Moon Is Sighted; Will Gambians Pray?

NewMoonThe sighting of the moon heralds the beginning and end of the holy month of Ramadan. As indicated in the story below, Saudi Arabia authorities confirmed Friday as the Eidul-fitr prayer but the question that needs to be asked is whether Gambians will be accorded the space and climate to join the Muslim world in marking the end of fasting. This is a country where the President had over and over meddled his finger into everything, including the religion. President Yahya Jammeh’s government has tortured and punished people, particularly religious leaders for defying his order. Was it not last year that Sheikh Muhideen Hydara [Caliph General of Darsilameh Sanghajor] and Alkalo were arrested, detained and slapped with trump up chsrges for observing the Eid prayer? They men who later walked home free were charged with disobeying the President’s order.

It is a question of wait-and-see whether the Supreme Islam Council will go along with the Muslim world or their anointed Nasir deen Jammeh.

Kairo News and Radio wish all Muslims Bappy and Blessed Eid.

Read this Al Arabia story about the Eid prayer.

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court has announced Friday as the first day of the Eid al-Fitr holiday after sighting a new moon, Al Arabiya News Channel reported.

For Muslims, the Eid al-Fitr celebration begins after the fasting month of Ramadan ends. During Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food, drinks and sexual intercourse from dawn to dusk, which is an exercise in self-restraint, intended to bring the faithful closer to God.

Eid al-Fitr starts when the new moon is spotted in the sky, making the Eid holiday different around the world.

Muslims in the UK, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE will celebrate Eid al-Fitr on Friday, while Muslims in other nations such as Iraq and Bangladesh will observe the holiday on Saturday.



  1. Eid Mubarak to all….May Allah accept our fasting and reward us here and in the hereafter generously. ..

    May our short comings also be forgiven…

    .May we live to witness next year’s Ramadan….

    May the conflicts raging around the world and the sufferings of the people affected be brought to swift ends…

    May peace be the agenda on the minds of all people in authority and positions of influence around the world…

    May this Holy Month of Ramadan be the last that Gambians will fast under Yaya Jammed and his APRC Administration…

    Authentic Islamic Tradition recommends that when the news of the moon’s sighting, from a reliable and trustworthy source reaches you, then you should break your fast and observe the Eid….

    Observing Eid is not dependent only on the personal sighting of the moon, and those who insist on sighting the moon before observing the Eid, have no justifiable basis in Islam…We no longer live in the 60’s and 70’s, when information flow was not so advanced and people could be justified for praying on different days…

    I hope the news reaches The Gambia and all pray on Friday, without exception…

  2. Edi boy

    Eid Mubarak to all Muslim ummah all over the globe. May Allah forgive all our sins knowingly and unknowingly, open and hiden. I don’t want to weight in this forum but I cannot keep quiet I must said something. I don’t support president Yahya Jammeh but when it comes to this issue about praying with Mecca, I support him wholeheartedly. Gambia and Saudi Arabia is only 3 hours between them, at the same time the day of Arifah, we observe fasting with mecca even though Gambia is not in the same time zone, so why they cannot to fast with Saudi Arabia or pray Eid with them. Are we the Gambians are following this marabouts, sheriffs and the spiritual leaders or are we suppose to follow Allah and our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW)? I myself and Allah’s fearing Muslim are following and worshipping only ONE ALLAH and not sheriffs, marabouts, and these spiritual leaders. Let’s go back to the stories of previous prophets before prophet Muhammad (SAW), what their followers said we found our forefathers, and our father’s doing this so we will not change that for you prophets. That’s exactly what we are facing. May Allah forgive us our sins and accept our prayers. But let’s not politicize this issue …Yahya Jammeh is on the right track.

  3. May Allah Accept our deeds and forgive us all.

    However, Its rather unfortunate that ple who claim to base their judgement on eid are looking at issues from very narrow angle.

    True, that the sighting of the new moon in one area should suffice all Muslims everywhere. But it’s also authentic that nations can fast and eid on their ien sighting. However, what I can’t understand is why we are uniqueing to The Gambia alone. True that there is only 3hrs between Banjul and Mecca so we can pray eid with them on the same day but “why Saudi and not the first Muslim country that see the moon e.g. Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc? Why can’t all Muslims fast n eid when those nations sight the moon?

