political mentor. May his soul rest in perfect peace.” Alhagie S Darboe, UDP Brikama youth coordinator

“We should take Dr Suso and other’s loss as a motivation to carry the torch forward so that his vision for Gambia can be attained. We can then tell the people that is part of his legacy. Feeling sad for UDP and Gambia for the loss of so many great citizens whose dreams of a better Gambia has not been achieved in their lifetime. May we take heart at this and work harder for a better Gambia sooner rather than later.” Yahya Darboe, U.S

“Our leaders, our elders fought for a great and a democratic Gambia and their legacy is one we must be proud of but also build on to accomplish what they startup with. Let us the younger generation please avail ourselves more than ever before to finish the task. Rest in peace Dr Suso.” Lamin Tunkara, U.S

“It’s very hard to accommodate these tragedies for the past two years but let’s all accept it in good faith. I urge all party members and sympathizers to have the heart and endurance and work very hard so as to achieve our goals. One day or the other the family members of our departed heroes will certainly enjoy the fruits of their labor, may their souls rest in eternal peace.” Lamin R Darboe, U.S

suso boro
Dr Boro Suso (RIP)

“In recent weeks, the UDP has been rocked by the passing away of Alhaji Mustapha Joof in Banjul. Alhaji Tapha was the Chairman of the Banjul Committee of the UDP, a position he took over from The late Alhaji Daddy Jobe. Under his chairmanship, the UDP membership in Banjul grew particularly among the youths. A man of great integrity and sense of direction, he will be surely be missed by members of he party. The Banjul Committee is now poorer because of the loss in two stalwarts within a period of two weeks – Alhaji Baba Touray and Alhaji Tapha Joof. May Allah grant them eternal peace in Heaven. Our condolences go to Ousainou and the entire membership of he Party.” Ebou Manneh, UDP Administrative Secretary.


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