Disgraceful … Mr. Sam Sarr!


Samsudeen Sarr Alhagie Ceesay Ebou JobeSam, did you seek advice from Foreign Minister Neneh, from Information Minister Sheriff or even your Ambassador boss at the UN before releasing your statement that the two disappeared Gambian-Americans were not on a visit to The Gambia when they disappeared?

Really Sam, politics is politics but human decency is human decency.

Whatever battles you may have with your former Gambian Diaspora Comrades-in-Arms, you should consider the feelings of families whose loved ones have disappeared for two years before calling them liars: calling them liars for stating the simple fact that their loved ones disappeared whilst in The Gambia.

You stated, Mr. Sarr, that There is no record of the two Americans at any of The West African nation’s entry points” and added for good measure that

Ms Rice appeared to fall for the same trick of talking about a situation that she is least familiar with … Susan Rice should realize that politics from thousands of miles away is not as near the same as politics in the United States”.

That statement would have been fine for a partisan blogger – but not for a nation’s diplomat.

Now that the families have produced evidence to show that the two disappeared gentlemen were infact on a trip to The Gambia, and were in The Gambia, what will your argument to the United States government be? That you got it wrong, and they were infact in The Gambia but that the Government of The Gambia had nothing to do with their disappearance?

It would have been better to just keep silent and let the real diplomats such as Neneh and Sheriff deal with the matter. They would probably simply have said:

Respectable Ambassador Susan Rice, the two missing gentlemen did visit The Gambia but The Gambia government has no idea what happened to them”.

Now, thanks to Sam Sarr, the United States Government will be asking: “Why did The Government of The Gambia deny, through Deputy Ambassador Sam Sarr, that the two gentlemen were in The Gambia at all – when the evidence is that they were indeed in The Gambia. What is The Gambian government hiding”.

Please Sam, seek advice before you respond!

My sympathies to the families missing their loved ones.

Dida Jallow-Halake.


  1. Well said Dida. One wonders what is the use the brains of brothers like Sam Sarr. The amount of time he spend in U.S, at least something sensible should rob on him. It is sad to see old men as selfish and wicked as Sam. This is deliberate and callous. Thanks again Dida.

  2. Dida, Sam is simply pathological liar. Obviously , liars always contradict themselves without using their brains.
    Sam is tired old man who will lie and prostitute his way to get what he want. He is not representing the interest of Gambian people but his personal interest only , not even the biggest liar Jammeh’s interest. Sam will be called back to Banjul in few months because he has started to put his foot in his dirty mouth. Jammeh never like loud mouth .

  3. He (Sam Sarr) and his types are the cancer infecting our nation’s veins, nervous system and organs. Sam Sarr is got no brains at all and thats what brought him down to an educated fool. Good brains are resouceful with regards to a country’s well being and future while educated fools are hypocrite, greedy and dishonest.

  4. Sam Sarr it seems has no blood running in his veins. His pursuit for personal gains from Jammeh has blinded his mind and heart from the pains these two families are feeling every second …24/7. This type of greed is beyond imagination for some one who claimed to have been tortured by the same regime and considers himself highly educated. Remember what goes around comes around. Your Day will surely come!!!! Meanwhile my heart felt sympathy to the Jobe and Ceesay families

  5. I don’t think he deserves any attention because that’s what he is after…He is an attention seeker who seems.to have found a new lease in life : taking on the diaspora..

    I wouldn’t waste my time on.a.man who was called an INTERNATIONAL LIAR and seems.to have accepted that he is indeed an INTERNATIONAL LIAR. ..He has never had the courage to contradict the accusations that he was a liar..

    Actually, it didn’t take him long to prove his master right, did.it..? He is indeed THE INTERNATIONAL LIAR. ..

    Please, don’t address this clown as an “old man”…He doesn’t deserve that “title” either…We respect our old men…This guy deserves no respect. .

    • Bax, I really don’t want to comment on Sam’s idiotical statement, but since Sam Sarr number two which is Max categorically categorised Sam Sarr as an old asshole and tired, I am forced to intervene before these fake Gambians disrupt the genuine Gambians from commenting on Sam’s statement. My question to Max here is simple, and I don’t need hundred words to answer it. Is Sam Sarr too old to sympathise Ceesay and Jobe? Is Sam Sarr too old to ignore the grievance and distressful position of the family member of Mr. Ceesay and Mr. Jobe?

  6. Scarlet Pimpernel

    I think he was drunk again when he was writing the article. But I can guarantee that his honeymoon is over with Jammeh. Like jammeh usually says,give a fool a long rope and watch him hang himself.

  7. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Indeed my in-law, but at least his “attention seeking” has put the spotlight again on the two missing men – and this may help the family’s campaign to find them. His stone-cold heart is frightening though: makes one think of those Rwandan mass murderers.

  8. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Indeed my in-law, but at least his “attention seeking” has put the spotlight on the two missing men and this may help the family’s campaign to know what happened to them.

  9. I despise this idiot call Samsideen. Dude has no morals. All he cares about is his own pocket and to be in the limelight. After living an obscure life in the US doing odd jobs, the idiot has finally joined the political bandwagon. At his age, he felt there is not much left for him to enjoy. That’s why this dog call Sam is snarling and snapping over any available bones. His statements are despicable and an affront to the conscience of any sane Gambian.Live your last days praise singing Sam, for soon, posterity will catch up with you. You think Gambians are still idiots and cannot read between your lines

  10. will love my Gambia ever

    His Dictator boss yaya wicked jammeh called him a liar. No wonder he is hired to keep lying to keep the nasty job. He ia selfish, heartless with no sense of direction for humanity.

  11. Lafia Touray la Manju

    It is very sad that we no longer have diplomats but “Deep loops” and Tobacco hawkers.

  12. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    I do remember that the President called him a liar – and Sam Sarr accepted and apologised for being a liar!

    Then, I suppose, the President gave him a job with the Commandment:

    “Arise, Go forth and lie no more”!

  13. Dida, the EVILNESS Murderous kanilai yaya Killer Devil IS the LIAR In-Chief, BEHIND the kidnappings & disappearances of the Ceesay & Jobe brothers, Kanyiba Kanyi, Chief Manneh, Daba Marena, Jasajar Kujabi, ETC ETC ETC…

    Shameless & EQUALLY EVIL Sam Liar Sarr, is a COLLABORATIVE subordinate Liar to our Murderous kanilai DEVIL, BUT EQUALLY an enabler, trying to launder & defend the Murderous kanilai yaya Killer DEVIL, just LIKE YOU Dida DO; you always try to defend the Murderous kanilai Tyrannical KIDNAPPER’S image…???

