Jammeh Threatens Nephew With Death

Alagie Jammeh: have you forgotten that Babil Mansa feels so insecure that everything threatens him?

Jammeh left his native Gambia for California, where he lived with a gay roommate. The experience made him realize that his cultural opposition to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons was wrong and that they deserve equal protection under the law.

Jammeh, a student at University of California, Santa Barbara, posted on Facebook last September, “No one should be denied their fundamental basic human rights because of their sexuality.”

The expression of support for LGBT rights was met with vilification by his own uncle, President Yahya Jammeh.

Last May, President Jammeh made one of the most violent statements against LGBT persons by an African head of state. He advocated slitting the throats of gay men in his nation.

The president criminalized homosexuality and sex between men—punishable with life imprisonment.

Western nations have withheld foreign aid due to its oppressive laws against LGBT persons.

Having learned of his kinsman’s acceptance of LGBT rights, President Jammeh instructed the government to rescind his nephew’s scholarship. He was also told that he would face life in prison or the death penalty if he ever returned to his homeland.

To make matters worse, the younger Jammeh’s mother was forced to flee Gambia—as she faced hostility from a largely devout Christian and Muslim population that vehemently opposes LGBT persons.

“I have been alienated by my home government, family, and friends, and have suffered financial burdens,” the younger Jammeh explained.

UC Santa Barbara has offered limited support so that Jammeh can continue his studies. But it still leaves him with tuition debt. He has begun a crowdfunding campaign to help offset costs. He hopes to raise $42,000.

Jammeh has also reached out to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, asking for political asylum.

“Living in the United States, I am not scared to do what I know is right. But what awaits me in my home country is shame and persecution,” he explains. “Even though I have been suffering, I still have my freedom. I want to express myself without fear of losing my life.”

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  1. I think Alagie Jammeh should be commended for his support to the rights of gay , lesbian and those with different sexual orientation . Personally I do not support gay marriage but I strongly oppose any laws that call for their life imprisonment , jail or death sentence.
    Dictator Jammeh opposition to the rights of gay and lesbian is purely based on politics. As I stated here before , Jammeh committed far worse crime than anyone in our country history. Dictator Jammeh raped of underage girls , his incestous behavior , that is having sex with his own relatives like jimbay , Isatou , Ndey and Fatou Jammeh are worst crime and inhuman. These jammeh sisters are also responsible to facilitate and make appointment for dictator Jammeh to have sex with young Gambian girls. Jammeh statehouse is like prostitution ring where sex and drug are everyday life . This is why his closed aides fondly called the place ” jam jam house “. Most Gambians will be surprised to learn that dictator jammeh is heavy smoker of marijuanna or cannabis and also cigarette . Jammeh never smoke cigarette and eat in the public . Sometimes he does cocaine on rare occasion. Dictator jammeh sometimes pass along beautiful women to his closed aides after having sex with them . In some instances when he inpregnated these women he would instructed his closed aides to marry these girls and provide them with lot of money . This is how our so called president behavior . Dictator Jammeh’s sexual predatory behavior is usually based on jealousy , revenge and arrogance . Jammeh will go after any woman who has good social standing , education , big butt and light skin. When he want to revenge , skin color doesn’t matter to him as long as the husband is considered as enemy in his mind . Dictator jammeh’s arrogance and self entitlement is demonstrated when the women initially refused him , he will then used threaten words like ” which man dare to talk to you or marry you in this country “, ” I am the president of The Gambia “. Sometimes he will give half a million dalasis or more to these women from money his printed from his counterfeit machine at the basement of statehouse . These printed money are signed by a top financial officer during late at night. The machine is operated by his chief chef or cook and other closed aides like king papa . For those of you who want to deny this , please call Gambians or if you are in The Gambia , take a close look at current 200 dalasis notes and other bank notes in the country , you will find out that the quality of some of the notes are completely different from original bank notes which has international standard. Fake bank notes colors Easily fade away and it is like a piece of paper . This is where jammeh’s “Allah Bank” is .
    There are many well respected women in the Gambia who are forced to have sexual relationship with Jammeh and some of them even had cabinet positions.
    As I write this post , dictator Jammeh is not feeling well due to his brain cancer which is reported by many online newspapers. Sometimes I doubt whether he is going to make it before next election but I am putting my fingers across .
    Dictator Jammeh also believe too much in marabout business. Every night , jammeh’s chef will bring big buckets of water where the dictator will wash his face , hands and feet and in the morning these buckets of water will be used for cooking of food at statehouse. Gambians should understand that dictator Jammeh did not consider them human being because even the food he provided at statehouse is contaminated. His parrot called Kuku at the entrance of the big door of statehouse eat better food than majority Gambians .

