‘I Blame Zeinab For Jammeh’s Brutality’

The president who subdues a whole nation only to be tamed by his tiny wife, calling her “My Boss’! Wonders shall never end!

A former close aide of President Yahya Jammeh has blamed the First Lady for what he called “her husband’s never-ending brutality.” The aide said Gambians would have long since “enjoyed peace and stability had Madam Zeinab Zuma Jammeh done the right thing.”

“So I blame the First Lady for not prevailing on President Jammeh,” said the aide who prefers to remain anonymous. “In essence, she has the power and influence to transform Jammeh to do away with his iron fist rule.”

The aide said only those who are not close to The Gambia’s corridors of power will underestimate Zeinab’s extra-ordinary powers. “In fact, you will be surprised to know that she possesses more powers than her husband. We make sure that new staff understand that the First Lady’s orders supersede those of President Jammeh. No one in State House questions Zeinab’s Executive Powers,” the aide said, explaining it is a nightmare to be close to President Jammeh. “State House is full of drama,” he said.

The aide said no one wants to disobey Zeinab’s orders. “It is often the norm to obey hers orders and rubbish those of her husband’s. If you do otherwise she will cry and hold Mr. Jammeh hostage. The President then becomes weak and submissive,” added our source. “None of us wants to be responsible for putting tears on First Lady’s eyes,” he said.

“The First Lady once forced her husband to reinstate Fatoumata Jahumpha-Ceesay when she was fired as a nominated Member of Parliament. Her firing came about after the President was mad with the lawmakers for rejecting a budget tabled by the Finance Minister. We will come back to that chapter later,” the aide said, hoping that “Gambian people now understand why I’m mad with the First Lady who has all she needs to sway the tide in State House. She is just selfish that is why she ignores everything Gambian. She has no Gambian friend or associate, and trusts no one except former Lt. Ba Jerreh Manneh and Fatou Njie, her protocol officer. Now that her husband drove away Ba Jerreh, she is left with only Fatou Njie,” the aide said, appealing to the Moroccan-born First Lady to “help remove her heartless husband’s yokes from our necks. I want her to understand that we have reached the tipping point.”

The aide promises to share the First Lady’s secret file with the public. “There is a lot the public needs to know about her. I would not have gone through this route if she has done what is expected of a good housewife, especially the one who rules behind the curtain.”



  1. Alimatou Sarr

    I agree with you entirely that Zeinab does not care about the suffering Gambians. Too bad to have a foreigner as our first lady.

  2. Alimatou Sarr

    I agree with you entirely that she does not care about the suffering Gambians. Too bad to have a foreign at State House.

  3. Mohamed Keita

    Gambians have been sleeping for a long time, Zeinab is a devil who does not care about Gambia and Gambians. She is just there to suck Gambia untill it bleeds the last blood and when everything is finnish she will run go to Morroco. Tuuti Faaal cannot accept this kind of things ,thats why she left and now she is happy enjoying her life. Zeinab was a prostitute hustler in Morroco when by chance she came to meet this lunatic, the rest is history, so its from the streets to a first lady.