    You can see EVIL Sam Sarr’s “lie no more”, for SHAMELESS attempt in defending the kanilai MURDERER’S EVIL kidnapping; HOW could you claim to be DIFFERENT, when you do the SAME image laundry; defending the MURDEROUS kanilai yaya Killer DEVIL…??

    Evil Murderous yaya Killer Jammeh, IS BEHIND & RESPONSIBLE for our brothers’ disappearances, & several other Gambians & other nationals…

    {When we say this EVIL is happening in Gambia…, dida says, ‘oh hold it, you haven’t been to the Frowning Coast……..where SO & SO happens…?}

    The EVIL NIA are just one of the Numerous, EVIL, Deadly POISONOUS tentacles of our Murderous kanilai OCTOPUS…

    Sam Sarr, & ALL & ANY other enablers, agents, collaborators, facilitators, connivers, ETC ETC, of the Murderous kanilai Tyrannical Syndicate, WILL ALL ACCOUNT FOR PLAYING PARTS IN CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN Gambia…

    God helps & bless collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

    • Ouch !!!! thank you Bajow,, Every time I read your comments in this forum and then reflect back to our current affairs in the Gambia, you always intelligently and brilliantly hit the target in the way that no one else can. You my friend are truly an inspirational, I have nothing for you but respect.

      You consistently stay to the point, brutally honest in your comments, no wonder why aid-abating detractors are pushed back to the tight corner, and you can clearly see tons of their voices, and style of their writings as well as their response to burning issues are rapidly changing in this forum. Once again, Thanks very much Bajaw.

  14. Yankuba Jobe , your questions are irrelevant to say the least because every one in this forum knows my stand towards military dictatorship in our country . It is also Very silly and hypocritical questions since I am arch critic of this dictatorial regime . These questions should have been directed to your brother was the chief brain behind some of worst bills which entrenched Jammeh in power . The question you should be asking yourself is ” what was your role when your brother baba Jobe was supporting the dictatorship in our country ?” . You and Sam sarr are the same people Due to the fact that sam’s wife was related to the dictator , and that is why he changed his position. You are on the record here defending the illegal actions of your brother.that is pure nepotism and self interest . Why are you not an activist then ? You even indicated to me that you were working for Charles Taylor at the time , so who is going to take you seriously in our national discourse . The reason you are asking me those irrelevant questions was because I exposed the legacy of your brother and now you have began your character assassination. I have asked you numerous questions last week about the bills which your brother supported such as removal of second round voting from the constitution , media draconian bill which limit freedom of speech and press , his thuggery of udp party and establishment of green boys to terrorize The Gambian population . These are important issues you should be talking about . In fact , you are now opposing Jammeh simply because of your brother tragic death . If he is alive today , you won’t be on this forum to write anything against jammeh. A geninue and patriotic citizens won’t listen to your double standard and I’ll-conceived propaganda.

  15. Yankuba Jobe, your questions whether Sam sarr is too old to sympathize with Ceesay and Jobe family and dismissed their grievances is very confusing and demented as the questioner himself ( Yankuba Jobe ). These silly questions should have been directed to those who support Sam and Jammeh but not maxs who has been consistently exposing Jammeh and anyone who helped oppressed Gambians . if you want to continue to support Jammeh , just go ahead because I have seen you In Banjul at insurance company where you came to Insure car belonging to your brother baba Jobe. This particular day you were very happily talking about the development achievements of the dictator when I passed by you . So it is very hypocritical to see you pretending to oppose the man , you and your entire family helped to establish.

    • Sam Sarr no: 2 [Maxs]? You have now unwillingly exposed yourself to the Gambians who you are and what you up to, for me the game is over!
      Since I left the Gambia on February 8th 1978 to abroad, I have shipped only three [3] vehicles to the Gambia. One was 1993, a Mercedes Benz 707 to one of my friend in Kombo Brikama and he cleared it from the port-D7000-, the other one was shipped in 1996, Ford Siera-private, later sold to someone else, and the third vehicle was shipped in on August 2002 a seven [7 tons truck full of second hand Bicycles for good purposes, that was the only vehicle I have cleared from the port authority by myself, and I have paid D14.000 to the customs.
      Maxs, for your information, I have never or ever cleared or insured anything belongs to my late brother, may his soul rest in peace, be it a car or any other items. I have not been living in the Gambia for the past 38 years, before Yaya Jammeh left school, and my struggle of change of Government has started well before 1981 coup, led by the late Kukoi, may his soul rest in peace. The Kaninlai murderer- [Yaya Jammeh] knows that, Yankuba Jobe will be much happier, if he gets arrested or killed, no doubt about that, but I will continue to fight for the old rotting system, which I believe has brought us in this mess in our country. I am not explaining this to you in other to please you, but I feel sorry for you, when you used the word [ character assassination]. I am very sympathetic person in nature, which I could not do anything about it. Whenever I feel that my action or words is hurting someone, immediately, I will feel uncomfortable about that particular person. But I can assure you that, I will not assassinate your character but rectify it, if I could.
      Maxs, you did ask me what have I done to condemn the APRC Regime when my late brother was in their circle, my answer to that is simple, I was not supporting them since the killing of unarm students in 2001? And my late brother was fully aware of my opposition to their part, even though I was not in their voting list. I appreciate your –U- Turn to change your old mentality to a new fresh one, which is from Tribalism to Nepotism, maybe you now know the difference between the two.
      My late brother, may Allah bless his soul, has a good intention for the Gambia, but unfortunately, the same vultures who have destroyed the Gambia economically in the previous days were the same vultures who pretended he is their friend, just to destroyed him have been successfully accomplished their hiding mission unfortunately! We knew what went wrong, but God is great.
      Please keep commenting until the real ones come forward, then I will explain at least little I know about them, I mean Sam Sarr and his allies. You are not my target! Gambia will never be as it has being previously before Yaya Jammeh, and it will never as it is recently, keep that in your vocabulary. Enough is Enough! Thank you.

