Remanded Thione Sheds Tears

thione-seckThe remanded Senegalese music icon is reported to have shed tears in prison. Thione Seck, who is facing money laundering charges, says the tears are not connected to his case.

“I do not cry because I am in detention, but for the difficult conditions under which many prisoners are currently facing,” Thione Seck told a group while talking to a visiting group of musicians led by Falou Dieng on Thursday.

“What I saw inside is not beautiful to see because there are detainees who do not have anything to eat. There are others who are remanded for years without appearing in court,” the lead vocalist of Raam Daan is quoted by Senegalese media as saying.

Mr. Secka sees his Rebeuss detention as a God-ordained mission. “I’m here on a mission,” he said, promising to advocate for detainees in horrible conditions in Rebeuss. Thione is determined to compose a song on the plight of detainees upon release.

Thione remains grateful to his colleague musicians for their support and solidarity. He is said to be in good spirits.



  1. You should count your blessings, consider yourself lucky you’re not in a Gambian jail.

  2. Paul mendy you are right . He live in a democracy and open society . In our case , people are so scare to visit prisoners much more to talk to media . Only closed family members sometimes will visit . Majority of acquaintance or friends and family will Distance themselves from those in jail . It is great to see mr secka talking about the plight of prisoners and their horrible conditions. Our so called military generals , top government officers are in mile two central prison and other detention centers but they dare not even talk . What a sad situation. When they are release , they keep silence as if nothing terrible happen . I like mr secka using this personal crisis to make difference in people’s lives . Never let crisis go into a waste as indicated by president Obama first chief of staff during his first term. Gambian people should learn from our current predicament and never let it go into a waste. This is why we need visionary and charismatic leader during this difficult time .

  3. The real testimony for this prisoner (Thione Seck) Is to say how much money Jammeh gave him.
    He has to be honest. Also because somebody somewhere gave him the fake money that he is in trouble with. Say who gave you that fake money?
    I don’t think he cares about those prisoners. How old is Thione Seck? How long he’s been a musician? He wants to tell the people that he didn’t know the conditions of the prison(s) in Senegal? A dedicated musician? Now he wants to sing a song.
    I hope NOBODY buys this dishonest man’s album.
    This man is pissing me off. Going to Gambia and stole the funds belonging to its citizens.

  4. Bass, this is his personal experience and that is what influence him to advocate the prisoners plight . I understand your concern . But he is innocent until proven guilty . lets us allow justices system in Senegal to take its course. We can all speculate but to pass judgement or condemn him at this moment , I don’t think it is fair . I do not like mr secka to be used by jammeh to entrench dictatorship in The Gambia and I think he was very wrong . I think mr bass you asked valid questions and investigators will look into all that

  5. Kalilu Kinteh

    I wonder how many people will listen to Papa Thione especially when his credibility is on the edge. Let’s watch for any smoking gun arising from the trial. Until then I reserve my comments