    Mohamed Keita
    Basel, Switzerland

  4. A true story about Gambian First Lady Zeinab Jammeh. Gambian First Lady has no sympathy or interest to help Gambian people , in fact she helped jammeh to be brutal and loot the nation of its meager resources. Her interest is to get rich, build businesses and buy houses in developed countries. Zainab Jammeh has not been spending time with president jammeh, this is why Jammeh is kidnapping Gambian girls at statehouse and kanillia for his sexual satisfaction. Dictator Jammeh sexual exploitation of Gambian girls is being aided by closed family members who are his grandchildren, cousins or nieces such as jimbay Jammeh and Ndey Jammeh who helped to fix appointments of these girls with Jammeh. Jammeh even had sex with this family members . Gambians will be surprise to know that this monster had so many children with women out of wedlock. Today these stories are top secret in the country because Jammeh has threaten these women to keep quite or else they will disappear forever. The majority of his protocol young jola girls who work for him, age between 17 to 24 years. Few who are not jolas, are fluent in speaking in jola as it is only major language they speak in their gathering . I am sure those who deny Jammeh’s tribalism will continue to deny this facts but all I want them to do is to investigate with open mind. As we speak, in foni area, some schools sing our national anthem in jola which the dictator tribalist, rapist and child molester want them to do but because of public backlash , this practice is restricted to kanillia only where he continue to be protected by militia tribal forces. Gambians need to wake up.
    Jammeh being security conscious, they never allow his immediate family to spend too much time at state house or kanillia, Zeinab only spend time with dictator only during state functions, I am sure king papa or whatever name he is called who is Jammeh closed protection officer knows what I am talking about.
    Our current predicament can be resolve quickly with the help of our beautiful light skin gambian girls. I hope they help us to put an end to military dictatorship.

    • Deyda Haidara

      Hello Marx, happy to read you as always spot on.
      Let me butress this important point and would beg Gambians to hammer this message home and world wide. The biggest enemies of Gambians are the NIA and the soldiers. These are the people who sheild JK from popular mobs marching to Satte House to kick JK’s ass out of State House. The NIA and the soldiers don’t give a damn that we the civilians are the ones paying their salaries thru our taxes.
      Bear in mind whenever we hammer this point across JK goes ahead to promote and appease them and extends materials and financial gifts to them to buy their dirty LOYALTY. JK knows his stay depends entirely on the corrupt NIA and soldiers. These are the biggest enemies of the people and should be educated to be loyal to the FLAG and the Taxpayers instead of a Chief Thief who still the nation coffers and share it with them.
      Zainab is a small fly in the bigger equation.

  5. I think it’s high time we sit with our selves and ask why is it that we cannot unite as a nation and remove Jammeh.
    Jammeh came from nothing, like all humans his main interest is self preservation.
    The Senegalese formed a coalition and rallied around the man with the best chance to defeat Wade in less than three months, how comes we cannot do it in 20 years?
    We ought to dig deep and find the answers to what is really stopping us from removing the dictator .
    Jammeh is doing Jammeh so it is up to the good sons and daughters of Gambia to put Gambia first and unite to remove Jammeh
    Duty Honor Country. Gambia before party, Gambia before our regions and Gambia before tribes
    Once we figure these out removing Jammeh will be possible
    In conclusion Mr and Mrs Jammeh are doing the Jammeh family and they are focused on their own preservation, so it is up to us to do Gambia and do what is obvious to preserve Gambia.
    It will not be easy for it will take a serious charges in our attitudes and choosing, electing and defending to be Gambias first

  6. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Why do we Gambians support a president who cannot even keep a Gambian wife?? This is what concerns me, not zeinab.


  7. Dodou Jawneh

    I think this is an attempt to shift blame on this woman. Jammeh had been brutal from day one, and he always had Gambian people doing his dirty jobs for him. Jammeh has carried out lot of atrocities before he married his current wife. Zeinab has no business hanging around if Yaya is no longer in power.

    • Deyda Haidara

      Spot on Dodou. This Lady is contracted to sheild Jammeh’s wealth in the West and elsewhere, and of course to do what gambian women will refuse to do to Jammeh i.e lick JK’s anus…chem chem chem…gambian girls will say.
      On top of it this lady sniffs cocaine and drinks alcahool with Jammeh during their private time and enjoy…. chem chem chem!
      Gambians will write best seller books and make award winning films on Jammeh in post Jammeh, there are so much so say and unveil on Jammeh that will certainly unravel Alex Hailey’s ROOTS. 21 years is a long and captivating story indeed.
      Write down your memos, keep your photos, keep your records, you will be paid for it by post Jammeh.

