The Royal Prince Of Brikama Gone Mad

Sheriff Bojang & Yahya Jammeh 1

“The Gambia has achieved significant progress in legal due process, press freedom and trafficking in persons…” Minister Sherrif Bojang

The Brikama Prince who adores and loves the good life is now digging his own grave. Longevity in the inner cabals of the Jammeh tyranny is achieved by complete silence and discrete existence. Prince Bojang has started public utterances seeking the pleasures of his boss. Your head is on the line Minister. Psychopaths don’t know what they love or hate, your best defence of his criminality can easily be interpreted as mockery…

Read below Minister Bojang’s press release and see how he is playing with fire (should I say knowingly or unknowingly?). Or shall I say how he has started messing himself up?

The Minister of Information and Communication Infrastructure has rubbished a report issued by the United States government claiming corruption and human rights violations occur in The Gambia with impunity.

Reacting to a report carried by The Standard newspaper on Monday, Sheriff Bojang stated: “Every year they issue these reports condemning countries around the world for alleged human rights abuses. It is very rich for the United States to preach to The Gambia about human rights issues and violence against women. As a reply, there is nothing more apt than the biblical quotation: ‘You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Mathew 7.5’.

“It is true that every state has its incidental vulgarities and challenges and The Gambia is not an exception.But this blanket indictment by the self-appointed policeman of the world is inaccurate, grossly misleading and blatantly false.The United States is guilty by a hundred if not a thousand times of the litany of the very things they are accusing The Gambia of perpetrating. And not just in the United States but throughout the world wherever they have influence and sway.

“Apart from the historical genocidal crimes of slavery and colonialism, US agents and their proxies have violently overthrown democratically elected governments, stoked civil wars, waged wars of aggression against sovereign states resulting in the death of millions of innocent, men, women and children with impunity. Not to talk about the infliction of the most horrendous forms of torture in their prisons including Guantanamo Bay.The US has systemically been abusing its status as a hegemon to commit the worst crimes with utter impunity and it therefore has no moral right to preach to any country about human rights.

“The Gambia has achieved significant progress in legal due process, press freedom and trafficking in persons. The US report accuses The Gambia Government of interference in the practice of religion.Nothing is farther from the truth than that. The Gambia is universally hailed as a haven for religious tolerance and freedom.On the allegation of violence against women and children, we all know that The Gambia Government under the dynamic leadership of His Excellency, the President, Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa, has empowered women and the girl-child more than any leader in the world.The president has used every opportunity to praise Gambian women and underscore the very high premium he puts on improving their welfare and their well-being.”

On The Gambia Government’s hard-line stance against homosexuality, Minister Bojang said: “Homosexuality like bestiality is against everything we the Gambian people stand for.It is against the nature and against our culture and religion. We are a God-believing people as Muslims and Christians and such acts of depravity are condemned in the strongest terms by our Creator. Therefore, no amount of coercion will change our stance with regard to this issue.”

The former veteran journalist said the US human rights report was meant to score political points and was wide off the mark with regard to the realities in The Gambia.

Source: The Point


  1. Please don’t listen to this so called puppet minister Bojang. He will very soon be filing political asylum in United States of America and the US immigration officer in charge for his asylum will place this article in front of him to explain what he said on that article. I feel very sad about some Gambians in the Gambia, because they see the truth in broad daylight but they cover it with lies just to please this idiot monster tyranny Pharoah president Yahya AJJ Jammeh simple because their opportunist. Some will be his prostitute escort like woman governor of the Gambia and Co just for post seeking. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said if you cannot tell the truth then keep your mouth shut but you rather said the truth and their kill you is even better; Which is very true. That is the problem the world is now experience there is no truth in this world now particularly my home country the Gambia is worst. Puppet crazy retard minister Bojang your days are number, you will be either in mile 2 prison or run your flirty ass in USA or Europe seeking for safe haven because dictator monster President Jammeh is retard and undecided. He will cut your throat with his knife soon. Just act like fool and idiot there. Know that there is some many ministers occupied that post before you and where are those ministers now? Ask yourself

  2. We can see the patterns..First jammeh used his secretary generals to lash at the work…now it is his info minister who is running his mouth at the USA..We will see the final results.The mean will not justify end just like Njgo and sabally.We wanna make a hint here.. Jammeh was and still under pressures by the USA to secure his port, but never did because of a conflict of interest.He is in a real dilemma.

  3. The idiotic, psychopath , child molester and monster sir His excellency as he is fondly called by his prostitute protocol girls knows that mr Bojang faith is going to be like his friend momodou sabally . Mr Bojang has already been hypnotized by the devil and he will do everything that the devil want him to do . Mr Bojang does not know that he is dealing with a devil who can turn against him any moment . Defending the dictator will come to haunt him. Devil Jammeh , I know you are always online using a false name , sometimes arguing with people but remember that whatever you are doing is documented. The real trap you set for mr Bojang will get him as he blindly defend dismal human rights records of dictatorial regime . Your true color is not known to Gambian people , if they do they will walk to statehouse to get your ass from there.

