Courts In Gambia Closed Due to Weeding Jammeh’s Farm






‘Why gave us Yahya Jammeh mother Gambia?

Buba Jawo Master of the High Court, the Magistrate who convicted and sentenced Fatou Jaw Manneh to a tune of D250,000 fine,  the registrars of all the courts, and the Sheriff of the High Court all went on to weeding at Dictator Jammeh’s farm Thursday.

Information suggested they left in buses around 9am Thursday 27 August to slave themselves for the President. There is no work at the Courts yesterday and today. The administrative arm of the court was non-functional yesterday and today. This means, no Magistrate, Judge or clerk can have acces to any court file or trial details. Dictatorship at its best.

Mighty Magistrate Buba Jawo Has Fallen!!! …Jammeh Fires Buba Jawo!! By Staff Writer Charles Willaims, Banjul - CJ(4)(1)

This is beyond national embarrassment; it is shocking, despicable and abhorrent. One man is now the sole ‘Government machine’. When Yahya Jammeh switches off to hibernate, the entire army of civil servant scramble to massage his ego by going to Kanilai in droves to show support. Senior civil servants and their ministers are all buying hoes to join the President at his Kanilai Kingdom over the weekend till the end of Jammeh’s leave.

Lawyer Darboe calls this practice ‘a curse and humiliation’ on those who leave their parents farms, their own farms and some who never farms in their lives to slave labour for a constitutional head of state’. Darboe made this remark at Mandinary last month whilst speaking to women groups who complain that, their children all join truck to weed at Kanilai.

You would recalled that, 5 years ago, then a Magistrate Buba Jawo sentenced journalist Fatou Jaw Manneh to 2 years imprisonment or paying a fine of D250,000. Buba Jawo was dismissed shortly after. He later crawls back to the good books of Jammeh in 2011 and now he is the Master of the high court an administrative position.

Senior civil servants are complaining that, they are virtually held captives. The practice of helping Jammeh at his farm is deep rooted now. PhD holders, technocrats, all sorts of experts have to now religious weed for the President.





  1. Ahhhh Malango….Dunuyawo ! Dunuyawo ! Dunuyawo ! Dunuya !

  2. Look at the high court personnel with his terrified look. I guess he only hopes to be getting home everyday in peace and in good health so he can atleast live his illful dreams. Food and luxury for himself are his only dreams and not even the future of his own grandchildren.

  3. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Actually KairoNews, Buba Jawo was very lenient both to Fatou Jaw Manneh and myself.

    Fatou’s fine was easily paid – and my own bail was set at D250,000.

    He could easily have sent us both to Mile 2.

    God Bless Buba Jawo – I say!

    • What was the cause for the fines?? Buba Jawo is sitting at the wrong table at the wrong time. Probably sending you to mile two could have saved our struggle from a nations’ drowner like you.
      You know Luntango….you love fidgetting with your fingertips on the keyboard.

  4. Dida, I know Fatou jaw manneh’s case was total violation of her fundamental and Human rights . The mere fact that she was taken to court was miscarriage of justice. If you are happy with your case since you are an enabler and helper of dictator Jammeh to oppress Gambians , I can tell you, in a fair and tolerance regime you don’t deserve what you got. Fatou was detained beyond 72 hours constitutional requirements. So please stop being an hypocrite and understand that Gambia’s judiciary is corrupt and incompetent to serve the interests of Gambian people . How can Buba jawo be fair minded judge when he is in bed with the dictator ? Come on you know better.