President Buhari Slices Salary By Half

buhariNigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari will take only half of the salary paid to former head of state Goodluck Jonathan, his office announced on Friday.

“President Muhammadu Buhari will only receive 50 percent of the salary paid to his predecessor,” the head of state’s spokesman Garba Shehu said in an emailed statement.

“The president’s decision to take a 50 percent cut was conveyed to the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation yesterday (Thursday),” he added.

The annual salary of Nigeria’s president is currently set at 14,058,820 naira ($70,000, 63,500 euros), including allowances, according to the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission.

Shehu said Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo would also draw only half of his salary of 12,126,290 naira per annum.

The announcement comes as Africa’s leading economy faces the fall-out from the slump in the global price of crude oil, which provides most of Nigeria’s government revenue, and a public outcry over the remuneration of lawmakers.

His move is likely to add pressure on members of parliament and state governors to follow suit.

This week Buhari approved a package of measures to bail out cash-strapped states to enable them to pay public sector workers, some of whom have not received salaries since the end of last year.

Buhari has accused Jonathan’s government of leaving the treasury “virtually empty” while figures showed debts totalling some $63.5 billion at the end of March.

The 72-year-old is unusual among Nigerian politicians for eschewing the trappings of power and has earned a reputation for austerity, with apparently little personal wealth.

The former military ruler was said to have had to take out a bank loan to pay the fee to stand in his party’s presidential primaries.

Buhari defeated Jonathan in March elections — the first democratic transfer of power at the ballot box between political parties in Nigeria’s history.

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  1. Gambians needs to awake up from their deep sleep . When you compare the Nigerian economy and that of Gambia , they are more prosperous in every aspect . The salary for Nigerian president is about $70,000 per year and president Buhari is going to take 50 percent of his salary according to above report. Gambian president’s daughter Mariama jammeh boarding school in Manhattan in New York City is costing $80,000 per year when president Jammeh’s salary suppose to be less than Nigerian president’s salary because Nigeria is oil rich country . So the question is , where did jammeh get all these monies ? According to various reports, dictator Jammeh worth $2 billions dollars which is more than or equivalent to Gambian state . In Maryland , dictator Jammeh’s house cost 3.5 million dollars which is about 136, 500,00.00 million dalasis in today’s exchange rate. Jammeh has businesses and houses in France , morrocco , and many offshore accounts unknown to Gambians. Jammeh’s zoo and buildings in kanillia cost over 100 million dollars all at the expense of Gambian taxpayers. At statehouse in Banjul , jammeh has counterfeit machine which he use to print our money with the help of some Gambian top financial officers as well as Jammeh’s closed aides . These are all facts. Dictator jammeh is also involved in drug dealing and this is evidence by collection of all seized drugs which he later sell in the local markets . All these make Jammeh the second riches president in Africa with total impunity and zero accountability to Gambian people . During his frequent parties , Jammeh will slaughter 100 Carmels at a time plus 100 bulls . In Abuko where he has another farm , there are over 100, 000 Carmels and 100, 000 bulls which he import from Middle East and Saudi Arabia. Jammeh also give Millions of dalasis to his secret mistresses in The Gambia and other countries . Gambians should do the math and understand that this president came to enrich himself and his wife . The above monetary and material wealth didn’t include the landed properties he illegally own through the country plus the numerous gardens , trucks , buses , Gas stations , bakeries , real estate businesses and investment in banking sector . As I write this piece , tears roll down my eye simply Because There are countless poor farmers and families throughout the country who cannot afford three decent square meals . When Jammeh claimed that he owned the country , I think he is right in every sense of the word. So what are we going to do to change this corrupt and brutal regime in our country ? This is the question every patriotic and true sons and daughters should ask himself or herself .