Darboe Deplores Gambia’s Sad State

collage_20150613220049020Gambian opposition leader has deplored his country’s sad state.

What is more sympathetic than living in a country where the President and his cronies spread their tentacles on every meaningful business opportunity? “Isn’t this sad? the United Democratic Party leader questioned.

“In The Gambia, it is no secret the extent of business interest the President has within our narrow economy. Every facet of our business sector is threatened by the potential entrant of our country’s President and his helpers,” Lawyer Darboe posted on his Facebook wall.

The million dollar question Mr. Darboe asked is: “how much then will be enough for the likes of Yahya Jammeh to leave office.” He said it was about time Gambians raise the stakes and call loudly and ask their President to give a chance to smooth transition of power and step aside. “We can then institute term limits, constitutional reforms and electoral reforms. By doing this, we will safeguard the future stability and prosperity of our country,” Mr. Darboe writes ahead of his party’s grand rallies in the Kombos and the Greater Banjul Area.

He expresses the UDP’s resolve to continue engaging international partners and highlight to them the many complex difficulties Gambians dealing with.



  1. Mr Darboe relentless effort to expose the dictator and his criminal regime is another way to go especially using social media to target young people .

  2. Thank you Hon. Darboe. Now is the time to let Jammeh know that enough is enough.
    Not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.
    No question about it, 20 and more years is too much.
    There are lots of Gambian intellectuals who can govern.

    This is the problem with these African leaders. Want to stay in power indefinite. Absurd.
    Hon. Darboe, continue the message of Jammeh’s departure from office. Consult the international institutions. Reveal the atrocities, human rights violations, arrests and disappearance of citizens committed by The Gambia government.

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