  2. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    This is all about asylum and the American Dream and I wish young Alagie Jammeh the very best in his application to the US Immigration Service – 100% certain to be approved.

    Maxs, the guy is NOT gay himself, and as Obama was told by Uhuru in Kenya “Gay Rights is NOT an issue in Africa”. Full Stop. So why the hullabaloo from young Alagie Jammeh? He says it himself:-

    “Living in the United States, I am not scared to do what I know is right. But what awaits me in my home country is shame and persecution,” he explains. “Even though I have been suffering, I still have my freedom. I want to express myself without fear of losing my life.”

    Similarly, the easiest route to UK asylum approval is also to be gay (better than to marry a 103-year old toubab – lol). If you say you are gay, it is then very difficult for the UK Government to refuse you asylum – the UK courts will not allow the Home Secretary to test you (by for example making you kiss a bearded man – lol)

    Sorry to be flippant but there is no serious issue behind this story – other than a desire for US citizenship.

  3. “Maxs, the guy is NOT gay himself, and as Obama was told by Uhuru in Kenya “Gay Rights is NOT an issue in Africa”. Full Stop. ”

    Absolutely, my in-law…It is only made an issue by those who want to exploit and profit from it….We certainly have got no groups in The Gambia openly campaigning for gay rights…

    The fight that is being clouded with the gay rights issues in The Gambia, is a fight for the respect of fundamental rights and freedoms….That’s the issue; not gay rights…Wish the lad all the best..

  4. Dida , the mere fact he expressed his support for the rights of gay and lesbian , put him in danger and also his scholarship has been stopped . What more do you want him to do ? Alagie Jammeh changed his position just like other Jammeh’s enablers has changed their political position or support when they come to USA . Off course president Obama himself has evolved and later changed his position too in favor of gay marriage. I think even the pope Francis is on the transition when he asked ” who am I to judge ?” Jammeh himself might change his sexual orientation ( if he is not a gay already ) to be gay if he has gay friends lol. I think this will be good for him since his wife is nowhere to be found. This will also save our young girls from his sexual predatory behavior .

  5. Respect the human rights is the same respect Islamic law in Muslim countries so Gambia is Muslim country no any kafir will change it

  6. Bax , the respect for fundamental rights and freedom you are talking about include the rights of gay and lesbians . We shouldn’t formulate laws as civilized people not only to discriminate gays but also not kill or imprison them because of their sexual orientation . Our fight for freedom and equal rights is not only for those who can marry up to four wives but also to recognize the rights of those individuals with different sexual orientation or belief since we are all citizens of our country . You are not more Gambian than those Gambians who are gay and you do not have more potential than them either. Though you have every rights to object to their life style , so do they also have the same rights to object to your beliefs . So in order to have peaceful and Just society , all rights must be respected.

  7. Gay in the ???? You are working for that??????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Soninke , for your information Gambia is not a Muslim country . Gambia is rule by constitution not sharia law . The majority of people are Muslims that is correct statement . Kafir simply means unbeliever or those who didn’t believe in Islam religion . So we have Christian and others who believe in different religion.

  9. We are Muslims and the Gambia is a Muslim country so we have to follow the holly Quran not white men’s law
    Allahu Akbar

  10. I don’t want to weigh in this discussion or forum but I have to. I am not a supporter of president Yahya Jammeh but in his stand for homosexuality I SUPPORT HIM 100% and his stand has nothing to do politics as Max mentioned. Gambia, is Muslim country and we will remain as a Muslim country. Therefore Islam is against homosexuality so let’s not shy or hide the truth. I don’t support homosexuality and I will not support any of my family member who make him or herself gay or lesbians because it is totally condemned and strong probihited by Islam. Being in America or western countries shouldn’t make you even change your walking, talking or your sexual orientation that our religion Islam condemned it in the strongest term. For Alagie Jammeh’s case, I don’t want to involve in family matter at all. But whatever President Yahya Jammeh decided or stand against homosexuality in the Gambia, based on my religion belief, I stand by his side. I don’t want him to slit anybody throat but there is a lot of tools in his disposal to use to make sure no homosexuality in the Gambia period.