  16. Correction! To their party instead of part, sorry about it.

  17. Yankuba Jobe , you are also a tired old man who will do anything now to try to erase your past support to Jammeh . You can not change history or legacy . I have stated here earlier when I first joined this forum that my family and I have never supported this regime and no one has ever work for the government. So your beef with me is simply because I challenged you or anyone why those bills enacted by baba Jobe and others has helped to entrench dictatorship. I have accessed to information about your brother’s unconstitutional conducts as well as Jammeh himself more than majority journalists. This is why I can describe the details of Jammeh’s corruption, mismanagement, sexual behaviors as well as what happened to your brother . In fact Jammeh was a criminal intelligent thinker that was why he quickly eliminated Baba Jobe because baba was a rebel who has significant knowledge about military and how to topple the government. This was due to his extensive military training at Libya where he had an excellent relationship with their former dictator. During your brother’s time you came to The Gambia and NIAs were following your foot steps because of your connections with Charles Taylor which a mandinka tribalist Lafia Touray was baselessly trying to defend you after you told me the truth that you were working for Charles Taylor ., Jammeh recognized the criminal nature of you and your brother at the time . Your brother had full access to Jammeh during that time and intelligent report indicated that you are also on the ground to try to connive with your brother to stage a coup . This was the main reason as well as pressure jammeh faced both domestically and internationally about baba Jobe to arrest him. Remember baba Jobe was allegedly involved in blood diamond issue and he was defended by Jammeh through his foreign ministry . Thereafter jammeh surprisingly arrested baba Jobe and put him under house arrest before his court appearance . He was charged with economic crime and he was represented by lawyer sillah who was doing a good job at the beginning of trial and Jammeh later instructed his jugulars to eliminate him. The reason they attempted to kill lawyer Sillah was because he challenged courts about the involvement of Jammeh himself in the allegation leveled against your brother. These are all facts no one deny .
    So Yankuba Jobe , when I see commenting on this forum as if you really care about Gambia , I see a double standard though I respect your rights to your ignorance free speech which is part of democracy we are yearning for .

    • Maxs, That was not me Yankuba In the Netherlands, Since 1978 up till then, I have never spent six weeks in the Gambia, and I have never seen Charles Tailor, I was just teasing you, go and find your facts and get back to me. The reason why i said, you are not different from Yaya Jammeh and Sam Sarr, they lie and you lie as well, you three are alike Dog and the wolves. Keep commenting and don’t ever give up!
      But to make it Clear to you, I have never worked with Charles Tailor, I am in the Netherlands right now, tell the ICC’s Fatou to come and arrest me, she and her husband know where to find me.

  18. Maxs? If you think Lafia Touray is tribalist, please just count me to as a tribalist, if loving your tribe will make someone a tribalist? I am number one tribalist in the Gambia! Most of the people I know including my little self-think, you are tribalist. You often mention and single out one tribe, which is Mandinka, and I am a proud Mandinka until to my grave!
    Thank you.

  19. number one —–

  20. Yankuba Jobe , it is very true that you have not been living in The Gambia due to your participation in rebellion and other Clandestine operations you were known for according to your confession . I have never say you were living in The Gambia . Here is my question when I asked you about Charles Taylor.

    Maxs: ” Yankuba if you are in The Gambia in 2003 or before that time , are you the baba jobe’s relatives who was part of Charles Taylor rebel forces before Taylor’s arrest ? Or do you know baba jobe’s brother who was part of Charles Taylor Rebel forces and eventually came to Gambia briefly ?”

    Here is your answer :

    Yankuba Jobe :” yes , indeed , I was the relative of baba Jobe working for Charles Taylor before his arrest ” .

    Today here is what you said :

    Yankuba Jobe: ” maxs that was not me Yankuba in the Netherlands , since 1978 up till then , I have never spent six weeks in The Gambia and I have never seen Charles Taylor “,

    So Yankuba you must be lying to everyone here because I asked a simple question . What motivated you to lie in the first place ? The two statements above are not the same . So who is not truthful , you or me ?
    Since I started to talk about policies that baba Jobe supported you have decided to attack my every comments I made here without talking about The reasons why your brother supported those policies at the time . I think if you cannot explain the reasons why he supported the removal of second round of voting , enactment of media draconian bills and other illegal acts he did , then you should shut up and take low profile . Anytime there is opportunity to talk about policies which has drastic and negative impact of Gambians today , your brother’ name will come up . My focus is to talk about policies and to expose crimes committed by Jammeh and his enablers. This is why I continue to expose Jammeh every opportunity I had .
    If you have problem with Sam sarr and other former allies of baba Jobe and dictator Jammeh , for your information I did not know them and I have no business with them . Please direct your grievances to the right people not me ( maxs).your effort to try to associate me to those people who have helped entrenched dictatorship in our country is only malicious and lies but also outright ill-conceived and hypocritical . I have stated here many times that I have never , NEVER supported and worked for Jammeh and his regime . I despise Jammeh since day one . So what is your motivation to link me to Sam sarr other than lies and malicious intention to assissinate my characters . Peoples in this forum already knows me . The attitude you displayed since I talked about the policies your brother supported makes it very difficult to fight to change dictatorship because you are defending your relative while trying to throw mud at me .
    The debate is about policies baba Jobe and other enablers of dictator Jammeh’s supported which has serious negative impact on Gambian people . Please tell us what is your stand on those policies ? That is what is important and I think that is what readers want to know as well as crimes committed under the regime . Stop nepotism and speak the truth .

    • Maxs, you definitely need to consult your psychiatric doctor for more help! And do not regard this as [character assassination], it is absolutely not! If you go back to the previous comments, I have used the word [teasing you] to weigh your mental state of health, and I said, I found it disturbing unfortunately! Be Maxs, Mexs, Moxs or Boxes name just few, would not be allowed anymore to manipulate our good sons and daughters of the Gambia, while we are sitting and watching them like a movie star. We have learned our lesson from Yaya Jammeh. Your first signs of being mentally disable, is your attitude, you quickly get agitated and annoyed when someone commented against your will. You asked me, if I was in the Gambia in 2003, yes indeed, I was in the Gambia on holiday, but adding your nonsensical question that, if I was working with Charles Taylor, there I found the problem in you!!! And answered you by teasing you, yes indeed, I work with Charles so that I may read more about your lying attitude, which I am successful!! You went further and said, yes [ I know you were in the Gambia] even though, the gentle man, Lafia Touray raised the red flag, warning you that, you are lying about Yankuba, you keep ignoring him, now you are demanding me to leave you alone, because you are not an ally of Sam Sarr and that I should stop assassinating your character. No way! You lied about live debate with me, now you want to fade away from commenting. I am old and tired, as you and you types claiming, but I am not Sam Sarr! I am living in a very comfortable life with my children, and I don’t need to go back to the Gambia, simply because, all my children were born and raised here in Europe. One of them is already married, but make no mistakes, I will continue to fight on behalf of the future children of the Gambia as MY COUNTRY OF ORIGIN! I have neither worked for previous regime nor the APRC, and I will never work for any future Government, if not voluntarily.