    Those countries see the moon before mecca. Why can’t Saudi pray or fast wen the moon is seen in those places. Religion should be universal and not only Gambia n Mecca.

    Why is Saudi only fasting on their own sighting just like all other Muslim countries.

    As long as the hadith that ” fast and break on ur sighting is authentic, we can’t blame each other. No Muslim nation fasts with Mecca be them Arab or others. Even Kuwait and Iraq didn’t eid with Saudi even this yr.

    Let’s respect our elders and stop disrespecting dem. I think we should first start by encouraging the whole country to pray together on our sighting or our subregion eg Senegal. Or at least call a religious conference and resolve it through knowledge and persuasion not political coercion and use of state powers

  4. Janjanbureh

    Edi boy, what happened to separation of State and Religion? The dictator has no business telling the citizens when to pray for the EID Fitr or Adha. It is their prerogative to decide for themselves. I totally disagree with your concept that Yaya can tell Gambia Muslims when to pray. Yaya Jammeh has never been a Muslim and he do not know anything about the religion other than pretending and dividing the Muslim Ummah.

  5. Janjanbureh, I totally agreed with you . Dictator , child rapist has no damn business to tell people when to pray. It is individual choice to worship any God . Religious freedom is constitutional guarantees. In fact religious leaders both Christian and Muslims contributed to our current predicament. Every year Jammeh will give millions of dalasis to these leaders during religious feasts as a way to bribe them to further confuse Gambians and promote Jammeh’s political interest . They sat in front of cameras and shamelessly praised the child rapist Jammeh without telling him the truth about the human rights violations , chronic poverty , hunger , and other social issues . These leaders are the worst hypocrites who will be judged by history unkindly. Supreme Islamic council and imam ratib of Banjul shamelessly defended unreligious and psychopath Jammeh just to save face and illegally received I’ll-gotten money . Jammeh is not Muslim and he is using Islam as a cover to promote his agenda. Jammeh will rape young girls and few minutes later he will show up at the Gamo pretending to be cleaned and thereafter goes to the mosque to pray . The reason why he organized frequent Gamo at statehouse is to have sex with young girls and women. Being a coward who never sleep at night , the Gamo has two purposes , one is to rape young girls and secondly to make sure people’s are around during the night because he is scare to sleep at night . Please just find out from his aides or guards at night . During the night he often drives himself with one body guard visiting his mistresses in his various hideouts . Jammeh is nocturnal animal. The book is carrying is not even a holy Quran , in this book , he inserted a mirror just to mystify himself . Gambians needs to wake up from their deep sleep . It is because of ignorance of majority Gambians about Islam , Jammeh has decided to put on halftan , carry his big book , big prayer beads and stick so that they will believe that he is one of them ( Muslim ). Jammeh is the biggest hypocrite and liar ever to live in Gambia.

  6. One character of Jammeh is that things he does in private , are the very things he criticize in the public or during his speech . He is fake. Example recently Jammeh spoke against rape , child abuse and terrorism . Jammeh is chief rapist and abuser . This is because at statehouse and kanillia, Jammeh has various hideouts where he kidnapped young girls, sexxxxxy abused them . Statehouse is call jamjam house by his Aides and relatives who are his chief pimps . The second floor of statehouse is call Jamaican house as it was rightly indicated by faturadio . This is where he sexxxxx abused and raped young girls and women including most respected ministers in his cabinet . Jammeh have sex with all his protocols and I am glad that freedomnewspaper gave readers hint about his sexual and predatory behaviors . The rest will come out when he is topple .

  7. The truth behind Evil Devilish Murderous yaya’s meddling in the Islamic religion & forcefully aligning Gambia with Saudi Arabia is ulterior in monetary rather than for unifying Muslims in pretence…

    Evil Murderous yaya is a Devilish idol worshipper; sacrificing human beings to the Devilish Idols…

    Evil Murderous yaya is ONLY lobbying for recognition from Saudi Arabia for securing loans & grants in our name to greedily squander & thief…

    Murderous Devil yaya is the Quranic meaning of Almunafiq of the highest standard…

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