  8. It is true Mr. Jawneh that Jammeh has been brutal from day one and to put wood in the fire he married this heartless woman who could probably be an ex contracted serial killer. Do you know something about this woman’s past before becoming our HUSTLER first lady?
    One thing for sure, the so called first lady in my opinion, is much more a curse than blessining to us Gambians.

  9. Dodou Jawneh, I think you will agree with most people that if zainab Jammeh is good human being , she would have persuaded her evil husband to stop his brutality against Gambian people long time ago . Zainab Jammeh endorsed and encouraged the evil things Jammeh is doing . Your assertion that people are shifting blame on the devil First Lady is outright false and misplaced . You don’t understand the power of women that is why you are making this kind of remarks . Zainab Jammeh has no blood connection to Gambia and no interest to help improve the lives of Gambian people, all she care about is to loot and enrich herself and family . Jammeh married to Tuti faal was short ,less than four years and his third married to Alima Sallah was also less than a year , both women are Gambians from good families background . These Gambian Women have better upbringing and live a decent life but zainab Jammeh was a call-girl when Jammeh meet her on one of his official trip abroad . I am sure every decent man want to have a good woman who will be his adviser and who you can discuss issues concerning family development or if you are political leader , she can advise you on issues of national concerns. The First Lady foresight , love and judgement is very important to any president . This is why in democratic society , the character of First Lady and what she stand for are important part of campaign in any election . It is also the same reason that in our culture , our parents will advise us to find the background of anyone you want to marry based on individual character. A good wife or husband can change a bad or evil person to change his or her ways . Marrying a responsible , good human being with strong faith or good character will have positive impact of couple’s life . This is the essence of marriage .So I believe , Jammeh’s brutality and evil doing has to do with First Lady zainab Jammeh . Jammeh sexual predatory behavior is a result of zainab failure to satisfy his sexual needs . His corruption and looting of state resources is to satisfy zainab Jammeh insatiable material wealth or greed to accumulate wealth at the expense of Gambian taxpayers . In fact she has no time to spend with jammeh . Do you think if zainab Jammeh was able to statisfy Jammeh’s sexual urges , Jammeh will have time to kidnap or sexually abuse young Gambian girls ? This woman is outright evil . Jammeh knows that zainab doesn’t care about Gambian people .
    I have been calling on our beautiful light skin girls to help us free our country from clutches of dictatorship. They can do it without any blood set and there will be peaceful transfer of power . This is the best strategy to end it all in a very good and peaceful way. Majority will be happy as it was done to Nigerian dictator sanni abacha .

    • Deyda Haidara

      Marx both you and Dodou are right, JK started killing his fellow soldiers back in November 1994. JK was a killer before Zainab came in and this was during Tuti’s Faal ladyship.
      Zainab is just a bitch who saw an opportunity with a beast and grap it period.
      When JK is mad at Zeinab he calls her “Wulo” a dog and Zainab retorts with criminal president. The duo have a pact and are partners in evil deeds.
      As I always say the NIA and the Soldiers are the biggest JK enablers. Without them JK is no more, period.

    • Dodou Jawneh

      Max, don’t get me wrong. I have no liking for Zainab simply because she got married to my bitter enemy. I am, however, still of the opinion that Zainab cannot be blamed for the (Nakhba) catastrophe that Jammeh and his military Junta brought to our country starting with the coup itself and then all the calamity that followed. Your accusation that I ‘do not understand the power of women’ is a serious one to be levelled against a man with four wives.

  10. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs: ” … Zainab Jammeh has no blood connection to Gambia … “.
    Wow, Maxs, a surprising xenophobic comment from you!!! As Dodou said earlier “… he always had Gambian people doing his dirty jobs for him …”

    That said, I am sure you are aware of Wole Soyinka’s great novel “The Man Died” – based on the death of a journalist whose only sin was to publish a photo that the Nigerian First Lady did not like. I have NEVER heard of Gambia’s First Lady ever involving herself herself in Gambian politics or being involved in anyway in the arrest or death of anyone.