      Sam Sarr no:1
      I have no personal issue with Sam Sarr, but all national! I been following his previous shows on Freedomnewspaper few years back, just like I’m engaging with you right now. After carefully evaluating Sam’s attitude of lying and twist and turning things around, then I made this personal conclusion of Sam Sarr. [Sam Sarr is not old but mentally sick and he is very dangerous to our country’s national security. Nothing more nothing less.. Keep commenting, this is your world of Democracy, and I will find a little gap to fit in to defend Gambia from another Yaya Jammeh and Sam Sarr type of Gambians.

      Thank you for your patience.

  21. Bax, Sam is tired old man who has no respect whatsoever for himself. Today we have many old men who have no respect for themselves because they didn’t stand for the truth and they helped to entrench dictatorship in our country. Sam belongs to those group of old men. I have no respect for any old men who lies continuously and have no self esteem. Respect is not given, it is earned through exemplary behaviors or good conduct in the form of words and deeds. We have Jammeh in The Gambia because not many old men in leadership positions speak the truth and many lie to save face.

  22. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Max I don’t know Yankuba Jobe personally but i know few people who know him well. They all said exceptionally good things about him especially regarding Baba’s politics and I respect him for that.

    Leeng nga don soko bangnee dey faa fayka nga Jen saay nyow- youssou n’dour

  23. Please kaironews , publish my comment I previously sent before the last one . I think it is fair to have my respond publish so that readers can make their own judgement . Thanks

  24. Lafia Touray , if you don’t know Yankuba Jobe personally then it is better you shut up because anything you said about him is hearsay. Yankuba can speak for himself . You need to speak up with authentic authority that you personally knows what you are talking about .
    So if your friends said good things about him that makes him not capable of being a former rebel . Don’t we have people saying good things about our murderer dictator yaya Jammeh ? I really question your intelligent and honesty if that is how you think and behaves . Use your brain to think critically before you come to defend someone you know nothing about personally . Thanks

    • Ceasefire my brethren Max and Jobe! Let us focus our energies on the common enemy. I am pleading with both of you. This is not the least healthy. We should be able to discuss issues in a mature and respectful manner without resorting to insults and personal attacks. We may never agree on everything, but we should be able to accommodate each other and focus on areas of convergence. With time, our differences may get narrower and finally disappear. Please, ceasefire!!!!

      • Thank you Mr. Camara, I appreciate your request for ceasefire. It’s all about the Gambia, nothing personal on my side..

  25. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs is on fire today – lol! Beware internal self-combustion bro.

  26. @Maxs…..”Bax, Sam is tired old man……”

    Comment….I don’t think Sam’s labels should be a topic for discussion at all,whatever anyone chooses to call him, because I think people should be free to express their opinions, as much as they can….However, I also think that people must do so with caution and sensitivity…

    I cannot see Sam as an old man, never mind a tired one, because Sam ‘s age does not qualify him to be called as an “old man…”

    I see Sam, age wise, as a middle aged man, probably going through some sort of “mid-life crisis”, as do often happen with some people at that age…and reflecting our minds on his life story, we may be able to understand why a man with his ” life story” would experience “mid life crisis” at this stage of life….That doesn’t mean that he should be excused for his behaviour or that he should not be accountable for his actions…

    The use of the term “old man” to describe Sam Sarr, given why he has become a subject of interest, would seem to suggest a derogatory/negative sense, since he is not advanced well enough in age to be regarded as such…I doubt it very much whether Sam will be considered an old man anywhere in.The Gambia,except in the derogatory sense…”

    This is where caution must be shown or exercised in order not to be “guilty” of stigmatisation…In my view, to attribute Sam’s behaviour or actions to “old age”, by calling him an “old man”, when he is definitely not an “old man” (not even a senior citizen), is to stigmatise those who have reached “old age.. ”

    Indeed, there may be a handful of old men (real old men) who may be classed as Jammeh helpers because they hold positions of influence and can influence public opinion, either at village, town, district or regional levels (such as “Kabiloo” heads, Alkalolu, Seyfolu or Party Chairpersons…) but the vast majority of old men (& women) have long “retired” from “public life” and are only content with dealing with local issues and seeing out their last days here…They may be intrigued by the fan fare that follows political leaders around, and may use every last effort in them to satisfy their curiosity, but they can’t be blamed for what is happening in The Gambia today… (and I am not saying that you are blaming all old men…All I am saying is that using the term “old man” to denote negativity is akin to stigmatisation and we need to be sensitive to that…)

    I think Sam should be dealt with as an individual and even where real old men are found to be Jammeh helpers, it is fair to say that they must also be dealt with as individuals, rather than individuals belonging to a certain group…

  27. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Yea Max, hearsay from his born relatives in Jarra. I am sure that is much better than your idiocy.


  28. Lafia Touray la Manju

    I also know as a matter of fact that yankuba lives all his life in Jarra and Holland. There are a lot of Baba’s brothers and cousins from Jarra and I know some of them personally. They always to talk about Yankuba as “our brother in Holland”. That makes my knowledge about Baba well above your pay grade Max.

    I have to make it clear though that I never like Baba’s politics and to know that somebody like Yankuba Jobe had tried hard to change things for the better is remarkable to me. That’s why I respect him. He is a good relative of Baba. And those who went between him and Baba are the bad relatives.


  29. Lafia Touray la Manju

    They would say to me ” if anybody could have saved baba, it’s Yankuba Jobe but people came between them and so he failed.”

  30. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bax: “Old man” in the abusive sense Maxs uses it here is out-lawed by UK’s 2010 Equality Act – and by Africa’s traditions. The “Mzee” in Kenyatta’s title is a term of endearment and respect.

    MY FRIEND BABA K JOBE: as the officers at Banjul Police HQ will testify, the last time Baba and I met in 2008 WE HUGGED. Baba never gave me one butut: on the contrary, I gave D5,000 to the Jarra SSS we raised funds for in Soma. That out of the way, I want to defend the man because he is not here to defend himself:

    Firstly, Baba welcomed the APRC take-over just like 90 PERCENT of Gambians did (Lamin J Darbo’s recent piece). Even DUGA’s firebrand “old man” ran off to Gambia’s USA embassy to meet Captain Ebou Jallow and welcome the revolution.

    Secondly, I am not aware of anyone ever accusing Baba of killing anyone. Baba was NOT in charge of the country during the 2000 Student Uprising and I know for a fact that the only part he took in the actual event was to give the CDS dalasi 3000 to fuel the Army tracks. Of course Baba then went on to establish the Patriotic Students Association but that is politics.

    Thirdly, the only violent act cited against Baba was the fight between the UDP and APRC militants and the beating of BARODI Juwara. But Juwara himself forgave and hugged Baba.