  11. Maxs….

    I seriously don’t know where you are “heading to” with this discussion….I’m sorry to say this again, but I don’t think you fully understand what I stated…

    I am well aware of the fact that “gay rights” are recognised as fundamental human rights in some countries, but my reference point is The Gambia…That is why I stated that…

    “The fight that is being clouded with the gay rights issues in The Gambia, is a fight for the respect of fundamental rights and freedoms….That’s the issue; not gay rights…”

    Maxs, I think we.ought to be careful that we don’t confuse laws meant to discriminate against individuals or groups and those meant to protect society…

    There are indeed universality accepted fundamental rights which should be enjoyed by all human beings, regardless of age, sex, colour, religion, origin, etc and these are non controversial…

    The rights to : education, shelter, food, clothing, freedom of expression, freedom.of association &.worship etc, are among those. ..

    However, there are some “rights” which are controversial and not so universal and one.must approach those with caution…

    “Gay rights”, “the right to die”,”designer babies”, “the right to abortion” etc, are among those…

    I.am.pretty sure that the controversial “rights” will not have many advocates in.The Gambia today (don’t know about tomorrow) and that is why homosexuality is not an issue for us…

  12. Edi boy and Soninke , who created homosexual or gay people ? Why do you God created them if he knows what they are doing is sinful ? I think the answer is ,God want us to make choices whether good or bad and we are going to be accountable for our choices. So gay People decide that they want to be gays , why should we kill them or imprison them ?. I don’t support gays marriage because I think it is wrong for two male to get marriage . But I don’t support the idea that they should go to prison or be killed . Islam didn’t say you should kill those who didn’t believe in God . Let’s respect their rights too. That is my position . I am not going to support Jammeh to kill anyone regardless of their sex life , if that is the case then Jammeh should be accountable for raping young Gambian girls .

  13. Maxs…

    As a matter of fact, I don’t consider myself more Gambian than any Gambian at all; even those that allegedly torture and kill for Jammeh…or those that deal in drugs and other forms of criminal activities…We are all Gambians and non.can be more Gambian than the other…

    You may also be right that how I view your lifestyle is not important to you, but how society views your lifestyle should be important to you because every society sets standards of behaviour for its members, which constitutes its way of life….One needs to adhere to these standards to fit or risk being an outcast…

    There are a lot of good things that we can learn and emulate from Western Societies, but surely Maxs, we don’t want to evolve into Societies where individual desires supersede the interest and protection of the whole society….

    Societies where if an individual feels good being naked, then he/she can walk around naked and call him/herself a “naturalist”…

    That too is fast becoming an accepted “human rights” and nations might soon.have to deal with requests to respect the rights of “naturalists” to be natural..

    We must also be cautions with the concept of “sexual orientation” because it is not a properly defined one…And just for curiosity sake, where do we draw the line between homosexuality and incest, for example ?

    Why does one qualify as “sexual orientation” worth defending and promoting, but the other is a crime that is punishable in almost all societies ? Isn’t incest a “sexual orientation” if we apply the same logic to it as homosexuality..? I would like to hear your views on that…

  14. Max seriously I don’t have answer to your that question ” why do God created homosexuality? I will let you wait for that answer from God himself and please when you get that answer, I am at Midwest state here. Let me know the answer. Secondly, you said I quoted, homosexuality is by choice but then if that claimed is true, you and those who practice homosexuality have different beliefs. Because I heard from gay or lesbian that, it is not a choice but by nature they are born with it. So you and them, I don’t know who is right and wrong. But I am quiet sure you yourself Max know that even pure Christianity and Islam has strongly against homosexuality and you know the penalties behind being homosexuality in those religion I mentioned above. So in the Gambia, we don’t want such universal rights like HOMOSEXUALITY which is totally against in our religion Islam and even other religion like christianity. Join with president Obama to spread the homosexuality all over the globe but not a country like Gambia and the else. President Yahya jammeh is going according to what Islam said about this issue. I hope you fully understand his stance. Once again I am not supporter of President Yahya Jammeh but when any conscious and conscience mind see the truth let’s not scared, shy or stay quiet because that’s a weak Iman ( faith).

