Jammeh Pardons 85 Prisoners

modou-gaye-dig-d_20150704131549827Gambian President has granted amnesty to 85 prisoners.

Among those who enjoyed presidential amnesty was a death row inmate whose sentence was later commuted to life in prison. Modou Gaye, a former deputy Inspector General of Police, was among eight people condemned to death after they were convicted in a 2009 coup attempt. The pardoned prisoners also included drugs convicts.

President Yahya Jammeh’s pardon message was relayed over national television last night. The amnesty is in honour of The Gambia’s 50th independence anniversary and the Holy Month of Ramadan. President Jammeh’s office fails to provide the criterion he uses to pardon prisoners, which has been a tradition in the country’s history.

Gambian leader presides over a government that has no programmes geared towards helping former prisoners resettle in their new life. In the absence of such a help, Mr. Jammeh expected the pardoned prisoners to become “self-reliant and law-abiding citizens.”


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  1. Most of these people haven’t done anything wrong in the first place . Jammeh should release every prisoner who was politically and illegally incarcerated . The Evil and Rapist Jammeh needs to understand that he will pay the price for all the crimes he committed against Gambian people . The worst crimes he committed such as murder and sexual abuse of young girls held against their will in statehouse and kanillia are all documented . Being a sexual predator and child molester, I hope he get arrested soon and put in public square for his victims to express their feelings towards him . I know you are a criminal who can do anything to stay in power , remember that everything possible means will done to get your evil ass from statehouse.

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