  4. Deyda Haidara

    Whenever JK wants to bash the world, he uses woloffs and mandinkas.
    You will NEVER hear a jola uttering such nonsense for the world to hear.

  5. Deyda Haidara

    Whenever JK wants to blast the civilized world he uses a wollof or a mandinka.
    You will never see a jola being used to bash the democratic world why?
    Wake up Gambia!

  6. For some weird reason, I feel very sad for Sheriff Bojang. Sherrif Bojang stopped living as a man when he accepted a post in the Yaya Jammeh government.

    Good luck in your new lifestyle as another man’s girl friend.

  7. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Not so “mad”, Suntou, I hasten to add.

    Sheriff’s main critic here is of US HYPOCRISY. By the way, have you heard of “Diary of a Gay Girl in Damascus?” – look it up. The “Gay Girl” was a man in Edinburgh, a CiA operative, inciting the Uprising in Syria that has now seen 10 million people displaced – yes 10 million, 4 million outside the country and about 250,000 killed (all according to Amnesty International). The Gay Girl fooled everyone – including UK’s Guardian Newspaper for months.

    But read this young American lecturer’s blog to see how biased generally media is:

    Which reminds me of a conversation in State House Banjul when President Jammeh was discussing a movie in which the USA wanted a war against Canada – and the propaganda machine had to convince the American people that friendly Canada was an enemy. It turned the mind of the American people in 7 days.

    Ditto with the 2003 Iraq War. I covered the Valentines Day Demonstration in London of one million people for Banjul’s Daily Observer and Harare’s Daily News. At that that 70% of the British people and 70% of the American people were against the Iraq War. The British and USA governments went to work on the media and a month later their populations were suddenly for the war.

    The EU are engaging in exactly the same media manipulation to ensure the Regime Change in Greece this weekend.

    All Sheriff is saying about the USA is that they manipulate a willing media to demonize and overthrow governments they don’t like – that is why Russia and China are totally shutting out USA media, Google News, etc.

    Anyway, read Fredirik – he is American!

    • Thank Dida, in as much as we have a tough battling tackling our dictators and tyrants, we also need to be careful with the undercurrent propaganda chipping away at our values and believes. The quest to have a Uniform western ideals across the globe, it is seriously hampering the progress in African cultures and heritage. The link is very revealing. Brikama Sherrifoh should avoid confronting America for H.E, Jammeh is terrified of offending the U.S, unless Sherrif understands that, he will soon be like Momodou Sabbaly who took a swipe at west for Jammeh only to be dumped and discarded.

      • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

        Suntou, you say: “Brikama Sherrifo … he will soon be like Momodou Sabally who took a swipe at West for Jammeh only to be dumped and discarded”:-

        There are four distinct differences between Sheriffo and Sabally:-

        1. The Brikama Prince and Jammeh go back all the way back to 1994; Sabally was unknown until he was appointed;

        2. Brikama Prince and Jammeh have fought (gently and respectfully) for over ten years – the Deyda Hydara editorial at the Daily Observer, the Darboe coverages that annoyed Jammeh, the poem Canny Lie, and the Bojang/Halake Duets Letters. So between Da Prince of Brikama and King Kanilai 1 there is mutual respect;

        3. Whereas I fought Amadou Samba (and lived to tell the tale – hahaha) Sherifo is family to Amadou Samba and has that protection – and as you know Amadou and Jammeh go all the way back to 1994 too.

        4. Finally, Sherifo is a serious intellectual heavyweight – and like most intellectual heavyweights he is a self-educated man.

        So, Suntou, I think Da Prince is truly safe in JammehKunda and may infact one day inherit the crown (remember you read it on KairoNews first!).

        Blessed Ramadan.

        • Dida, i fear your advance game of Chess! Now the late Baba K Jobe was doomed once he was labelled ‘Co-President’. I agree with the comparisons between Brikama Sherrifoh and Sabally, however, every leader in the skeleton of ours don’t like any hint of his successor. Pretty soon, the good name of Sherrif Bojang will make it to the table of the ‘Katam or katimo oracle future tellers’
          Dida, Royal Prince’s never gave up on regaining old glories. I only wished Sherrif held on firm until the dictatorial enterprise collapse, then he can get his Princely dues. But then he hurry.
          The Mandinkas say which Sherrif will comprehend quite easily “the clashing of two head together is the good omen of the heads, however, crashing one’s head with the ground is the bad omen of the head’. America is not our match and Sherrif should know that.

  8. Sheriff said the only thing expected of him as a minister in the Jammeh government. He is very much aware of the conditions attached to being a minister under Jammeh which includes not having your own mind but rely entirely on what Jammeh says and do.
    The fact that he denied everything but accept that all countries have their vulgarities is a nice way to show that he has accepted the allegations in the US Release. The argument on homosexuality is a non starter because it is not an issue in the Gambia except for Jammeh who links it to the EU 17 Points demand for dialogue when it is not.

  9. Luntango Suun Gann Gi


    That is unfair! Faced with defeat in a straight game of chess, you deployed the mesmerising power of Mandinka Folklore! It’s checkmate. The Princely Mandinkas must have their way – although King Kanilai 1 may beg to differ!