  15. Bax, I fully understand what you mean. Though I went further to indicate that the fundamental rights you are talking about should include the rights of gays and lesbian since They are our fellow citizens who should enjoy the same sexual rights. It is controversial now just like slavery was controversial then or being non Muslim is still controversial in some Gambian communities.
    Of course the society needs to be protected but we should also be mindful of minorities so that their rights too is protected. I don’t want any one to go to prison just because they are gays .

  16. Max, surprisingly you finally got divine answer from God. Well done!!! Please this homosexuality issue is so controversial even in America here. So please don’t be president Obama and others who are champion advocate of this rights. Max, we cannot question god’s divine orders or ordained we the human beings are too incompetent in terms of knowledge to ask God why you do this or that instead we try by all means and follows his orders. In Islam we enjoined good to one another and forbidden evil acts that make our ummah very special and unique even those some fail not to follow this GOLDEN RULE OF ISLAM. let’s enjoy freedoms but not a freedom like this issue it is not good for Islam and christianity in the Gambia or else where. Why some western people like president Obama and his advocate of homosexuality like you max is trying to impose on our country Gambia and the rest to accept and allow rights of homosexuality in our countries? Is God command you people to do that too? No homosexuality in the Gambia it is not our values, norms, culture, our religion and etc.

  17. Bax, I agree that we should follow the standard rules and norms of the society . An incest is forbidden by all civilized societies based on standard norms . I think when it comes to moral values , incest is condemned by all societies. I think some society evolves to accept homosexual just like some societies evolve to accept four wives. As I said before I am not supporting gay marriage but I am opposed to killings or imprisonment as advocated by Jammeh .
    Edi boy , I am not a gay man and am speaking in terms of respect for human rights . Philosophically we should be asking why certain things happen in order to get answers. This is how scientific advancement came into being. Everything should be questioned including why God created homosexual ? So don’t be Afraid to answer . To me what Jammeh is doing in The Gambia Is far worst than homosexuality which we perceive as sinful. ok where in the Quran did God mention that homosexual should be killed ? Please I like to know that . This is intellectual exercise .

  18. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs, Gambia is a MAINLY Muslim country and we must respect that devout and humble majority (that is why I took the small step of renaming “Sunday” Observer and called it “Week-End” Observer).

    Soninke, we African Muslims, from Gambia or Ethiopia, don’t call our Christian brethren “Kaffir”. True Muslims respect “The People of The Books”.

    The “Kaffir” thing aside Soninke, you are right in that it is madness to preach “gay rights” in Africa – though tolerance is I think a different matter.

    African Christians are just as opposed to homosexuality as the Muslims. So the views of 90 per cent of Africans on this issue must be respected by the West …

    Just as we the Africans and Muslims living in the West respect the West’s Gay Marriage views and laws – even when we disagree with them.

  19. Only fake Gambians or asylum seekers are hiding and surporting the white mans human rights but the truth is in the Quran we follow the Quran not enemies of Allah ,,mashaa Allah we support our president to stand and be ourselves , not follow the shameless Obama who even can’t protect black kids life’s is USA

  20. Dida, if Africans can be tolerant to gays in the west , then why are we not tolerant to gays in Africa? The issue is about tolerance and tolerance lead to respect of other’s rights. I am sure west is even more tolerance and respectful of the rights of everyone including Muslims. The problem I have regarding the gay issue is why do we have to formulate laws to imprison them or kill them as advocated by Jammeh? If we are Going by religious belief, do any of these religion call for their death or imprisonment, can anyone please answer?
    In Soninke’s mind, what he failed to understand is that as a Muslim , one of the pillars of Islam is to believe in all the prophets before Muhammmed. The prophet Mohammed was very tolerant to his non Muslim neighbors, paid them visit and invite them to eat and other good things he did.

