We’ll Take Jammeh On Double Standard

Evil at home and showing kindness to the Royingya People.

‘Gambia offers to resettled the Royingya people in Niumi, Baddibou or Jarra’. The Gambian dictator who is evil and ruthless to his own people wants to be the world’s kindest Muslim leader by offering to take in the embattled fugitives.’

The Gambia government has offered to resettle the Royingya people of Myanmar, a sovereign state in Southeast Asia bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand.

Running away from persecution in Myanmar, thousands of the Royingya people have taken to the sea in recent weeks with no country willing to take them in.

In a press release aired by the state TV last night, the Gambia government has offered to resettle the Royingya people, also known as boat people, in The Gambia.

The release states: “The Government of The Gambia notes with great concern the inhumane condition of the Royingya people of Myanmar, especially those referred to as boat people currently drifting in the seas off the coast of Malaysia and Indonesia.

“As human beings, more so fellow Muslims, it is a sacred duty to help alleviate the untold hardship and sufferings these fellow human beings are confronted with.

“Therefore, The Gambia being a country with predominantly Muslim population and with a natural culture of interfaith tolerance hereby expresses willingness to accept and resettle all boat people who wish to reside in The Gambia.

“In this regard we are appealing to all countries with a conscience to assist in bringing the Royingya people to The Gambia for resettlement.

“The Government of The Gambia further requests the international community to contribute towards the humanitarian gesture in the form of tents, beddings, household material, medicinal and other forms of requisite logistical support, to set up habitable camps with decent sanitary conditions for the Royingyas.”

According to the United Nations there are about 800,000 Rohingya in Myanmar that are considered to be among the most persecuted people in the world. Deadly strife between Buddhists and Muslims in Rohingya has displaced over 90,000 people. Tens of thousands of families were made homeless when their dwellings were burned to the ground.

Myanmar does not recognize the Rohingya as one of its ethnic groups and many in the country consider them to be illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.


Amnesty International recently said the Rohingya are increasingly being hit with targeted attacks that have included killings, rape and physical abuse.

Life for Relief and Development is working to send emergency food such as rice, flour, lentils, beans, tomato paste, sugar, tea and relief items which include tents, clothing, blankets, hygiene kits, mosquito nets and kitchen utensils to the displaced people in Myanmar.

In the Andaman Sea off Thailand

A wooden fishing boat carrying several hundred desperate migrants from Myanmar was spotted adrift in the Andaman Sea between Thailand and Malaysia on Thursday, part of an exodus in which thousands of people have taken to the sea in recent weeks with no country willing to take them in.

Cries of “Please help us! I have no water!” rose from the boat as a vessel carrying journalists approached. “Please give me water!”

The green and red fishing boat, packed with men, women and children squatting on the deck with only plastic tarps to protect them from the sun, had been turned away by the Malaysian authorities on Wednesday, passengers said.

They said that they had been on the boat for three months and that the boat’s captain and crew abandoned them six days ago. Ten passengers died during the voyage, and their bodies were thrown overboard, the passengers said.

“I am very hungry,” said a 15-year-old boy, Mohamed Siraj, who said he was from western Myanmar. “Quickly help us please.”

Source: The Point



  1. Idiotic leader is desperately looking for attention and diverting people’s attention from worst economic conditions In the country. Though he careless about Gambian youths dying in highsea , he can hypocritically offer to help others . What a liar and hypocrit he is . If he think , he can deceive international community to give him money , the good news is that international community is now aware of his criminality .

  2. May be he wants to extinct our own youths and replace them with this people. For they would be more loyal to him.

    What a shame!!!

  3. This is strictly for laughs!!! should I even take all these B.S seriously? Now, I am really laughing a sad laugh…….I am sad but still laughing.

  4. The Evil Murderous kanilai Killer Devil is on its habitual lies manipulations to lay its devilish hands on the funds meant for the resettlement of these people….

    They will be its sources of cheap labour too for its slave farms countrywide….

    Their women will be targets for the tyrannical murderer & its insatiable appetite for the light skin women…

    They will be cheap targets & kidnapped for the numerous human sacrifices for the Murderous Evil Killer Devil’s idol shrines in & around kanilai…

    God helps & bless the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia from the evil murderous kanilai devil; Ameen.

  5. There is something noble, and even divinely, about a gesture to help suffering people, if the offer is sincere..

    And a sincere gesture is very easy to recognise because it is sensible, feasible, practical and above all, offered with minimal publicity, if any at all, especially from the Islamic perspective, since Islam is being invoked here…

    Unfortunately, this is another gimmick and cynical publicity stunt from Yaya Jammeh that has failed the “sincerity test”, but one that should not be completely ignored because it could have far reaching consequences for The Gambian People, if executed..

    Latest information from this crisis suggests that some countries in that region have agreed to let the boats land and provide temporal shelter to these people, but only on condition that they are relocated within one year..

    With Europe facing it’s own sub-Sahara migrant crisis, and some countries unwilling to accept any quota system and resettlement of migrants;

    With Asian countries mute on this crisis and unwilling to be involved;

    With the Middle East embroiled in crisis and the experience of the Palestine refugee crisis still being felt by many host countries in that region;

    How else could the “boat people” be relocated by the international community except by accepting a “willing offer” from a Third World country..?