    Fourthly, Baba was a political genius (add “Machiavellian” if you wish) and Baba would not resort to violence if he can achieve his objectives peacefully. In my view, things went downhill for the July 22 Revolution only after Baba fell.

    Fifth, one of my favourite photos is with Baba and you can see the man’s Natural Charisma. People with such Natural Charisma and Self-Confidence are easily liked and Baba was incredibly popular – and simple (we ate Benechin sitting on the floor in Soma). Baba said to me, in jest, “I am the Alkalo of Mile Two Prison”. I know that is true because all the guards and inmates at Mile Two Prison liked Baba K Jobe – just as the citizens of The Gambia had done in the 8 years he was free to travel all over the country establishing his beloved revolution.

    In conclusion, I think Baba K Jobe was a committed and dedicated Revolutionary, and like countless revolutionaries before him, was consumed by the revolution he created. Revolutions worldwide are incredibly cannibalistic. Baba K Jobe – Good Departed Revolutionary Friend – Rest in Peace.

  31. Luntango Suun Gann Gi; I’m glad you have set the record straight, if I have said this, it will rather be called Nepotism or tribalism. I grew up with him, and we were together in Libya in 80s, I know he has a good intention for the Gambia.

  32. Dida and Bax , it is ignorance, dishonest and false to state that “old man” Suntou Touray and I used to describe Sam is abusive/derogatory/negative connotation. Even United Nations has consider term “old men” to refer to age 60 and above which is an older population. If you go by that standard, Gambia which has life expectancy of less than 50 years then Sam sarr is considered Old man. Sam is over 60 years old and is facing retirement here in USA, where retirement age is 65 years. 60 years is acceptable standard to measure old age in any given society.
    Bax, I think you keep contradicting yourself when you stated that the label “old men” shouldn’t be topic of discussion but you went further to indicate that it is used in derogatory sense which is ridiculous and false. Why are you discussing it when you recognize that it shouldn’t be used as topic of dicussion. Why did Yankuba not attack or question Suntou Touray who first used it to described Sam? Let’s stop the hypocrisy and malicious, self serving agenda. All my contributions here is about policies and crimes committed by Baba Jobe and other enablers who helped to entrench Jammeh in power. Instead of talking about those bills or policies Baba Jobe supported, Yankuba posted a very silly questions just to maliciously tarnish my image. Bax, you have come to his defense to falsely indicate that the term “old men” has negative connotations. When are we going to speak the truth. This is the same kind of lies, hypocrisy and double standard that is why we still have Jammeh as evil dictator in our country. It’s shameful to see you all defending Sam and Baba Jobe who have helped to entrench military dictatorship in our country.
    Dida, for you we all know that you are here to express your ignorance and self Interest because you care less about The Gambia . Only those in the same club with you will agree with you about your defense of Baba Jobe.
    It is clear to you all Yankuba Jobe has questioned me because I exposed his brother’s legacies and has embarked on malicious intent to associate me with the likes of Sam. I know few of you are ganging up to discredit me because of my extensive exposures of the dictator and his enablers, but you have to present facts to do that.
    The question you should ask is “why does Bab Jobe supported those bills and do you think those bills or policies are good for Gambia?

  33. Dida, trying to rewrite the history of baba Jobe is not going to work because patriotic Gambians are well aware of his legacy.
    Baba Jobe used corrupt money to get his support and get popular.

    His creation of patriotic student union and green boys was the beginning of political oppression and intimidation in our country. Baba Jobe initiated violent confrontation between aprc and udp. He has threaten opposition members with death. Baba Jobe was not a revolutionary leader because he has no vision to effect change that would improves the lives of ordinary citizens rather to help in entrenchment of military dictatorship. This was the legacy he left behind. He was the most corrupt political operative who used money and intimidation to get support from his opponents.

  34. Luntango, you might as well substitute Baba for Jammeh in what you wrote above, and you will say the same. You attached yourself to both for your own selfish ends, and could not understand the suffering heaped on Gambian people by these two. There is no embellishing Baba’s or for that matter Jammeh’s record. The two are intertwined. Ask the many victims in Jarra and beyond of Baba’s oppressive actions. You are just a pretentious, hopeless, romantic revolutionary moving with the flow, and lining your pocket at the expense of Gambians; oblivious of our dire predicament.

  35. Yankuba Jobe , you cannot irritate me because I know your attitude here is about nepotism and defense of your brother baba Jobe . Baba Jobe opposition thuggery , his association with worst leaders in Africa , his support of worst policies which entrenched military dictatorship and building of foundation of terror and political oppression , human rights abuses cannot be changed . These legacies are here to stay forever . One question I keep asking you ; ” are those bills he supported good for The Gambia ?”
    Yankuba it was you who have indicated that you are the brother who worked with Charles Taylor and I know baba Jobe had a brother who worked for Charles Taylor . Why do you lied to me if it wasn’t you ? I took your words for it and that is what matter . As old man over 60 years , lying in public should be the least expectation from you no matter what the circumstances might be . We are all criticizing Sam sarr because he keep lying every time he opened his mouth . So it is ok for you to lie about your association with Charles Taylor but it is not ok for Sam sarr to lie ? Lie , dishonesty , hypocrisy , nepotism , double standard , blaming God , worshipping fellow human being and self righteousness are all evil characters that helped to entrench Jammeh in power . If you really care about The Gambia , why didn’t you publicly condemned baba Jobe at the time he supported the dictator and he was doing opposition thuggery ? Why now?
    Why do you describe me as fake Gambian and your other posting , you indicated that I am a half Gambian? Where in the constitution , do you see the words “fake ” or ” half ” Gambian ? Go and read the constitution so that you will understand what is citizenship and its responsibilities . When your brother was signing his death certificates, you were silent as you claimed. You cannot blame jammeh alone for all the crimes he committed because he has helpers and enablers to committe those crimes . Baba Jobe happened to be his most powerful helper, strategist and enabler to terrorize and loot resources from the population.
    Baba Jobe dangerous nature is not only limited to Gambian politics and population but it went beyond west Africa . He was one of the most dangerous citizen who has international connections with worst leaders such as former rebel leader , Charles Taylor , RUF Phoday sonko , Libyan Gaddafie and other Arab dictators and sponsor of terrorism on African continent. Baba Jobe . Baba Jobe was involved in kidnaping and torturing of his opponents especially opposition Udp.

