UDP Brufut Rally A Success

Darboe arriving at the Brufut rally

34 APRC youths defected to the opposition United Democratic Party last Sunday, August 16th at the rally held in Brufut. The leader of United Democratic Party, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe hails his party’s rally in Kombo Brufut a success. Lawyer speaking at the rally said, Gambians are leaving the APRC in droves. Lawyer Darboe writing on his facebook page lamented the following:

“Overwhelming show of support by the noble people of Brufut. We are very honoured and humbled by the reception yesterday. Truly Gambians want change and they want it democratically. This is a great sign of better things to come. We address the people on oppression of land grabbing in Kombo by APRC officials, the fear tactics in their politics and the many strange strategies they use to confuse Gambians. Many old and young people are leaving the APRC for UDP.

And many others did not do so publicly last night due to fears of retributions and false imprisonments but we have been privately told of their switch of support.

Brufut youths who are enterprising and hard working had their stalls and beach restaurants closed unceremoniously.

Now many more youths are aware of the uncaring and hostile nature of the current regime. We must all stand firm and end the oppression taking place everyday.

Look at many beautiful faces humbly listening. I am deeply touched. Be at Gunjur rally next Sunday the 23rd of August.

Our aim is to do our part, speak to the people here on the ground. We will also conduct regular UDP village level committee meetings, and prepare our stalwarts to spread the word of change. We need your continuous support. These rallies are the best weapon to counter GRTS and APRC propaganda, we have no other avenues. Without information flow, the people will continue to be at the mercy of the APRC incompetent officials.”

A very well attended rally. Gambian yearning for change

Lawyer Darboe’s other speech recorded on video where he said, “Kombo has always been the heartbeat of Gambian politics.  Since the first republic, it was prominent Kombo pro-independent advocates who champion the formation of the PPP, the likes of Jombo Bojang, Mfamara Wassa Touray, Sanjally Bojang, Touray-Sanyang  all were key players in Gambian politics, they rallied the local people to champion independence and voting rights for rural people.”

Similarly, Lawyer Darboe said, “it was certain men in Kombo who encourage the Junta leader, Yahya Jammeh to become a civilian and contest elections. Our brothers such as , Pa Kalifa Sano, Dembo Santang Bojang, Kebba Touray all of Kombo stock played a part in APRC taken foothold in the Gambia.”

Darboe further said, “we call on the people of Brufut to drop the APRC and Yahya Jammeh. It is easy to effect change when a democratically elected leader went against his own people. President Jammeh has betrayed his elected oath of office. He went against every fibre of our constitution and commitment to see free and democratic Gambia.”

Darboe said, “Brufut lands have been ceased from them without any compensation. Every land, ever forest, every plot has owners. The UDP land policy is simple. If the government want private properties such as land for national development and for the good of all, the owners of the lands will be adequately compensated for the forfeiture of their property. The UDP acknowledges that, families and communities own landed properties. If those communities are deprived of those lands for whatever reason by a government, it is only fair that, they are compensated reasonably.”

Lawyer Darboe gave background to the unfair treatment of Brufut people and the wider natives of Kombo. He said “lands have unfairly been taken away from people here and they were never compensated. Yet the youths of families deprived of their lands go out of their way to sell even more of the family lands at below market price bringing even more hardship and suffering of families.”

The UDP, Lawyer Darboe said will correct all such unfair government policies. Darboe continues with a promise that, “a UDP government will give conditions to property developers who want private lands for development to enter into a partnership with owners of land. This partnership will bring regular income to landowners and to the estate developers for the long term instead instant government seizure of lands and no further compensation to aggrieve communities.”

Darboe said, “the government of President Jammeh continues to engage in arbitrary arrest and detention of Gambians on bogus and politically motivated charges. I knows of many people who have left APRC.  APRC employs misguided youths to terrorise elders and defenceless people. This is why many hide their switch of allegiance to the UDP. The hardships in this country are so numerous, we cannot list them all. The government have failed Gambians, it has not lived up to expectations and they continue to use unfair means in competing with opposition parties.”

Darboe closed by welcoming the new members of the UDP and advise them to work hard in uprooting the the APRC all over Kombo and make the Gambia a free and democratic country again. All the new members of the UDP are equal in statue to all existing and founding members of the party.

The UDP promised to conduct more rallies in the Kombos, sending a message of change and a readiness to dump President Jammeh.





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  2. Bravo UDP. I think for any political party to be relevant they have to speak to the people. Elections or no election the people must be engaged. A very well attended rally. Thanks

  3. Beware of counter intelligence….do not understimate.
    Do not devulge too much informations to the new comers. Welcome them with caution.
    Good luck to UDP and keep up the good work.

    • I thought the Udp is an all inclusive party and owes every information to its party people. I perceive that the Udp offices are not intelligence facilities keeping conspiring secrets to harm people of the Gambia. Who welcomes who with caution in the Udp party with caution Mr. @haidara??
      I think everybody should be received equally by the party untill one proves to be averse to the party’s well being.
      I am sure in the post dictatorship Gambia, the Udp as the ruling party for instance, will not use the national intelligence agency as a party security organ but recognise it as an itelligence agency capable of probing into ruling party activities and facilities and as far as the president’s office.
      In my opinion Udp should not be worried about counter intelligence issues but instead should engage in reaching all walks of life in the Gambia including even the greedy and the dishonest, a class of people who might have the chance to see light in the Udp enlightenment rallies.
      I always have the belief that conspirators keep the most secrets so you won’t see them when they coming to conspire.

  4. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Ggapm Ggapm, udp have said repeatedly that the would disband the NiA.

    Intelligence work is not about torturing and disappearing people but collecting and analysing information concerning national security. The NiA is a farce.


    • Whatever the term is @La Manju; National Intelligence agency, National Security Service or Natinal Security Agency. What I asked Mr. Haidara was; who is going to welcome who with caution? Welcome them with caution to me means that one is suspicious of newcomers and probably of his own acts. In my opinion, doing the right things simple, plain and outright with regards to one’s party politics is transparency and fairness to ordinary people within the country. The most efficient national security policy is winning the confidence of the mainroad people so reach them even when they keep the distance.
      Don’t worry about counter intelligence around you @Lafia. Just do the right thing in the Udp serves the party and the Gambia best. Agree with me that information gatthered as intelligence in many cases, could be national, private or organisations comes down to intransparency and deceipt. Do the right thing and you will acquire a lot for the Udp. Please elaborate on what I am trying to put through pertaining to the counter intelligence issue in the Udp’s political activities and take your heavy hardware back to the arsenal super Lafia. I will not be convinced the Udp needs any national security informations considering the fact most of them have become so called national security victims.

      • Lafia Touray la Manju

        Well, Haidara did not tell you he is UDP or speaking for UDP. That means your comments are misplaced.


        • And who the hell should be speaking for the Udp in the public opinion forums?? @ la manju, I’m not having a problem with anybody giving opinions hear but indeed might have a problem with different opinions and reasonings. I don’t actually care which political camp Haidara belongs to but if you do as Lafia, you could have addressed his comment as well in disagreement to his counter intelligence paranoia.
          Lafia, I know you have the urge to spark up a Udp discussion anytime you can and i really like that attitude in you but, you must wait for the right moments.

  5. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Who can speak for UDP??

    The elected UDP officials or their designates.