No Gambian Judge Left At Supreme Court

Justice Raymond Socks is among the last batch of Gambian judges at Supreme Court
Justice Raymond Socks is among the last batch of Gambian judges at Supreme Court!

Justice Raymond Sock (JSC) and Justice Gibou Janneh (JSC) sacked and dismissed as Supreme Court Judges yesterday. Kairo News legal source deemed this latest judicial assault as ‘taking away the Gambian touch at higher echelon in legal rulings’.

The drama continues in the Gambian judiciary as the last two remaining Gambian Supreme Court Judges were sent packing. Kairo News legal source spoke of the desperate vacuum left at the Supreme Court of The Gambia. Justice Sock was sworn as a Supreme Court Judge in April 2012.

Kairo News source said the two high profile judicial firings are a continuation of the fallout arising from the acquittal and discharge of former Navy Chief. The Gambian president is still reeling from the acquittals of Sarjo Fofana and is paying back by sacking all the Judges that sat on the bench in the Appeal hearing that freed Mr Fofana.

More firing of Judges that freed Sarjo Fofana

The lawless drama continues with no explanations advanced for the removals of the two senior Judges. Readers will recall the unceremonious sacking and deportation of Pakistani born chief Justice just a month ago. The indications are that, High court and Supreme court Judges are getting braver by ignoring President Jammeh’s wishes in bending the law to suit his whims.

The vacuum created at the Gambia Supreme Court is severely an unjustifiable legal interference and manipulations. The message President Jammeh is sending to all would be Judges is not to go against his wishes in high profile cases. However, we have seen magistrates sitting in sensitive cases acquitting people unfairly persecuted by the state.

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  1. This is a calculated ploy to purge out from the high court any potential judges to rule out against the criminal aprc induced proposed electoral amendments to constrain the opposition parties that are being instigated through rubber stamp aprc so-called national assembly….

    This bill undoubtedly MUST & WILL legally be challenged in the courts when passed; the rest of the mercenary judges now left in judiciary will side with the Murderous kanilai Killer Devil as their EVIL Devilish master, against majority of genuine Gambians whom the criminal bills are against BUT that will serve as legal basis instead, endorsing our next lines of actions to confront & terminate the Murderous Evil kanilai Killer Devil & handful murderous aid-abet cohorts…

    Gambians now have the LEGAL basis with this proposed CRIMINAL electoral bill amendments, & responsibility to confront the Murderous kanilai Evil Tyrannical Syndicate with ALL efforts, by ALL & ANY means necessary to oust & annihilate the Murderous kanilai Killer Devil finally….

    God helps & bless the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  2. Deyda Haidara

    Gambia is the only West African country where you find foreign judges in the judiciary.
    All of this will change and Gambians will retake their country from foreign hands.
    Yaya Jammeh being a first generation gambian will certainly have no MERCY on Gambians whom he regards as enemies.
    I now understand why small Arab states are very strict with foreigners, if not properly handled they can end up taking over a country, specially where they intergrate the army.
    Gambians will have a lot cleaning to do post Jammeh.
    It is really heartening to loose your country to foreigners. Very sad indeed.

  3. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Raymond Sock will not be missed after his infamous and bizarre interpretation of the constitutional provision concerning the death penalty. Lack of due process is a concern though.


  4. Amina k ceesay

    No way jammeh has to step down

  5. Amina k ceesay

    Jammeh is stupid

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