    My one very positive recollection was that when as MD a offered D10,000 from the Daily Observer for Little Jainaba Jallow’s eye operation in Dakar, the First Lady also offered D50,000 and by the end of the week Little Jai had D150,000 for her operation in Dakar – including D20,000 from a Gambian in the Diaspora.

    Personally I think she is a fine First Lady who does not interfere (as far as I know!) in matters of State.

  11. Luntango sunn Gann Gi , if you characterized my comment “zainab has no blood connection to Gambia ” as xenophobic , I think that is unfair and misleading . The above statement is factual correct because she no blood connection to Gambia. If she really love gambia and Gambians then she would have been different First Lady . There are thousand of people who are not Gambians but they still care and love gambia. I went to further to indicate that zainab has no interest to improve the lives of Gambian people as manifested by her lack of interest for welfare of Gambian people . This First Lady has unique capacity to positively impact the lives of Gambian people through her marriage to the president of The Gambia . Little contribution you highlighted as your evidence to show her generousity is insignificant compare to millions of dollars she wasted at the expense of Gambian taxpayers . The D50,000 will not even cover the cost of her one way routine flight between Banjul and Washington, D.C. , so it is insulting to Gambian people to highlight such small token as a show of her generousity. Mariam Jammeh’s boarding school at beautiful Manhattan in New York City is costing $80,000 per year at the expense of Gambian taxpayers . This is the fact you cannot deny .
    Any reasonable human being who love Gambian people and understand the brutality and corrupt nature of this dictatorial regime , would not understand why the First Lady did not intervene in some of the decision made by her evil husband . Luntango , if you are a good human being , you want to have a good wife who will advise you on issues related to family development and this is why good judgement and foresight of zainab jammeh is also needed to shape the decision of her husband in conducting the affairs of our country . But your indication that she ” is fine First Lady who does not interfere in the matter of state ” is malicious and outright dishonest to the power of her influence in the decision making process of her husband . If she doesn’t care Gambian people then it is right to call her what she is . Would you encourage your wife to sit down and keep quite when you are abusing your children and later say my wife is good wife ?
    I am sure you understand the important of good spouse in democratization process because most politicians depends on good character and judgment of their spouse in decision making process . This is why wife or husband are fair game when it comes to character and judgement of political leaders . I for one would not have a wife you would encourage me to commit crimes. Please tell us why didn’t she advise her husband not to carry out some of erratic decisions he made over the years ?
    I think it is very important to make it constitutional requirement to have a First Lady a born citizen of The Gambia just like the president should be born citizen of The Gambia . This is in the best interest of the country because she is going to be in a relationship with someone who is running the affairs of the country . The interest of the country should always be safeguarded .

  12. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Hahaha Maxs!!!
    Jomo Kenyatta will agree with you when you say “I think it is very important to make it constitutional requirement to have a First Lady a born citizen of The Gambia just like the president should be born citizen of The Gambia”. Kenyatta divorced his Mzungu wife and married the daughter of a Kikuyu Paramount Chief when he wanted to become Kenya’s President – the redoubtable Mama Ngina who is still sitting behind the throne of the younger President Uhuru Kenyatta (her son by Jomo).
    That said, we are talking about SeneGambia – and all the three Presidents of Democratic Senegal before Macky Sall were married to Toubabs! So I don’t really think it matters who the President is married to (the US Supreme Court Stated so last week – hahaha!) as long as he is a good President.

    On a final cruel note, Senegal’s Presidents could argue that it saved them a lot of money on BLEACHING bills – hahaha!).

  13. Scarlet Pimpernel

    Dida will no doubt shield Zineb because they’re two sides of the same coin. Zineb openly asked someone i know why Gambians are not civilised because that person has a foreign surname and according to her (zineb ),the lady is not Gambian. She hates Gambians from day one and I’m privy to some things which will make your stomachs churn.
    For a First Lady living in the Gambia for decades and cannot speak a single local language is something else. The wives of Former President Senghore and Wade both mingled with their citizens. Zineb is fake and is there only to fill her purse. Call me xenophobic but I have my reasons.

