Dispelling Imam Fatty Rumours

images-Imam Abdoulie FattySeveral sources contacted by Kairo News rebuffed the rumour fast circulating that Imam Abdoulie Fatty has absconded or fled the country.

Imam Fatty has neither fled, nor absconded, all our sources confirmed. The former State House Imam was a close ally of President Jammeh. He got fired after being used as a political tool of the Jammeh dictatorship.

News of Fatty’s fleeing was raised by a sister online radio yesterday. Soon Kairo News editors became inundated with calls, asking for verification of the story. What more choice do we have other than submitting to the will of our people? We engaged our trusted sources who all debunked the story.

“It is a crap, Imam Fatty is in town,” one source said. Fatty’s closeness to the Jammeh dictatorship has left a dent on his image. “He is gradually regaining his lost dignity and respect. Some mosques have started inviting him to lead their congregation in Friday prayers,” a source close to Imam Fatty said.

An influential opposition heavyweight did not buy the rumour either. “Imam Abdoulie Fatty is too proud to run. He is not such a type who will run away; he feels too proud for that. He will face whatever lies ahead of him but absconding is out of the question for him,” said a man, himself a victim of Fatty’s past rantings.

The once popular and respected Muslim cleric was accused of helping the regime to bring down even his own defiant colleagues. Jammeh has dumped Imam Fatty after his purported refusal to retract his statement on the Ahmadis.



  1. Lafia Touray la Manju

    no comment

  2. Imam fatty is a disgrace to all those who truly understand the meaning of Islam and what it stand for. His dispecable and ungodly act to contribute to suppression and oppression of Gambians by promoting the image of brutal dictator has earned him greatest religious hypocrite who worked for this regime. Imam fatty is a very dangerous religious leader who not only contribute to entrenchment of dictatorship but also he advocated for religious intolerance and sowed the seeds of religious hatred towards Ahmadiyaa people which was totally violation of their constitution rights. Recent tension between so called useless and unreligous Islamic council and Ahmadiyaa sect, all started from evil plan orchestrated by imam fatty in his unfounded and baseless religious attack on Ahmadiyaa people, forgetting in his narrow mind that religious is a personal choice and the Ahmadiyaa people has constitution rights to be Allah worshiping Muslim sect in The Gambia. Imam fatty is divisive and hateful whose actions at the time could lead to religious conflicts in The Gambia. Jammeh being a selfish and criminal leader who always look after his political and economic interest, recognized the danger this irresponsible religious zealot/ fanatic was trying to put the country into, quickly got rid of him and brought in unpopular copy cat of imam fatty from their political religious council. I personally do not care which God or Allah he worship but I was disturbed by him using our national television to attack other religious sect and the same time has been promoting and supporting dictatorship all these years. Gambian Muslims should now start to hold their religious leaders accountable especially those who help to entrench dictatorship. Imam fatty is not alone in this despicable and ungodly act in oppressing Gambians using religious influence to promote dictatorship. Each and every Gambians who pray behind and support such a religious leaders contribute to their own oppression and suppression. Islam being a religion of peace and justices and advocate for better treatment of every individual irrespective of their beliefs should be followed. In our Gambian situation , our so called religious leaders failed us in every aspect of their responsibilities that true Islam called for. It is time to follow proper religious teachings advocate by those apolitical religious leaders in our communities.

  3. Regardless of what imam fatty is well versed in the Holy Quran and hadiths which he owes some respect for that. He was fool by this ungodly dictator monster Jammeh. But let’s not forget that there are some many imam fatty in our spiritual leaders both in Gambia and cassamance when it comes to jammeh’s supporter cronies within our so called sheriffs, marabouts, supreme Islamic council members and etc. I don’t think that Imam Abdullah Fatty will abscond or fled Gambia. He doesn’t look like that kind of person. Imam fatty has a lot of the identical behavioral twins in our so called Islamic scholars be it sheiffs kunda, marabouts, and SIC. It is just that he didn’t hide his true colors as some of those wolves in sheep clothes marabouts, sheriffs, SIC members and etc.