    • Mate, I am sure your region in the Gambia is got more land and the people in need be relocated there, . As you know, Gambia is a small country and most farmers already have a farmland problem. Most of our country is turning desert.
      However one most important fact you fail to realise is that, those victims of Myanmar are no different from you and I. WE AND THEM ARE BOTH VICTIMS OF BLOODY RULERS. The only difference in this case is, the Myanmar power starved leaders say Muslims don’t belong and the Gambia power starved leader madly pretend to the world that there is no problem in the Gambia when half of the Gambia’s youth is on assylum in the west.

  6. I am concerned by this idiotic offer and I think every Gambian should be concerned too…Let me explain why.

    I have no problem with Gambia taking part in a managed global initiative, but limited resettlement programme for some Rohingyans, who may wish to settle in The Gambia…

    I have no problem living next door to a Rogingyan individual or family…I have no problem associating to a Rogingyan, either on an individual level or at family level…

    However, I am in no doubt that The Gambia cannot resolve the crisis of the Rohingyans on its own, without creating a bigger crisis for itself…

    The Rohingya people, who number almost a million, are being persistently persecuted in Myanmar because they are considered foreigners and unwelcome..

    The official Myanmar government position is that they should leave and go “home” to Bangladesh but Bangladesh does not accept them as their people. .

    None of.the surrounding countries, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and even Bangladesh, the home of their ancestors, is willing to accept them…

    The international community is under immense pressure to resolve this ongoing crisis, but without a country willing to accept these people, there is not much that can.be done…It is this pressure that could force the international community to accept this offer from “The Gambia Government”.

    And once the first badge of Rohingyans arrive and settle in The Gambia, the rest in Myanmar will be under even more pressure, through persecution and violence, to leave that country and head to The Gambia because an international resettlement programme would have been in place..

    Under such a programme and scenario, how many of the 800,000 Rohingyans end up in The Gambia, may depend on how many want to make the journey to the country..

    So we must not dismiss this foolish gesture as not worthy of our concerns…It is a concern and we better start raising our voices now…

    Bax is alarmist..? May be, but I have good reasons to be, though this is not the right forum…

    However, we should consider why a migrant community that has existed in Myanmar for centuries, is still considered as an immigrant community..? This is a clear indication that they have not integrated with the resident communities in Myanmar.

    Will they want to integrate when they resettle in.The Gambia or will they want to nurture a “country” within a country..?

    I leave that to the audience to ponder, but Gambia may be on.the verge of changing for good, if Jammeh’s idiotic offer is accepted…

  7. The best way to solve this problem is through a UN (binding) Security Council Resolution that creates an independent and internationally protected state of Rohingya Muslims, in the areas that they inhabit in Myanmar…In other words, Myanmar should be split in two: One for the Buddhist and one for the Rohingya Muslims…There are precedents for this approach and it has worked largely to protect the persecuted communities…

    They live there…They belong there.. Buddhist Nationalism and Fascism should not be allowed to win in this day and age…Nor should persecution based on race, colour, religion or origin be entertained by the international community….

    The problem with the world today is that there are too many hypocrites in positions of power and influence, whose actions are dictated and motivated, not by what is right, but what serves their geopolitical interests…

    Whilst the powerful are prepared to form military coalitions and bomb states whose leaders do not tow their line, those that do so are left to their own devices, no matter how detrimental it is to their people…

    And Myanmar falls within the category of nations in South East Asia, that are courted by the West for geopolitical reasons….

    In their attempt to check Chinese evolution as a global power that can challenge Western hegemony over the world, the West have courted Myanmar in order to move it away from Chinese sphere of influence and chose to ignore, not only the plight of the Rohingya Muslims, but also the persistent repression of political opponents by the brutal dictatorship of that country..

    This sort of attitude, even if there are occasional, half hearted criticism, does constitute “silent endorsement” and this embolden such regimes…

    And since the majority Buddhist community has an avenue to vent and direct it’s frustrations with life in general, which is against the Rohingya Muslims, the regime encourages this as state policy, by stigmatising the Rohingya Muslims and seeking to expel them as unwelcome foreigners…

    The international community therefore has a duty, not to relocate and resettle the Rohingya Muslims elsewhere, but to take a tough, non compromising stance against the regime in Myanmar and demand that the rights of the Rohingya Muslims, as citizens be respected, by promulgating a binding UNSC Resolution that leaves them (regime and fascist Buddhist) in no doubt that the country will be split, if they fail in their duties and responsibilities and continue their criminal fascist and racist actions…

  8. Janko Camara

    I would have loved to add my voice to this latest nonsense by Yahya Jammeh. However, I am tired of responding to the man’s non-stop nonsense. I agree with Bax though, that this matter should not be taken lightly, given the desperate situation of the refugees and of course, the mounting pressure on the International Community to act. Clearly this has immediate economic, social and political ramifications. And in the long-run, it will become a full blown crisis as is the case now in Burma.