Breaking News: Court Acquits Muhideen

Dasilameh Caliph General/Standard Photo
Dasilameh Caliph General/Standard Photo

Kairo News has just been informed about the acquittal and discharge of the Caliph General of Darsilameh Sanghajor Sheriff Caliphate.

Sheikh Muhideen Hydara and Darsilameh Alkalo Buyeh Touray have finally walked out of the court free men. Magistrate Ebrima Jaiteh of Brikama has muster the courage to hand down verdict without fear or favour.

Jubilation in the form of thanking and giving praise to Allah followed the landmark verdict. The court room is full to capacity, said our source in court this afternoon.

Sheikh Hydara and Buyeh Touray have been dragged to court for leading a congregation of Darsilameh villagers to observe the Muslim feast of Eid-ul-Fitr last year. They were charged with conspiracy and disobedience to lawful authority. Both Hydara and Touray denied the charges.

The elders’ court appearance followed their arrest and detention for disobeying President Yahya Jammeh’s order not to pray on Tuesday.

The acquittal and discharge of Sheikh Hydara and Buyeh Touray has dealt yet another blow to the Jammeh dictatorship that is bent on sending perceived enemies to jail. The comes on the heels of the acquittal of Rear Admiral Sarjo Fofana by the Supreme Court. The former Navy Chief’s acquittal resulted to a major shake up in the judiciary, with Chief Justice Ali Nawaz Chowhan losing his position.



  1. Justice prevailed. Thank you Kairo News. So please about this.

  2. Thank God

  3. The Late Malayin Hydara

    The most respected Sheikh Muhideen Hydara and the Darsilami community have always been peaceful and God-fearing, only devoted to the exclusive worship of Allah, the Almighty and the strict observance and practice of the Muslim faith without fear or favour, let or hindrance, ill will or compromise.
    The honourable Sheikh Muhideen has been vindicated by Allah’s permission and will certainly continue to be protected from the Shayatin, the likes of the evil idol worshipper and avowed pagan animist dictator Yaya Jammeh, alos by Allah’s permission.
    Dictator Jammeh has unforgivably wronged the Hydara clan and the entire Sherifia brotherhood.
    But mark my words, the story has not yet ended as dictator Yaya Jammeh must reap what he has sown.
    Out of his own doing will come Allah’s judgement, InshAllah.

  4. Baba Galleh Jallow

    Thanks God Magistrate Jaiteh did the right thing. At least there are magistrates and judges who will do the right thing in spite of the dictatorship. Thanks Kairo for keeping this issue in the public domain.

  5. Welcoming news for all those who stand for truth and justices . I am happy for the old man and am proud of his resilience . It is about time our so called religious leaders stop dinning with the dictator and start playing their proper role in our society. Most of these religious leaders have contributed to entrenchment of dictatorship in many ways such as providing spiritual guide ( marabout) which many Gambians believe, Some religious leaders publicly endorsed Jammeh during his campaign and They refused to talk about injustices and corruption but at the same time , they quickly come to his aid when pressure is amounted on Jammeh . Their past endorsement result to their current abuse and oppression. What a shame . Jammeh’s personal mystification is aided by his association with the marabout work. This is why even in the public Jammeh will display his false spiritual abilities to further mystify himself. Cultural belief in marabout work cannot be underestimated in Jammeh’s dictatorship .Though some might dismiss this phenomenon but ordinary Gambian believe in such superstition or marabout work. Jammeh knows how our people think, he will use false religious or spiritual claims to confuse the masses. Jammeh also used the Islamic council to further his political ambition and total grip on power . He organized so called quranic recitation or competition using taxpayers money at the expense of non muslim taxpayers . These religious leaders never question the sources of the money and they proudly call themselves true muslims when they are enjoying the ill-gotten wealth of Jammeh . Is it fair to have these quranic recitation at the statehouse in the first place . I would say no, because Gambia being a secular country did not need favoritism in terms of religion. All religions are constitutionally equally accepted and protected . Anyone has the rights to worship any God of their choice . Since there is a mosque at statehouse then there should be church or even a tree for some Gambians to worship their God or whatever they believe in . The precedence of building a mosque at people’s house is what call for it .Or If our next president happen to be a Christian then we should allow him to build a church. Would majority Gambians love that idea ? It remains to be seem but i doubt it . In a secular democratic society , government Does not associate itself with a particular religious doctrine but in the case of The Gambia , our dictator used the name of Islam to continue to abuse and oppressed citizens or even used the name of Islam to justify his unconstitutional acts.
    It is time for religious leaders to stand for justices and truth to prevail in The Gambia . Let justices guide our actions toward the common good .

  6. This can be the only outcome in this case… Evil yaya Devil jammeh & its equally Satanic so-called Islamic council can’t play god in people’s lives… Gradually the wind of change started blowing; the tides charging against the Evil Murderous Killer Devil & aid-abet cohorts; NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER; we will get to the bitter end & reclaim the motherland eventually…

    God helps & bless the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  7. Good news.. I hope the Caliph General is not intimidated and will continue to lead his congregation as he has always done.

    Another Eid is fast approaching and Gambians must not be intimidated.Every community must follow the “Sunnah” of beginning and ending fasting when the moon is sighted or reliable information about its sighting is received.

    Thank God we still have magistrates who are willing to perform the duties without fear and do what is right.

    This is yet another example of the wastage of meagre state resources and the Petty mindedness of this disgraceful regime.