Greater Banjul Roads Getting Worst

Yahya Jammeh, President of the Republic of the Gambia, addresses the 69th United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. headquarters in New York September 25, 2014.           REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

As Baabili Mansa goes on hibernation, road conditions getting worst and inaccessible. Heavy rains worsening the conditions of already dilapidated roads that are not regularly maintenance. Only in the Gambia will a President go partying whilst the citizens are suffering Executive neglect and lack of care.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Residents, civil servants, drivers, passengers and other concerned people using the Sinchu Alagi Coastal Road, have been complaining bitterly about the condition of the road they described as “very horrible”.

The condition of the Sinchu Alagi Coastal Road is everyday going from bad to worse more so as the rains continue to pour in torrents these days.

The residents seized the opportunity to call on the relevant authority to come to their rescue by putting mechanisms in place to rehabilitate the road.

Most of the people who spoke to The Point said they are facing serious difficulty getting commercial vehicles plying the road because many drivers have decided to avoid using the road, to protect their vehicles from frequent mechanical problems.

Many drivers are now going through Kombo and Lamin to Brikama, a concerned resident of Coastal Road community said.

One Ousman Minteh, another concerned person, said Coastal Road has a large population that needs to be catered for.

He called on the government to consider the road condition of the Sinchu Alagi Coastal Road as people are struggling to get vehicle to go for work each day of their lives.

One Fatoumata Jallow also complained that the road condition in that area gravely affects pregnant women also, who find it very difficult to get public transport to take them to hospital.

She also pleaded with the authorities concerned to come to their rescue.

Many people also spoke of the ordeal they go through in travelling through Sinchu Alagi Coastal Road.

They are therefore calling on the authorities for help.

Source: The Point


  1. Deyda Haidara

    Were are our tax monies??? in Kanilai and Morrocco or where else?

  2. Haidara , dictator Jammeh has spend closed to 500 millions dollars in kanilla and other business ventures while the rest of the country is flooding . The Gambian people are sleeping . I guess this time around , Allah has cause the floods lol. When are we going to stop blaming Allah ?

    • Deyda Haidara

      Lol Maxs. Allah will never come down to solve our problems with JK.
      By the way since last wednesday all state ministers are in kanilai tilling the farms of bulibuli mansa. They will come back on sunday with backaches and swollen hands lol! JK is a slave master and gambians made him what he is.
      Roads leading to Kanilai Capital City are in good conditions whiles the rest of the Gambia swim in muddy potholes. The next city transport system for certain areas will be canoes and scateboards lol!

  3. It’s poor planning leading to poor quality roads and an absence of a maintenance culture…

    The way our roads are built is a joke really… I am not but even I can see that the foundations are often shallow and weak and drainage is not always adequately catered for…thus our roads simply disintegrate and vanish over time…

    That’s been.a.problem first republic…That is why the.APRC can propagate the lies that the PPP did nothing..

    On.the contrary, the.PPP did.quite a lot , considering what they inherited in.1965…The problem was that a lot of it had completely vanished by 1994, giving the impression.that they did nothing…

    How will a future administration ensure that our.resources are not.wasted in.this way our concern…

  4. Deyda and max, you guys are damn right. I think Gambians as a whole, this should be wake up call. Every time, there is unnecessary wasteful party going on kanilia…. this is not a rocket science to figure out how many millions of dollars have been unnecessary wasted in kanilia since this stupid idiot so called Bali mansa dictator Yahya AJJ Jammeh came to power. Why we cannot figure out this mad 21 st century dictator wasteful spending our taxes money for his own personal use and pretend that he is so called sacred president while sitting down looking at those women shaking their ass in front of him in kanilia. Non of our neighboring countries do this type of wasting their tax payers money on his ungodly kanilia party hub. Look at our roads in Banjul, serekunda, Brikama, and etc, consumers, drivers and vehicle owners are crying for help. Where is our stupid idiot dictator president Jammeh? Sitting in kanilia wasting tax payers money on FAO awarded party, musical jamboree, wrestling match contest and etc.

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