Detained Thione Yet To Be Charged; His Lawyers Appeal For Restrain

Thione Seck’s fate remains unknown!

The fans and supporters of Thione Seck are still reeling with the shock of the arrest and detention of their icon.

Thione Seck, the lead vocalist of Raam Daan band, has been in custody since last week after security forces found millions of fake foreign currencies in his possession. At the time of arrest, Seck and his rising star son Wally Seck, were planning to perform in The Gambia.

The singer and musician is expected to appear in court in Dakar on Monday. His lawyers called for responsible media reporting on the case, saying the exact amount of counterfeit money is still not known as investigations are still on going. Senegalese press put the figure at over CFA 41 billion, which were intercepted in Thione’s residence in Dakar.

Mr. Seck is neither charged nor granted bail. His lawyers insisted he should be granted bail since he does not pose any flight risk.

Thione is reported to have told interrogators that he had received the said counterfeit monies from an unnamed Gambian music promoter who contracted him to perform abroad. He had received half of the 100 million euros which turned out to be fake. Dakar police are also holding an Ivorian and Malian in connection to the case.

The icon artist is said to be in high spirits. He said his case is predestined by God. As such he will accept whatever happens.

Thione Seck’s case has drawn huge media attention in Senegal, with the local media reporting the involvement of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation in the case. According to Le Quotidien, the FBI wants to identify the source of the huge counterfeit dollars.

Meanwhile, Mr. Seck last year had a brush with Gambian activists in the United States resulting to a cancellation of his performance. Activists have been upset by his open support for a president who continues to trample on the rights of Gambians. But Thione remained defiant insisting he has the right to sing and support anyone, including Yahya Jammeh.

News of Seck’s arrest and detention came as a huge disappointment to many of his Senegambians who love the content of his music that is loaded with powerful lyrics.

Born on March 12, 1955, Thione Ballago Seck is a Senegalese singer and musician in the mballakh genre. He comes from a family of singers from the Wolof people. Thione first worked with Orchestre Baobab before forming Raam Daan. He came to prominence in 2006 when his album Orientation was among the four nominated for BBC Radio 3’s world music album.


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