  4. In a democratic society we are all entitled to our individual honest opinions. I know some of readers will think that I am imam fatty’s supporter or fan…absolutely that’s totally false and lies. But let’s give the devil its due. Imam fatty is well renown scholar and what he reads in the Holy Quran and hadiths, he understood them very well but the satanic money and monster dictator jammeh’s works prey into this mess he is today. But let’s not forget that he is not alone; he has so many this so called some sheriff kundas, marabouts, his fellow supreme Islamic council members who are also wolves in sheep’s clothes too are even worst than imam fatty. Let’s tell truth to one another. We are afraid of telling the truth that’s why we are encountering all these worldly problems. Only truth shall set us free and be more closer to Allah.

  5. Good luck to him and I hope people forgive him, and I hope he learn From the soap opera he put himself in. Thanks for your professionalism and clarification to this rumours going on.

  6. To be courageous is to uphold the words of God against tyranny by defending the rights of a vulnerable population like the Gambia. Imam Fatty is no courageous cleric when he choose to abandon the message of Allah to aiding repression against The Gambia and it’s people. I have no respect for him as a man.

  7. He ain’t no freaking imam. Hypocrisy at its best… Shamed ..

  8. Lafia Touray la Manju

    True Babilimansa. He is Ndongo Fatty. It’s best he goes back to Guinea Bissau where he hail from. Gambians will be fine without him.


  9. Thanks again Kaironews, for upholding and safeguarding the integrity and credibility of the diaspora anti Jammeh community, by your professional approach to news reporting and radio programming.

    Unfortunately, the attitude and approach of some of your colleagues in the media, in my humble opinion, promote the very views that the regime puts out about the diaspora community.

    The narrative in Banjul, we we all know, is that we are a bunch of disgruntled, disrespectful and hate filled mob, who don’t wish anything good for our country.

    Nothing could be further from the truth, but the attitudes of some activists and radio presenters could actually lend credence to the regime’s narrative.

    And when.this is considered with their incessant attacks on the legitimate opposition leaders, especially the UDP Leader, and the open encouragement of voter apathy, by dismissing elections as a viable way to effect change, they very easily fit the description of the unwitting Jammeh helpers.

    Kaironews stands tall among the online media by not allowing their dislike of the Jammeh administration to cloud their journalistic prowess and professionalism, and have always conducted itself very well.

    Thank you guys and keep on the good job.

    • Thanks baxs. Some of the utterances are so uncultured n purpose less….thanks to kairo

  10. Muslim leaders must not fear hunger, loss of property or even death when it comes to delivering the word of truth. Is the state house mosque friday prayers constitutional both in Sharia and the national book? In Muslim countries, the king or the head of states usually prays at the central mosque of those countries.
    I think there was no need for a mosque in the state house compounds when the Banjul central mosque is very near and with much more competence compared to the state house mosque, even at Sharia level.

  11. Ggapm Agapm… There should never have been a mosque (or any other house of worship) in the state house or any state institutions, without reciprocating for other religious sects and denominations.

    The state house belongs to all Gambians, young and old..Muslim, Christian, atheist, pagan, or what have you.

    The state house is kept and maintained by the tax payers, regardless of their religious beliefs or otherwise.

    To build a single place of worship that caters for only one religious sect, regardless of their size, is unethical, immoral and probably, unconstitutional too.

    Its construction in the state house has no basis in Shari’a because there already exist several mosques around and near it that are easily accessible for Prayers at all times, including the Friday (Jummaa) Prayers.

    Future governments should seriously think about removing the state house mosque from the state house grounds. That will not make us any less Muslim than we are, nor does its presence make us any more Muslim than we were before it.

    Just an opinion..