  36. Janko camara , there is nothing like common enemy in my book . Anyone who lied , helped to terrorize Gambian people , entrenched military dictatorship , oppressed citizens, in engage in spreading false information to deceive Gambians for personal interest , loot from Gambian people and engage in human rights abuses is an enemy . Why focus only on Jammeh when we have characters among us who are even worst than Jammeh because they stand for lies , dishonesty , hypocrisy , nepotism , praise singing , worshiping fellow human being and deception . These characters are very problem why Jammeh is still in power . I can see clearly in this forum is the same kind of characters is being display to deviate from the truth , honesty and doing the right for the country . In your thinking , do you think Baba Jobe or other enablers who supported the media draconian bill , removal of second of voting , opposition thuggery and establishment of foundation of military dictatorship was the right thing to do for The Gambia ? These are the issues I have been talking about and I will continue to expose anyone who help to entrench dictatorship irrespective of tribe , region , or religion. Why do we condemn imam fatty but we cannot talk about policies , thuggery , terrorism and corrupt nature of baba Jobe . Gambians problem is when we want to speak the truth , some will say you are insulting people because those people refuse to accept and stand for the truth. It is clear to everybody here that Yankuba Jobe was not truthful at all in his relationship with Charles Taylor and why he dislike the term ” old man ” to describe Sam sarr who is pathological liar. If I can called Sam sarr a liar and Jammeh the biggest liar then who is Yankuba Jobe to be exempted from that category when he lied numerous times in This forum and later claimed to be joking when confronted . The double standard and hypocrisy I noticed is that , we can all say horrible things about Jammeh and those who are currently in his inner circle but we can’t say any bad things about those who left or are dead ,who committed horrible crimes and helped to entrench him in power . I think your concern and energy should be directed to ask ” what are we doing individually in contributing to entrench jammeh in power and what role each one is playing in oppression of Gambians ?” We all have to look into ourselves and ask if each one of us is standing for the truth , the interest of Gambian people irrespective of our tribe , political affiliation , region or religion . Pretending to be opposition sympathizer while defending individuals such as baba Jobe is the highest hypocrisy and double standard one can see . My words are never going to be liked by those who refused to stand for the truth. So the ceasefire you initiated , doesn’t make any sense to me because I am here to fight for Gambians and anyone who lied , distorted truth or history is a fair game . Are you implying that Jammeh is the only problem of The Gambia or we should criticize Jammeh alone because he is our common enemy while leaving others who helped to entrench him in power or committed crimes ?

  37. Yankuba Jobe , you made an interesting revelation or exposure of yourself again, here is what you said ;

    Yankuba Jobe ; ” I grew up with him ( baba Jobe ) and we are together in Libya in 80s , I know he has a good intention for The Gambia “.
    Yankuba it is clear to all now that you and your baba Jobe were in Libya as part of rebel forces who were working with Charles Taylor and Phoday Sonko at the time . Your brother was very connected to former dictator and he has encouraged so many Gambians to Join their training camp in tripoli at the time. This was the time Charles Taylor and Phoday sonko were also in Libya and they were helped by Gaddaffie to stage rebellion in their respective countries . I think it is better your reveal yourself so that we know who you are .
    In your previous posting , you indicated that you left The Gambia in 1978 for abroad and you are based in Netherlands and now you claimed that you were in Libya with your brother in 80s. Do you see the contradiction in the two statements above ? So what were you doing with your brother in Libya at the time ? What good intention for The Gambia did your brother have when he was in Libya with you ? Did he had any plan to the best of your knowledge to carry out any clandestine operations such coup , military operation within The Gambia ? Readers want to know what was you and your brother connections in Libya at the time ? Can you please tell us who is sheriffba Jobe too or what do you know about him ?

  38. Modou , thank you for hitting the nail on the head . Dida is another pathological liar who was hired by the dictator to come to Gambia to oppress citizens . At the time , Baba Jobe was his best friend , so we shouldn’t expect anything significant from him but a garbage and hallucinating thoughts. These are the people who would say and do anything to stay relevant in their myopic mind . A decent , honest , patriotic Gambians are aware of these peoples , their supporters , those who falsely hide behind the name of opposition party to promote their selfish agenda while pretending to preach peace but refuse to accept or stand for the truth . How can any sane person or geninue opposition sympathizers be defending Sam sarr or baba Jobe . These peoples are worst than Dida because Dida is bold enough to highlight his ignorance and selfish interest and less about The Gambia .

  39. Maxs, There were more than one thousand Gambians in Libya from 1979-1983, Were they all rebels working for Charles Taylor? Look, you are sick period! Let’s go after the threat and leave the dead in peace, the death person is no longer a threat to any society. They are gone! and gone for good! May Allah bless their souls.Lot of things happened in the first and the second world war, un countable victims, but that did not stop the world to move forward and rectify the mistakes made by other people in the past? A young man like you as you claimed to be, if you are not lying to yourself should be looking forward beyoung his nose, rather than reminding himself about the past, and offerring nothing for the future except division, for that matter, I think personally, you have a mental problem like Yaya Jammeh and Sam Sarr. Would be able to turn the clock back? Even if you think you are right. If you are not an alcoholics, please go and seek for help, because you are not well. I am not sixty [60] years old, so don’t exagerate my age, even though, I wish I am 60 years old so that, I can soon go for my pension. You are Sam Sarr nummer [Two] a professional liar periode!

  40. Bax, your used of the term “clown” to describe Sam sarr , is that not a derogatory or negative connotation or another term ” attention seeker ” to describe him . Before you jump to comment , reflect on your writing first to avoid contradiction and double standard . Sam sarr is tired old man who is pathological liar and the biggest liar is dictator jammeh because has been lying since day one.

  41. Maxs, if you still really one to go ahead with our live debate on the radio, i will explain lot to you about myself, a true Nationaist or revolutionery will never hide his identity to the people he claimed to protect or defend. Mandela, Arafat, Castro named few, had never hide their identity from their people. Therefore, something is really wrong with you mentally and I will hold on to that ground.

  42. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Max, with respect your rejoinder is just too long! I don’t know where to begin, so I won’t even try to reply (I leave it to my in-law … them PDOIS lot are used to making sense of interminably long essays having been well-trained since they were bairns in nappies – lol!)

  43. I meant, would you be able to turn the clock back?

  44. @Maxs…”So the ceasefire you initiated , doesn’t make any sense to me because I am here to fight for Gambians and anyone who lied , distorted truth or history is a fair game ….”

    Maxs…Is this your method of fighting for Gambians..? To insult those that disagree with you or to call them all sorts of names..? Really Maxs..?

    I wonder what will happen to people who disagree with you, if you had state power and they were within your reach.?

    You alleged that I defended Yankuba Jobe, the late Baba Jobe and Sam Sarr, but did I defend any of these people. ? Do you really know what defending someone is..?

