The Betrayal: Gambia Colludes With Italy



A batch of 150 Gambians is reported to have been deported to the Gambia last week from Italian refugee camps. Kairo News was contacted by a lady whose adopted son successfully made the suicidal journey across the hostile deserts to the war-torn Libya to brave the Mediterranean sea. With the dingy and dangerously overloaded boats, he was among the young and able-bodied men who  successfully crossed the shores of Italy.

The Gambia immigration officers regularly betray their fellow countrymen by visiting European detention centres, confirming the identities of Gambians, providing temporal passports for fast and quick deportations. Few weeks ago, a Gambian was crying in a United Kingdom detention centre because Gambian immigration officers visited him, asking him to sign his temporal passports for fast-track removal. 

These young men are running away from poverty and political persecutions have now been removed from Italy back to the Gambia. The lady informed us that many of the young men deported will have a psychological and mental breakdown due to the dashed hopes.

Kairo News is calling on the government to yet again confirm to wider Gambian masses their collaboration with the Italian authorities in the alleged deportation of our citizens against their will.

The Gambian Immigration authorities are alleged to have travelled to Italy were they confirmed and provide the temporal travel documents to the migrants to be deported. Although, there is a resettlement package attached to the removals of migrants, the immigration authorities are said to never pass on such benefits to the deportees.

The callous betrayal by the Gambia immigration authorities is the height of ruthlessness and punitive behaviours. The youths must now realise they have to be part of the political process to see change comes to their country to put an end to more than two decades of brutality and oppression.

Kairo News will keep readers updated on the plight of the deported youths. Italy should hang its head in shame for not standing up to human rights and the protection of persecuted youths.


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  1. Some years ago or probably to date, certain diplomatic reprentatives of the Gambia in Italy are Italians and pro AFPRC government. And how come someone says the Gambian problem is a Gambian problem and the international community must not be counted in??

    Definitely speaking my mind and not to offend anyone, I think in general terms the west is a pro-chaotic and an undemocratic Africa though I may not be able to express in any definite opinion why. The proof of the pudding now, is in the eating folks. How come they consider the Gambia a dictatorship and condemn it’s serious humanrights violations and its lack of the rule of law?? Where are the Geneva conventions??……………
    You know many of the personnel of the humanrights organisations and other institutions come from western countries like Italy and such………………….so,when war breaks out and vulture feed on human remains………………halleluja!!! I am hereby entitled; a geniune assylum seeker. Crowding of refugees in centers and institutions in european countries in my opinion, sends a messasge to the native european citizen how well and far off their politicians are compared to the dictatorships, abuse of power and the lack of respect for human life and property by African leaders in African countries.
    I think many will agree with me that sub Saharan Africans are most vulnerable to harassment and indignation by police authorities and security in some European countries despite the fact that they have tremendously helped and are still helping in the economies of those European countries especially with the illegals who are a great source of so call black job or in other words cheap labour in those countries’ agriculture and industrial sectors.
    Bear with me that some European countries have emmensely benefitted from the open meditranean sea migration of the sub Saharan youth.

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