    • @Bax, thank you for good reasoning in your viewpoint in this issue. Because SHARIA orders us and regulates it to us Muslims very strongly to centralise as much as possible, our congregational prayers thus, building of a public mosque in one particular area should be very well considered in respect to already existing ones to verify the need for a new one in that same vicinity.

    • @Fams, have you any viewpoints with regards to the constitutionality of the state house mosque? If I were you I would have said; Imam Fatty is PROBABLY one of the most erudite Islamic Scholars in the Gambia instead of CERTAINLY.
      One must be a great Islamic Scholar himself I believe, to know who is an erudite Islamic Scholar. Perhaps Imam Fatty himself is aware of the unconstitutionality of the mosque IN the state house at Sharia’s regulations. However this is not to get one confused by the fact that Muslims should pray as much as possible; whenever, wherever.

  12. Bax, I agreed with you about the removal of mosque from statehouse and all the points you stated . It shouldn’t have been built in the first place. Its building simply indicate religious favoritism which is unconstitutional.

  13. Babilimasa,lafie Touray.i respect the fact that everyone has right to their opinion.

    but then at the same time as Gambian most importantly as Muslim,
    our nature is decency and tolerable as to what we say or write.

    I therefore urge you guys to be a bit virtuous in your sentiments.

    Imam Fatty,is certainly one of Gambia most erudite scholars,a man of extreme virtue of excellent thus he deserves unreserved esteem.

    Feel dislike and hostile toward The Jammeh’s regime should certainly not warrant hostile to all his associates.
    I’m not Jammeh’s fan and certainly I’ll never endorse some of his ungodly governance.

    I salute Kibaro news for coming out with yet another excellent clarification to his audience.

    • @Fams, have you any viewpoints with regards to the constitutionality of the state house mosque. If I was to say it, I would have said; Imam fatty is PROBABLY one of the most erudite Islamic Sholars in the Gambia instead of CERTAINLY.
      One must be a great Islamic sholar himself, I believe, to know who is an erudite Islamic sholar. Perhaps Imam Fatty himself is aware of the fact that the constitutionality of the mosque IN the state house at Sharia’s regulations is debatable by Muslim scholars. However this is not to get one confused by the fact that Muslims should pray as much as possible, whenever and wherever.

  14. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Fams, respect is not a right but something you earn. Ndongo Fatty did not earn any respect and therefore should not be given any. He has to earn it if he want it or go back to Guinea Bissau where he hailed from. Gambians will be better off without him living in The Gambia.


  15. Fams, according to Evil yaya Devil’s own stinky mouth quoted abdoulie fatty as the person to refer to for source of confirmation that killing of innocent dissenting Gambians is Godly & advocated by Islamic religion…

    I have seen a TV address were the Murderous kanilai Devil claimed it’s “Islamic & Godly to kill anyone who opposes a leader” & referenced for “abdoulie fatty to be asked or consulted for confirmation” of what it claims….

    In other words it’s Almunafiq abdoulie fatty & other ungodly murderous cohorts who were validating & passing off the kanilai Killer Devil’s evil murdering of the innocent as Godly & religious….

    I have also seen a clip where whilst preaching, before leading prayers in state house mosque abdoulie fatty also tried to defend to cover up & claimed it’s mere allegation that Murderous yaya Devil was the one behind the state sponsored witch cleansing where innocent Gambians were rounded up, molested, maltreated, abused, killed & accused of witchcraft. He claimed the allegations on yaya were baseless…

    Abdoulie fatty is NOT fit to lead a congregation in prayers MUCH MORE be a venerable Imam….

    He is a MULTIFACETED ALMUNAFIQ who deserve NO communal respect; abdoulie hailed from Guinea Bissau, came to live in Bakoteh Gambia in his early years….

    He chose to turn into a snake & bit hands that fed him; sided with the Murderous kanilai Devil to wreck havoc on the innocent Gambians who gave him all hospitality & make him one of us….

    History will reward him accordingly in kind; NO doubt about that…

    God helps & bless Gambia; Ameen.

