UK Minister Reacts To Gambia Expulsion

UK Minister for Africa, Caribbean and Overseas Territories in Foreign and Commonwealth Office! Twitter Photo

Member of Parliament for Rochford and Southend East. Minister for Africa, Caribbean, and the Overseas Territories in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The United Kingdom Minister for Africa has expressed disappointment about the expulsion of the European Union diplomat in The Gambia.

James Duddridge, also a Conservative Member of Parliament for Rochford and Southend East, called on Gambian authorities to reconsider expulsion of the Deputy Head of EU Delegation from Banjul.

“I am disappointed by the decision of the Gambian Government to expel the Deputy Head of EU Delegation from Banjul at short notice,” Mr. Duddridge said in a statement. “No prior warning nor explanation has been given for the expulsion, which follows the recent resumption of important human rights discussions between the EU and The Gambia,” he said, calling on Gambian authorities to reconsider their impromptu decision as a matter of urgency.

In a rather surprise move, Gambian authorities last week declared the EU Charge d’Affaires persona non grata. Agnes Guillaud who had served in the position since 2011 was given 72 hours to leave the country. No explanation had been advanced for this hasty move.

It however came shortly after Gambian President Yahya Jammeh had taken swipe at the European countries, blaming them for failing to rescue African migrants from sinking in the Mediterranean sea. Mr. Jammeh had also threatened to sue the EU at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.



  1. Jammeh better start thinking of how he will defend himself in the Hague, because that’s his likely destination one day, unless death does him a favour..

  2. A very welcomed attention coming from outside the gambia. An evil leader is a problem for the whole of humanity and Jammeh is one very evil socalled president indeed.

    it is a very good thing the world has gradually started paying attention to his criminal behaviours. hopefully the EU will now take Gambians seriously especially the opposition on the ground since they have been telling the EU all these years that Jammeh is undemocratic and corrupt etc.

  3. Bax Jammeh knows that, this is why he will hold on to power as long as possible. He would rather burn Gambia.

    This is why Gambia ‘s sons and daughters ought to release the urgency of now and unite

  4. Jammeh is hopeless and tired of himself now and that should be a disturbing moment for all Gambians. He goes through horrible nightmares and sees the Hague and his horrible fate over there in all of them.

    Everyday a bucket goes out to the well………one day, the bottom is going to drop out. H.R.N.M