More On Gambia-Bound Cargo Saga

0cargoshipMore details are slowly emerging about The Gambia-bound container ship seized in Guinea-Conakry.

It has been brought to our attention that the seizure of ASTOR has affected shippers from the United States as well.

“Your story excluded shippers from USA and I am a victim who shipped a 40 feet container through a lucrative shipping agency called MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) here in the US,” a shipper, who wanted to remain anonymous, wrote to Kairo News.

“Your story only covered affected people from Europe when in actual fact it was global,” the anonymous shipper said, adding that “containers from the USA were also on the same vessel called ASTOR which was seized in Guinea.”

Our source said described Las Palmas as a “transshipment point for all vessels where containers are sorted and shipped in masses according to destination and through leased vessels. It doesn’t have to be the actual shipping company.”

The seizure of ASTOR in Guineam waters has created bad blood between the shippers and merchandise owners. “I am hounded every single day by people who shipped through me who do not believe the cause the delay,” complained a shipper. “One person even said to me that no one would send drugs from the diaspora to Africa where the value is lower and that the reason of the delay is not legitimate.”

Kairo News research confirmed the inclusion of US cargo on board the seized ship. One 40 feet container bound for Banjul was shipped in Baltimore on April 24th. The cargo that went through Valentia and Las Palmas was expected to dock in Banjul on May 7th.

Majority of the cargo on board the ship are foodstuff. We also learnt that one Gambian is worried about the fate of his shipped two cars on board ASTOR.



  1. I also shipped a coomercial van through an agent from the UK. and am everyday worried about the faith of my van after spending so much money.

  2. We have two containers of machinery from china bound to mauritania which are struck in this ship . We are very much worried . Is their any update about this .