    All I said about late Baba Jobe was that whatever his “crimes”, he was no longer alive and could neither defend himself nor influence our politics today,so it was better to let him rest in peace…I also said that we should advise those in his position today to learn from his tragedy and not repeat the same mistakes…That it is not our tradition to speak ill of the dead…Does that sound like defending Baba Jobe..?

    Did I say anything in support or.in.defense of Yankuba Jobe ..? I.would like you to show me where I defended Yankuba Jobe…

    I will say this, yet again Maxs, that if you lack the ability to understand simple content, I can only sympathise with you but that is not my problem and I do not write with your shortcoming and deficiency in mind… That you can be rest assured of..

    What I said in relation to. Sam Sarr was that whatever labels we choose to call him,we must be cautions to avoid stigmatising other people…and.that the term “old man” in the context that you used it, does risk stigmatising an.entire age group…


  45. It is your right to disagree with that opinion but you have no right to call me a liar or dishonest for.expessing an opinion…You need to watch yourself when.you respond to comments…

    You cited the United Nations definition of “old man” and wished to use that as a standard to.argue your point, but don’t you know that the UN itself has acknowledged that standards vary from country to country..? What constitutes “old age” in.one.country may not be the same in another country…

    Furthermore Maxs, I.do not see the relevance of citing the UN definition because I was talking about a specific country :The Gambia…That is why I said that I doubt very much whether Sam Sarr will be considered an.old man.anywhere in The Gambia, except in a derogatory sense..Does that constitute “defending Sam Sarr ” ?

    You seem to be denying that you used the term “old man” in a derogatory sense,but anyone who understands content from context,can see very clearly that it is used as a derogatory term….certainly, not in an endearing or respectful sense…

    If I am defending anyone here,it is our old men, whose age group is being tarnished here by being connected to insensitive and callous behaviour of a clownish “diplomat”..

    Finally Maxs, get this in your.head for future reference…I.oppose Yaya Jammeh’s style of governance and I will disagree with anyone who supports and helps him, but I also respect the rights of fellow Gambians, in particular, to associate with, and support whoever they chose to, including Yaya Jammeh…I.hope they fully understand that the consequences of their actions and the burden of.guilt rest on.their shoulders and conscience and not on.anyone.else..

    Personally, I see the root of the country’s problems as the consequence of a system failure, being the result of weak institutions, weak civil society groups and a placid population that is unmoved by anything…Those who spend.their energies targeting individuals are not wrong to do so, but I think they are missing the.point…It is the.system that enables individuals to behave outside the law and get away with it that should be our concern…

    I fully understand that the struggle to restore sanity to our country comprises different entities with different approaches…I can express my opinion about any groups and.their approaches and can associate myself with.those with whom I share the same views on the way forward for The Gambia…

    We need maturity and civility in these fora because after all, regardless of how self important we may see ourselves; regardless of how much of a fighter we may consider ourselves; regardless of how patriotic we may view ourselves; we only have our views to share in order to influence change, and you won’t win anyone over by being nasty and rude…

  46. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    True Yankuba Jobe, a “Revolutionary Patriot” like MAXS should be brave enough to show his identity! Afterall, he is hiding somewhere in the GREAT US of A! where “BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER”.

    Thanks my in-law, I knew I could depend on you to make sense of Maxs’s nonsense.

    • Max should remain under the name @Max as an advice to brother Max why?, there are many green snakes in the green grass out about to bring pain and sorrow in the lives of other people and their families.
      Blacks have always had their ways in and outside America. With their populations the world over, they know very well how to fight amongst each other and too weak to unite for a common cause. Black lives do matter in the USA and otherwise is rubbish.

  47. @Maxs…”Bax, your used of the term “clown” to describe Sam sarr , is that not a derogatory or negative connotation or another term ” attention seeker ” to describe him . ”

    This is perhaps, the clearest indication to proof that you lack that ability to grasp meaning from content…I.have never said that you should not use deragatory remarks against Sam…

    Infact, I made it clear that people should be able to express themselves as much as they can.because I believe that is an essential ingredient of a democratic society…What I advised was that we need to exercise “caution” and “sensitivity ” in our choice of words…

    Maxs,whether you agree or not,attributing a person’s bad behaviour to his/her age group, skin colour,religion,nationality etc constitutes a form of stigmatisation..

    Indeed, I used “clown” and “attention seeker” to redicule Sam Sarr, but what particular group of people do you think I may have stigmatised here…

    If you can show me that group,then I will apologise for my inappropriate choice of words…

  48. Bax, you have called Sam sarr an international liar and if I call you ” local liar ” that shouldn’t hurt your feeling . If you or anyone lie here will be called out. In fact I am more worry about local liar than international liar because with local liar you never know his position but an international renowned liar is known by everybody and that is why we are quick to called him a liar.,
    Here is what suntou Touray said ” it is sad to see old men as selfish and wicked as Sam ” .
    why you and Yankuba Jobe didn’t take issue with suntou comments but Yankuba was quick to post those silly questions to me as if I am supporting Sam . Do you see your double standard , hypocrisy and dishonesty in your categorization of my comments . Baxs if you are not defending Yankuba what are you doing ? Yankuba didn’t like that term and you came to indicate that it was derogatory terms . Do you see your self contradiction . Before runing your mouth , think twice to write .

  49. Maxs…It’s not about hurting personal feelings…You can’t hurt my personal feelings because you don’t know me,nor can I do the same to you for the same reason…It’s about decency and maturity..

    If you are going to accuse someone of lying,you should have the decency to show them the lies..

    You don’t need telling that our exchanges should be conducted with maturity, as mature adults at all times, but unfortunately, you have sometimes let yourself down badly…

    Maxs, even if I had called Sam Sarr “the international liar”,I am.justified to do so, because not only has he failed to defend his reputation after being called an “international liar” in public, he has also issued a statement of denial which has been shown to be lies…He has made his own label…I didn’t have to say a thing..

    But if you follow my comment where I made the statement about Sam being “indeed the international liar”, you will realise that it is an expression of agreement with the person who first called Sam Sarr “an international liar..”, rather than what you alleged…but I have no qualms calling Sam “an international liar” because he has lied on an international stage…


  50. You should have the decency to show this audience how I have become a “local liar”,if you are going to call me a “local liar..”

    @Maxs….”Here is what suntou Touray said ” it is sad to see old men as selfish and wicked as Sam ” .
    why you and Yankuba Jobe didn’t take issue with suntou comments …”

    Comment…My appeal not to address Sam as an.”old man” because he doesn’t deserve the title,was a general one and not meant to be directed at you or Suntu…even.if it seemed so..

