Gambia-Bound Drugs Cargo Saga Unfolds

Doomed cargo in limbo!

Who owns the $50 million impounded Gambia-bound drugs detained in Guinean waters?

A shipping agent has given details of a Gambia-bound cargo ship impounded in Guinea after $50 million dollar worth of cocaine were found on board.

This saga has deepened pain and anguish for hundreds of Gambian families who could not have access to their merchandise meant for Ramadan consumption. The merchandise – sent by Gambians in the United Kingdom and Spain – are still languishing in the ship. The whereabouts of the said cargo ship remain unclear, with people asking “when shall our merchandise arrive?”

Gambia now flags as a narcotic destination under the APRC regime.

Speculations are rife as to the identity of the real owner of the drugs consignment container bound for the Gambia.  Kairo News was contacted by a shipping agent whose consignment is in the impounded Cargo ship seized in Guinea Conakry. The agent provided a brief detail on the situation of their impounded consignments of goods.

According to the agent, the cargo ship originated from Spain to U.K shipping yard, where it loaded Gambia-bound items. The cargo left Europe with clean bill of checks and that no drugs were found on board. The cargo headed to The Gambia where it was expected to dock some three weeks ago. The twist in the story is that, the cargo arrived in The Gambia on time, but was not allowed to dock for lack of space. Officials of Gambia Port Authority told the ship’s captain that until they completed offloading rice cargoes which would take long time, no ship would dock. The ship then travelled to Guinea to offload some merchandise. However, it was intercepted and escorted back to Guinea, where the drugs were discovered.

The confusion for shipping agents and affected families is the unclear information on why their desperately needed goods were not allowed to dock in Banjul.

There is speculation filling the air that President Yahya Jammeh’s middle men created the circumstance that led to the Guinea trip in order to ferry his drug consignments from Conakry.

The sad tale to the cargo saga is that, it contained Ramadan gifts for family members in The Gambia sent by loving relatives in both Spain and England. Family members are now going through Ramadan without their gift of coffee, tea, cooking oils, and many other basic items. It has now become a custom for Diaspora Gambians to send surprise Ramadan gifts to family members each year. Sadly, the faith of this year’s gifts remain in limbo because no clear information is emerging concerning the exact time of the ship’s arrival in Banjul.

One question everyone is asking is: who owns the drugs causing the unpalatable delays in cargo docking in the Gambia? Who was the consignee sending the Drugs to Gambia? Who is the shipping agent or agency in charge of freighting the drugs? These questions should be answered by authorities in Guinea and The Gambia.

Kairo News hopes this will serve as a great lesson for Gambians in the Diapora to use license shipping agents who are insured against eventual loss.



  1. Deyda Haidara

    For sure the owner of the cargo is known….
    The reason why it’s taking too long for the guinean authorities to expose the culprit speaks volumes.
    Why are drug dealers not afraid to use the Gambia as a hub also speak volumes. Who benefits from the drug crimes?? I guess the Comander in Thief of the army.

  2. The Captain knows everything about it, he should be question .
    this is very sad as families are without their Ramadan gifts from the love ones in diaspora

  3. Spot on Deyda; the Murderous Tyrannical kanilai Killer Devil OWNS the cocaine container on board this ship…

    The Murderous Devil fabricated the scenario that the Banjul port was occupied, with ONLY a rice shipment unloading, for the cargo ship to proceed to Guinea to pick its drug container for deliveries to Banjul….

    Evil Murderous yaya Killer Devil jammeh has been dealing in cocaine with late Lasana Conté according to its own stinky mouth to the U.S. ambassador’s report in WikiLeaks…

    The Murderous kanilai Killer Devil is still in dealings with the Guinean cocaine barons; this is why it used the dirty rubber-stamp aprc MPs to refuse the U.S. request for all vessels to be boarded & searched in Gambian waters…

    This is why we have been having tones of cocaine in Bonto village factory & adverse places all over Gambia…

    Evil Murderous yaya’s “best ever Chief Police Inspector” according to its own stinky mouth, Ensa Jesus Badjie, stated he “dealt in cocaine for the Murderous kanilai Tyrannical Killer Devil”….

    Just like the kanilai family farm ammunitions “building materials” shipments intercepted in Lagos, the Nouakchott intercepted cocaine shipment addressed to the Agricultural Ministry before, etc etc, the details of this cocaine shipment too will come to light; there’s no doubt who is behind it….

    Gambians WILL gradually salvage & reclaim our motherland EVENTUALLY…

    God helps & bless the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.