Over 100 Gambians Face Italy Eviction

Face of Turino/Google photo
Face of Turino/Google photo

More than a 100 Gambian migrants face eviction in Italy’s Torino [mostly called Turin] city. The Gambians are among more than a 1,000 Africans illegally occupying the city for seven years. This comes after the city council passed an eviction order against all African refugees occupying the city illegally.

Many of those facing eviction have had their asylum application rejected. Those granted asylum also face eviction. The latest eviction order is the third and final attempt to evict all immigrants.

Torino authorities want to turn the occupied area into university offices. But Italian press does not buy into that, believing the eviction order might have been exacerbated by the rampant illegal activities among African migrants.

It is also believed that the African migrants in the area have become liabilities to Torino city instead of assets.

But the man who claimed to lead Gambians in Torino city said they would resist the eviction order until last minute.

“We do not have any other place to live,” Mamadi Kanteh told The Point. He accused the Italian government of being unfair to the migrants most of who are undocumented and jobless.

Kanteh said that since they are in Italy, the Italian government should at least “on moral grounds” grant them quality habitation without discrimination.

Many refugees have since been sleepless for fear of being ejected.

Turino that lies close to the France border has a million inhabitants. The city, decorated with fine artistocratic atmosphere, is famous for being the home of Italy’s royal family. Turino hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics.


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