    Here it is…”Please, don’t address this clown as an “old man”…He doesn’t deserve that “title” either…We respect our old men…This guy deserves no respect. .”

    Suntu didn’t respond but you did and that was how we started this latest exchanges.. So don’t start being a cry baby because that won’t earn you any sympathies …

    I challenged you to show how I defended Sam Sarr, late Baba Jobe and Yankuba Jobe and it seems you have attempted to show this in Yankuba’s case,as follows…

    @Maxs. .. . “Baxs if you are not defending Yankuba what are you doing ? Yankuba didn’t like that term and you came to indicate that it was derogatory terms…”

    What you seem.to be saying here is that my advise against using the term “old man” in referent to Sam Sarr,is actually in.defense of Yankuba Jobe…In.other words,you are saying that “because Yankuba did not like the term “old man”,I came to indicate that it was “derogatory”…

    I think the evidence speaks for itself…My comment containing my first disagreement with the use of the term “old man” in reference to Sam Sarr was published on the 13th August whilst Yankuba’s comment with reference to “old man” was first published on.14th August…

    I would have to be a genius to have this foreknowledge Maxs…My subsequent comments (with regards to the term) were in relation to my first comment,rather than in.defense of Yankuba Jobe…You will have to do better to provide yor proofs..

    I have ample reason to call you names for not been able to provide proofs for calling me names, but I will restrain myself,for now..But watch yourself because I can be nasty,if I want to be..

  51. Bax, it is real fun to read your comments at times because they are long , disjointed , word salad, illogical , self contradictory . I am really having a good laugh . Seriously I am . It is just like sometimes when I read a long press release from ( pdois ) , I get lost and confused. I don’t know if you know this but you are not good in presenting your case . You should try to lawyer up and be specific in your presentation .
    Bax, here is one statement you said which I think is not a true statement ; calling Sam an old man is to “stigmatize those who have reached old age” . This above statement is fallacy , therefore it is a lie. How would you call someone age 20, would it be stigmatization to call that person young man ?

  52. The laugh is on you Maxs…Seriously it is…How would.you call someone aged 20..? You should tell us how you will call someone aged 20..

    But here’s what you should know…The meaning of a word depends very much on the context it is used….

    “Old man” could convey different statements of meaning,depending on the context it is used…

    (1)…It could.be a statement of fact when it conveys such…(.example) FaMalang is 85 years old…He is a very “old man”..

    (2)…It could be an endearing or loving statement when used as such…(example)…when a young wife says…”I’m going to cook benachin for my “old man”…

    (3)…It could be derogatory and insulting when used as such… (eexample) FaMalang stares at young girls…He is a sick “old man”… (same usage as “Sam is a tired “old man” because he lied ) Most inappropriate usage because of the inference that could be drawn from it…

    With these few tips, l rest my case…Till we “meet” again..

  53. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs, I think writing the story from one’s own experience and witness of what happened is absolutely great. When your take is compared to other’s take (respectfully not Yank Jobe’s because he is a relative!) historians end up with a fairly objective historical take.

    I will also say that there are many things I was, and I still am, totally unaware of about Gambia despite my 20 year association. For example, UNTIL I WAS DETAINED, I had no idea that Banjul Police HQ would be dealing with drunks and violent people on Friday and Saturday nights – just like British town-centre police on a Friday and Saturday night! I had no idea of the inside of a police station like Serrekunda – until I ended up in that cell with something like 40 people!! Inspite of living in UK for 40 years, I am just becoming fully aware of the corruption here (For example, all of us associated with supporting the Stephen Lawrence Family Campaign over the last 20 years were black-listed and targeted by the London Police Force, including a London Police Officer who was victimised terribly – google “Sgt Virdi”).

    So like I say, different perspectives, shared calmly and respectfully, enhance knowledge and understanding. More power to your elbow – and of course to my in-law’s highly educated and experienced elbow too!

    (PS: But if perspectives are as ridiculous as Sam Sarr’s statements above, we are entitled to scream “BS!!” and “Disgraceful”!!)

  54. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Pimpo, I will be the Opposition APRC’s NAM Candidate for Kotu Central while you remain hidden in the West. Remember you read it here first.

  55. Dida: ” I will also say that there are many things I was , and I still am , totally unaware of about Gambia despite my 20 year association”

    This statement is true confession that you don’t know most of the things that happened in The Gambia , and You don’t know your friend Dictator Jammeh and terrorist Baba Jobe despite you are defending them . Remember , at one time you claimed to write a book about dictator and you stated that you know him very well . My respond to you was , why would you know him well and later became his victim . Clearly , you don’t know both men. If you tell me you hangout with them on official mission and few occasions to have fun , then I will agree that you associated with them but you don’t know them .
    Bax, if I tell you I used the word “tired ” in negative connotation and “lie” also in negative connotation , but the words ” old man ” was used to describe his age because he is over 60 years which I subjectively believe he is old , then there is no point of this dicussion as you implied at the beginning . This was why I indicated that even UN considered 60 years as older population which could be subjectively different from gambia where life expectancy is less than 50. even if I used “tired old man” to describe Sam and his ability to continuously lie , I think I am also justified because he might have decline mental function due to dementia . Remember , age is risk factor in that disease and an individual can have different manifestation of the disease. Or it is simply habitual for him to be lying . Since lying is a negative connotation , I am also justified to use any negative term to describe this individual called Sam sarr . I think it is political correctness to even suggest that term “old man” does risk stigmatizing an entire age group .

  56. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs says: “How come you know him well and later became his victim”.

    What are you trying to say Maxs?

    That if someone knows someone well they don’t become their victim?

    Statistically, one is more likely to be assaulted or killed by someone they know well than a total stranger. For example, by a boyfriend or husband (Morgan Freeman’s grand-daughter is an example).

    So what do you mean by that statement?

  57. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Oh dear Maxs! Are you now stereotyping all of us “old men” as having “dementia”?? You see, your prejudiced view is pushing me to defend even Dam Sarr – sorry, Sam, the D is next to the S (lol).

  58. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs, you chicken out of answering the last two questions? OK, sorry, may be the questions are too hard!

    An easier one: Gadafy was the BEST Leader Africa and the Arab World EVER had. Discuss.

  59. Luntango Suun Gann Gi


    What are the rumours I hear about these two young men and a certain Diaspora Media House? It appears that the young men may have had with them, unwittingly or otherwise, some Radio-Rwanda like seditious material for broadcast. It is being said that the delay of their luggage in Dakar was for security to analyse the seditious material – which was then copied and replaced back in the luggage so as not to arouse suspicion.

    It all gets very complicated indeed.