  14. Luntango , you don’t answer any of my question : would you encourage your wife to sit down and keep quite when you are abusing your children and later say my wife is good wife ? That is the scenario happening in The Gambia when you stated that the First Lady is fine lady and does not interfere in matter of state .
    Your claim that Senegal presidents could argue that it saved them a lot of money on bleaching bill , is another attempt to maliciously tarnish the characters of african women especially senegambian women . I am sure you have seen a lot of intelligent , charismatic and beautiful women in Senegambia who love their skin color . These women have self esteem and have strong love for their country . Examples are former Senegalese prime minister and current Nigerian First Lady who refused all the flamboyant life style associated with her status . In our case , we have a First Lady who is busy looting from the country at the expense of taxpayers . Do you think the First Lady don’t have any influence on the president in his decision making process ? If your answer is yes , why she didn’t do anything over the years to influence him in some of his erratic decisions ? this is the issue under discussion but not your allegation of xenophobic or skin bleaching which are just pure distraction to say the least . So you don’t really think it matters who president or political leaders married to ? Maybe where you came from , it doesn’t matter but I know it matters who an individual married to in most societies . In the United States , it does matter what politicians does and this was why president Clinton nearly lost his presidency on Monica lewensky sex scandal . But if that is your mindset then you and jammeh are in the same club lol . In UK where you are , I am sure you will not hear a prime minister having sex with young girls and even if it happen , the law will take its course as it was done in Italy in the case of their former president . My point here is to highlight that president and First Lady should have moral values . They are representative of the country and citizens look up to them .

  15. Luntango Suun Gann Gi


    I don’t answer most of your points because much of it is all unsubstantiated. The Clinton matter you mention was FACT.

    Being of a legal mindset, I prefer to deal with facts. Horrendous bleaching is a fact in Senegal today. It is such a tragedy that such beautiful people are deforming themselves through bleaching.

  16. Luntango, I do asked personal question to see your moral values in relation to your defend of First Lady . If you indeed have a wife and you abuse your children , would people or you call your wife a good wife if she sit down and do nothing to advise you on your abusive behavior ? The First Lady has moral duty to advise the president to do the right thing just like your wife has moral duty to advise you to do the right thing . President jammeh’s mother Asombi Bojang has once attempted this to advise her son on his brutality and asked him to forgive some people and reinstate them in their positions, once the evil president understood that a lot of people goes to his mother to beg her to prevail on him , jammeh moved the old woman away from him and now she hardly had any contact with anyone near statehouse . This is even evidence by the case of pa Bojang who was raised by Asombi Bojang . Asombi Bojang is currently residing around Senegambia/ bijilo area with full military protection , cut off from people while her son continue terrorize the whole country . In fact you are lucky to be drinking your tea in London that is why you talking like this . The facts of the First Lady is that she is basically looting from the Gambian people with the help of her evil husband . Jammeh care for her only and her children .
    Luntango , you have not presented any facts here about the First Lady which indicate that she is fine First Lady . Tell us what makes her fine First Lady ? What policies did she advocate on behalf of Gambian people that improves people’s live ? For the past 20 years , tell me a single project where the First Lady has successfully advocated ? If you are a responsible human being , you will know that a wife of any individual is important partner in decision making process . You cannot tell us that Jammeh was bad or evil but the First Lady is fine , that is hypocrisy at the highest level. If I see you with a prostitute and you still claim that she is your good wife then I will know something is fundamentally wrong with you .

  17. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs say:
    ” … If you indeed have a wife and you abuse your children , would people or you call your wife a good wife if she sit down and do nothing to advise you on your abusive behavior ?”

    Luntango says:
    On that Maxs, everyone has a LEGAL duty to inform the police of the crime. If you fail in that duty to report the crime, you could be charged yourself. The question of “goodness” does not, therefore, arise.

