NAM ‘Disappointed’ With Colleagues For Passing Elections Bill

muhammed_magasi-sHon. Muhammeh Magasi, National Assembly member for Basse, was disappointed with his Assembly colleagues for passing the Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2015.

Hon. Magasi was speaking on Tuesday at the National Assembly during a long debate on the elections amendment bill.

He told fellow deputies that the deposit amounts for presidential and parliamentary candidates were reduced thanks to the noise of the Gambian people and those outside The Gambia, adding that raising their voice had made an impact on the bill.

“As representatives of the people, we should always do what is good for the people who elected us,” Hon. Magasi told fellow deputies.

He said members “should not have passed the bill until they consulted with the Gambian people”, adding that as long as that did not happen, “there is still no improvement”.

“If you are making laws make sure you make laws for justice. We are not here to thank and praise, but we should do what is expected of us as representatives of the people. I rejected this bill because I know it is not good for both members and the entire Gambian people,” he said.




  1. A true Patriot and son of The Gambia . You are on the right side of history .

  2. A Nam like this man needs support and encouragement. The Diaspora is sleeping on the wheel, uniting and supporting such voices is a sure part to resisting the PIG
    Knowing Gambians that will not happen, it’s tribe this, region that, personality what ever. We need to wake up and realize the urgency of now.
    If we are to be taken seriously we ought to stop our divisions and act in the best interest of the country.
    These politicians will come and go but The Gambia will be here. Each and every good son and daughter should start sitting with him/her self and ask if our actions and efforts are in the best interest of the county or are we advancing an agenda contrary to what’s best of The Gambia
    Duty honor country. Country before Self, Party, tribe and region.


    Maxs keep fighting the good fight

  3. Path not part, I will use the excuse of the editor of radio Kankang. To make error is human. lol

  4. Thank you Paul . As you rightly stated duty , honor and country before self , tribe , party and region should always be guiding principle which is why our constitution state that national interest always supersede personal and party interest . Majority Gambians lack nationalism and always put family , tribe or party interest ahead of national interest . This is also what result to Jammeh ‘s perfection in his criminal behavior . When Jammeh came , Gambians showed him the way and taught him the criminal behavior , as he understood each criminal lesson , he dumped each professor and became his own dean . This is why today he is erudite dean in criminology and became a perfect criminal. Jammeh criminality is exactly like Mexican drug kingpin who escaped from prison recently . Looking at Jammeh’s security details , there are so many unknown individuals who play a major role to protects the criminal leader. Saul badjie is just public face to Jammeh’s security . There are key players who are underground which is why Jammeh’s can eliminate any military general he wish to eliminate however powerful they may in Public eyes. He has put a security surveillance on each general or top military leaders. Just recently he has fired general Martin for reason best known to him and this has nothing to do with national security but in his confused mind, he knows what he did which lead to Martin discharged from the military . Today as we speak , general Martin is concern about his future . Similar faith is awaiting Saul Badjie if he continue to underestimate jammeh and refuse to do the right thing . Saul Badjie can be national hero if he is smart and recognize that if he remove Jammeh peacefully , handover to civilian government , Gambians will have special place for him in history . But if he refuse , he will be another victim just like Lang tombong and others . For Saul Badjie to carry out this successful operation , he just have to have good personal relationship with king Papa who is Jammeh’s personal protection officer and other security men like ousman , Rambou and others . I know these men very well because these are people who are protecting Jammeh. Some of them are members of his jugular team. Saul Badjie should put country first and understand that his boss cannot be trusted.

  5. Another true public servant. God bless…..