Amadou Sanneh Loses Appeal; UDP Youth Militant Arrested In Court

amadou sannehNews just tick in confirming that the convicted National Treasurer of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) has lost his appeal against his conviction on sedition at the Appeal Court in Banjul.

Justices Edrissa M’bai and Na-Ceesay who presided over the case have not found error or miscarriage of justice in an earlier verdict by the former High Court  Judge Emmanuel Nkea. They therefore dismissed the appeal.

Amadou Sanneh was detained, tortured and tried on national television. He was later arraigned in court charged with sedition before being sentenced to five years in jail.

Meanwhile, DP militants who attended today’s sittings were full og rage, expressing their anger and frustration after the verdict was delivered. They believed Amadou Sanneh is being punished on political grounds.

One of the party’s long standing members, Modou Sarr, was arrested shortly after the verdict. Mr. Sarr is an electoral officer of the UDP.

It could be recalled that President Yahya Jammeh had singled out political prisoners and detainees from being pardoned, although he released rapists, drugs, treason convicts and murderers.



  1. Jammeh has nothing to lose to release his apologists and criminals because some of them will go back to support him. UDP should always recognize that Jammeh is at war with them and Patriotic Gambians since day one. Jammeh is only interested in dishonest individuals who he can use for his selfish personal interest.

  2. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Sanneh balamang Turamakang lasili. We know it is not about anything you did for you have done nothing wrong.


  4. Lafia Touray la Manju

    He is not going to apologise to Jammeh. That’s for sure.

  5. Never bow down to batara mansa mr sanneh we are with you all the way to the end and the UDP looking forward to your leadership we love and Darboe

  6. What has UDP done to show they care about the plight of Amadou Sanneh apart from making annoying noises? Have they ever galvanized support for him like they always does when Darboe is in trouble? Have Darboe ever made any effort in reaching out to the President to appeal for the release of his party members from the late Shyngle Nyassi to Femi Peters? Nelson Mandela of all people was freed thanks to closed door meetings by his ANC members and De’Klerk. Darboe never hesitates to galvanized support for him by rallying the youths of UDP and filled them up in “Gelegeles” to escort his chicken selfish self from the airport and to the NIA and escort him back to his old residence in Pipeline.If UDP really care about the plight of Amadou Sanneh, they should everyday be at that Mile Two in thousands to demand for the release of their fellow comrade just like they filled up over thirty “Gelegeles” to escort their chicken selfish Darboe to the NIA. Is it only Darboe who deserves such a previledge and the rest can fend for themselves? Evidently that’s what history has shown through all these past years,UDP only galvanized support in large number ONLY and ONLY when Darboe neck is on the line.In October 2013, during the trial of Amadou Sanneh, Darboe never stood in that court presided over by mercenary judge, to announce that he was there to defend Amadou Sanneh against the State! Yet the selfish same Darboe aggressively and personally defended his brother-in law Alassana Jobarteh against the state till he was freed. Now you all be the sincere judge and see what kind of a party you belong and what kind of a leader you have?

  7. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Solo jatta, can you tell us who is defending amadou if not Darboe?? And by the way, the facts are that darboe did not galvanise any youths to escorts him from the airport or to the NiA. They did it at their own volition.

    I hope you will commend darboe for cutting his Us visit short to come and deal with Amadou sanneh issue.

  8. Lafia Touray la Manju

    And again, it is darboe who assemble the legal team that stood at the high court. He was the only who gives instructions and advice on strategy. They do things according to their trial strategy which you know nothing about.

    Darboe aggressively defended other people too and free of charge. Are you saying they are all his brother in law or close relatives?? By the way, Lansana was convicted and fined D50,000 which darboe is currently appealing just like amadou’s case.

    Amadou will come out of this and we don’t need crocodile tears to be shed for him.


  9. Solo Jatta , you fail your exam,plz go back and do your research again,regarding UDP ,Darboe and mr Sanneh and come back again anyway thank for you opinion and good luck with your new assingment

  10. It is known that The Gambia’s political environment is tough for anyone who calls for change, especially as a political leader.

    I think people need to take this into consideration when they pass judgements on those who are doing their “little” bit to change things…

    We may not show appreciation for their efforts, but we should be fair and give credit where it is due..And I think Lawyer Darboe, as far as victims from his party are concerned, deserves a lot of credit for the way he handles every single act of provocation directed at them..

    The only people that should be blamed and held responsible for the plight of many victims of misrule in The Gambia are Jammeh and his helpers…

    In fact, the fact that he found it easy in his heart to forgive and release prisoners who committed real crimes, such as murderers, rapists, robbers and drug dealers, and yet somehow, he found no sympathy for harmless, hard working and contributing members of society, who simply fell foul of very bad laws, does raise a whole host of questions about the sincerity of this so called “merciful” man and this entire sham of a gesture…

    I can’t understand that at all and I don’t know if any of his numerous apologists can understand the rationale and explain it…

  11. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Something is fishy about this decision to dismiss Amadou’s case. It does not make sense that your pronounce a verdict in July and then wait until mid October to give a reason for it. That’s two and a half months waiting. I don’t get that.