  21. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    I think on the issue of “imprisoning and killing” we all agree with you Maxs. This is what Uhuru and Macky Sall mean when they say “gay ism is NOT an issue in Africa”. It is Obama and the West who try to make it an issue – and end up with The Gambia and Nigeria style backlash and ant-gay laws.

  22. We are good Muslims and good Muslims are only following the Quran not a shit sick person like Obama.

  23. My fellow citizens, gays are equally loathed in the Holy Qur’an & Bible same as fornicating, prostituting & childbearing out of wedlock, idolatry, human sacrifices, kidnapping, disappearing & cold-blooded murdering, mental & physical torturing, evil illegal incarcerating the innocents, etc etc…

    Most of the above are happening in the Gambia today but nobody applies the teachings of the Holy Qur’an to the letter on the culprit/s…

    We all obviously know that EVIL Manipulative kanilai yaya Killer Devil does all the above on innocent citizens & friends; possibly except gay activity which it chose to pick as weapon to confront the West about for, ULTERIOR manipulative manoeuvres ONLY…

    As a Straight in my orientation, I too have my reservation on the issue just like any, but I don’t buy the idea of killing any gays…

    In fact some of the Western countries may have their gay rights campaigns, but NO African country have so far endorsed it, because unanimously, homosexuality isn’t an African issue…

    African leaders have identified their stance on the issue to the West, & moved on to concentrate on more pressing issues important for nation building…

    Since the ‘turn off the tap’ for Western funds for tyrannical oppressions, EVIL Manipulative kanilai yaya Killer Devil is ONLY CONTINUOUSLY dilating on the gay issue PERSISTENTLY, to look for sympathy from the Arab World for funds, loans & grants in our name, to squander abusively for self aggrandizement…

    Alagie Jammeh just opined that non should be denied their fundamental basis human rights for their sexual orientation; why should EVIL Murderous kanilai Killer Devil threaten his life for his MERE opinion, to the extent of persecuting his mother, even though he hasn’t declared being gay himself…?

    If Murderous kanilai yaya DEVIL is exploiting the gay issue to look for political, economic & materialistic gains from elsewhere, WHY shouldn’t anyone else exploit the issue for gains if it can get them asylum…??

    Is it not EVIL Murderous kanilai yaya DEVIL enabling the Gambians seeking asylum through the issue by threatening the lives of all gays & even the liberal-thinking opinionated non-gays alike…???

    I call for CRITICAL THINKING approaches to digest Murderous Killer yaya DEVIL’S manipulative manoeuvres before swallowing its POISONOUS baits line & sink…

    Thanking you all compatriots…

  24. Any politician in The Gambia support the rubbish from the west will always be a loser as no any really good Muslim will vote against Islam that’s clear we will ask all opposition leader about this catastrofe we know why we vote and why not for you guys stop cheating be honest and express what you gonna do otherwise nobody will receive you I’m 100% sure ,,Allah protect us only you can protect us from the west

  25. Bajaw, thank you for your brilliant explanation. I totally agreed with you that there are so many evil things condemned by both Christianity and Islam which are happening daily in our country. Jammeh himself is raping and killing Gambians but nobody talks about it in The Gambia , not even a so called imam . He is using gays issues as political tool , pure and simple .
    Africans in the west , work and lives with gay people without affecting their religion beliefs . They respect the rights of gay people and even have gays be their doctors , nurses, teachers , chef and any other professionals . Is it not lack of basic human and fundamental rights plus economic and educational backwardness that majority of immigrants from Africa find themselves in west and yet still we castigate west when they encourage us to be tolerance and respectful of each other’s rights . Some believe that fundamental rights of gay is western concept , don’t we have gays in our country . In The Gambia we have they are called “kewoodaay” In mandinka , I think lafia touray knows what I am referring to . The freedom , Muslims immigrants get from the west , they will never receive that in Saudi Arabia or any Islamic country . So I think it is hypocritical to deny the same freedom to your fellow Africans when you are in the west where you have gays friends , you work with gays , live with gays , interact with gays , eat with gays , talk with gays and they even help you to have better life.
    A liberal thinking guy like me will be in big trouble if I am in Gambia or my identity is known

  26. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Yo, Bax my in-law, don’t miss that gem of a statement from Maxs. He said:

    “A LIBERAL thinking guy like me”.

    Yep, yep. Yer.