UDP Leader Takes A Swipe At Jammeh

UDP Rally
United Democratic Party militants at a mass rally in Cedar Club in Serekunda on Sunday!

Gambian opposition leader has asked President Yahya Jammeh to release the relatives of those implicated in the December 30th failed State House attack in Banjul.

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe said it is “unreasonable and unacceptable to hold people beyond 72 hours without court order or being charged with a crime.” The United Democratic Party leader therefore called on the Jammeh regime “to act responsibly and follow the due process of law release the detainees.”

image-5ce0e920546b71a24d0a6a1885f482ebe352b8466e8fdaa4259b928adc206830-VMr. Darboe, who was addressing a grand rally in Serekunda on Sunday, also urged President Jammeh to release the dead bodies of those killed during the failed attack on State House. “As Muslims it is against Islamic norms to be holding on to dead bodies,” Mr. Darboe said, calling on the Jammeh regime to release the bodies of the December 30th attackers to their families for decent and proper burials.

Lawyer Darboe also harped on the country’s pervasive human rights abuses. He linked these abuses to President Jammeh’s crude and inhumane way of dealing with Gambians. Consequently, Mr. Darboe added, the once Darling of Human Rights has lost its well-earned respect in the world.

Mr. Darboe added that President Jammeh lost the ECOWAS [Economic Community of West African States] Chairmanship mainly due to his (Jammeh’s) lack of respect for his colleagues. “Can you imagine that Yahya Jammeh being the longest serving president in West Africa, yet he is always side-lined and brushed aside when it comes to leading the sub-regional body?” Darboe asked. “It shows that his colleagues have no regard for him. After all, who would want to have such a person lead an important regional body like ECOWAS?”

Mr. Darboe said even first term Presidents are given the chance to head the ECOWAS. He cited President Macky Sall of Senegal as an example.

He said despite hosting the African Union Summit in 2006, Gambian leader is denied the Chairmanship of the continental body who neither trust, nor respect President Jammeh.



  1. Well said Darboe. Why does President Jammeh like holding onto dead bodies is strange indeed. What happen to the 9 executed prisoners bodies also. I like the aggressive campaigning of Mr Darboe and UDP.

  2. Bravo Darboe!. Which sane president will keep hold of dead bodies after brutally killing them.

  3. Edi boy

    Well spoken Mr Darboe. Monster Dictator Jammeh has no regard or respect by his colleagues that’s why they don’t term as a head of state to lead such a important organization like ECOWAS or AU. Who will allow such a mental retard dictator head of state like Gambia Monster Dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH to be the chairman of AU or ECOWAS? Let Monster Dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH look himself in the mirror very careful and reason. He has human shape and flesh but animals in the bush are much better and intelligent than YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH OF THE GAMBIA. He has being disgracing Gambians all over the world by claiming that he can cure HIV/AIDS, cancer and etc when in fact he cannot differentiate the sense baby’s bowel movement and fried fish. He is mental retard president of the Gambia.

  4. A very big thank you to the UDP for hitting the nail on the head. One cannot say it louder especially considering the dangerous climate of lawlessness and thuggery under jammeh’s regime. I Hope the APRC supporters will come to their senses and withdraw their support for this evil loser called yaya jammeh.
    Jammeh is a tragedy to the whole of humanity. God help the Gambia….

  5. I will never support Jammeh but Ousainou need to start telling Gambian people what he is going to do differently. Economics, health care, agriculture, education and many other issues the country is faced with.

    We do not need a confrontational campaign. NCP did that and attacking Jawara. They loss every time.

    Dembo By Force was winning because he not only communicate with the people of Bakau but also delivered the promises.

    It seems Gambians like big names. Who cares for ECOWAS leadership. The people of the Gambia needs someone who can deliver and not who is the chairman of ECOWAS.

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