    Maxs says:
    “Luntango , you have not presented any facts here about the First Lady which indicate that she is fine First Lady”.

    Luntango says:
    Maxs, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The evidential burden is on you as the prosecutor to support your charges against the First Lady. Until you have done that, and you have not so far, the defence rests on “No case to answer”!

    Maxs says:
    ” … you are lucky to be drinking your tea in London that is why you talking like this … ”

    Luntango says:
    “Hmmm … I do like tea but how does Maxs know that???”

    On a final note Maxs, stop picking on the lady just because she is a woman – go and challenge The Man to a wrestling match in Kanilai!

    • Janko Camara

      Welcome back Dida!!! some of us greatly missed the sense of humour you bring onboard this forum.

    • You should stop pretending to be Gambian. Every man and woman will be picked upon once they are deemed enablers of the dictatorship in the Gambia.
      Ignorance definitely kills! This time around, it will not kill critiques of Zeinab because I think they know exactly what they are doing. In Zeinab’s native Morocco, Jammeh would have been unqualified to marry Zeinab though where Zeinab herself can be considered a slave or second class citizen. She is fake and greedy and eyes every ordinary Gambia as mere BS.

  18. Luntango, your use of legal dimension in above explanation to defend the First Lady is useless effort to distract people’s attention and divert the discussion. The moral responsibility of First Lady is what I am referring to in relation to her role as a wife to the president. It is indeed foolish to bring your legal defend for sake of argument when people rights were violated by this regime on daily basis. The regime failed to follow proper channel for people to face competent court. It is also foolish notion to indicate that First Lady failure to influence her husband’s erratic decision making process should be reported to police . Stop joking with issues that are great concern to Gambian citizens. One of the fundamental principles in law is do no harm which is based on moral Vaules, this is why justice, veracity and benevolence are integral part of law ethics. If you are legal minded as you claimed, you would have been concerned about some of atrocities committed by this regime but if you are a former justices minister jobarteh and others , you won’t care about the future of The Gambia. Your opinions doesn’t matter to fair minded Gambians because we know you were once a mouthpiece of the dictator. If you are a responsible human being who love humanity and understand the role of First Lady or a wife in any president’s life, you would understand her power, influence and judgement in decision making process of her husband. Please your legal analysis do not apply to this case. We are talking about moral values unless you want to tell me you don’t believe in morality.

  19. Luntango Suun Gann Gi


    I absolutely have no wish to “divert the discussion” as you put it.

    I humbly bow to your superior intellect as far as ethics and morality is concerned and leave the “discussion” in your capable hands.

  20. Luntango , this discussion is not in anyone’s hand , rather it is about First Lady failure to do right thing on behalf of Gambian people. I am not superior to anyone in terms of anything including ethics or morality , nor did I claim anyone to be superior in our national discourse . One thing I know is that I will challenge anyone who misinform , misrepresent and distort the facts , on behalf of the interest of Gambian people. I will try to be part of truth squad at all time and if I am wrong , I will admit . I will be pleased if you could state a single project which was successfully advocated by zainab Jammeh for the past 20 years which is now benefiting the Gambian people . I have challenged you on that but you failed to mention one . I have also challenged you to state why do you think she is ” fine First Lady “? but you failed to answer all my points and questions.

  21. @Suun Gamm Bi, I think you just love writing good essays. Hah!………… Ethics and morality??? Go away Suun Gamm Bi!………..Go where you want. Hope the impression around these important forums is not just intellectual superiority but opinions with good reasonings and discussions.

    Ignorance definitely got nothing to do with one’s illiteracy.

  22. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Dodou, you do NOT understand women! If you did you would have settled for only one wife!! (or one wife at a time – lol!)

    “Dodou Jawneh
    July 11, 2015 at 4:00 AM
    Max … Your accusation that I ‘do not understand the power of women’ is a serious one to be levelled against a man with four wives.”

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