President Jammeh Begins Prisoner Release

Gambian leader has began putting his impromptu pronouncement into action, Kairo News has learnt. President Yahya Jammeh’s government on Thursday confirmed the release from prison of some high profile prisoners in Mile 2 Central Prisons. Those released included Lt. General Lang Tombong Tamba, the former Chief of Defence Staff, who has had his life in prison conviction appeal turned down by the Supreme Court some months back.

Kairo News has also been informed about the release of family members and friends of those accused of taking part in the failed December 30th coup. The detainees, who included mothers, fathers and children of the alleged attackers, numbered 12. They were denied the right to bail or appear in court as stipulated in the 1997 Constitution.

It could be recalled that President Yahya Jammeh announced granting amnesty to a wide category of prisoners on Wednesday. The pronouncement was contained in his 21st July 22 anniversary speech at the Arch 22 in Banjul. Mr. Jammeh promised to put his words into action by Friday afternoon when all pardoned prisoners would have been released.


One Comment

  1. This MUST be the release of all political prisoners, the bodies of the dead, be they the NOBLE December 2014 attempt victims, the Mile 2 inmates, & any other bodies; legal compensation for the missing & tortured, illegally detained & harassed…

    Where Hassan Habré being prosecuted in Senegal; the message is clear, NOBODY will or can getaway with MURDEROUS TYRANNICAL OPPRESSIONS; it catches up with one sooner or later; in life here on earth, & in death in hereafter…

    God helps & bless collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.