  16. @Fams,is no point wasting you breathe to these so called anti Imam fatty ranters.
    They are not after Imam but to cause unnecessary havoc to innocent Gambian,because no amount of rubbish and ranting shall quiver imam fatty’s dutifulness to Allah.

    • No one but ALLAH only ALLAH shall be the ultimate judge of the dutifulness being of each and every individual human being towards HIM ALLAH. Remember Pa, Allah (swt) is not related to no one human family of heart, flesh and bones.
      People well versed in the teachings of the holy Quran can refer you to that (sura).

      I said again, the constitutionality of the state house friday prayers in Banjul and elevation of a mosque in the state house compounds is a religiously debatable matter. Imam Fatty, the erudite Islamic scholar had been Imam for that mosque for various years.
      Pa, do you have any opinion with regards to the above??

  17. Pa and fams if despicable and disgraceful imam fatty has earned your respect and esteem , to me he is another sycophant or religious hypocrite/ zealot who doesn’t deserve to lead a decent human being. He is more of a liar than a true preacher of word of Allah . Man who contributed to entrenchement of dictatorship and oppression of Gambian people deserve to be called who he is . If imam fatty is such a holy person who care about the welfare of Gambian people he wouldn’t have gone to public to defend the criminal leader he kissed his bexxxx. I am sure if anyone of you defending imam fatty here has families who has been murdered by this regime , you won’t be here to defend him.

  18. Max, your name is what defile you no wonder you can be that nasty to a man of significant virtue in our society.
    You are no Muslim,no believer but an absolute ignorant prat.
    You can go to hell !!!!

  19. Karamba, imam fatty is not a man of any significant to me and many others in the Gambian society but rather a man of despicable and hypocritical character. My religious belief is none of your business, if I refer I can worship a tree to satisfy my spiritual wellbeing that is my constitutional rights and God given rights. I am sure you are a Muslim and Islam teaches Muslims to respect other people’s belief. The Quran mentioned that there is no compulsory in any religion, let the believers have their religion and non believers also have their religion. This is most beautiful democratic principle mentioned in the Quran and it is also about religious freedom. So I have every rights to worship any God including Allah if I like. I respect your choice of religion. That said, you went as far as you can to indicate that I can go to hell. What is your proof that I am not a believer and hell is my destination ? Are you all knowing or the judge who will determine my final destination ? It is laughable for you to indicate that I should go to hell. My question is, do you know your final destination?
    Imam fatty has helped to entrench dictatorship in our country. He supported a leader who has killed, exiled, imprisoned, disappeared, tortured and oppressed citizens, that is why I am totally opposed to him but I careless about who/what he worship. Religion or spirituality is personal choice and each individual has rights to satisfy that choice based on what he like or refer. Imam fatty is no different from leaders of Boko Haram or IsIl in Nigerian and Iraq because these are terrorists who claimed to be Muslim. Imam fatty has supported a leader who terrorize the Gambian people and as I am writing this piece, dictator Jammeh has kidnapped elderly women, men and 16 year old child for past six months. I am sure Karamba, a religious guy like you is happy to see that happening otherwise you would have encourage imam fatty to speak up so that these innocent citizens can be released to their families. Is that not what holy or pious religious guy will do?
    So please keep your religion to yourself and respect other people’s choice.

  20. Imam Fatty is an NIA informant who reports innocent Gambians to this evil government. Many people have seem Imam Fatty in the night at the NIA office and I was curious to find out that he is there to report some people to the authorities. I will not pray behind Abdoulie Fatty because he is evil and a Hypocrite. He does not deserve any respect from anybody because he sold himself to the devil.

  21. Janjanbureh , I believe he was government agent . This was why when the sheriff Hydara was arrested he was taken to imam fatty according to the report . He is a terrorist and intellectual opportunist.

  22. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Ndongo Abdoulie Chekin Fatty?? He is not an Imam of the religion.