Nature, Characters And Tactical Strategies Of African Military Dictatorship


By Johnson


 Preamble: Constitutionally Elected First Generation African Heads of State wanted to make things better, Second Generation Heads of State wanted to make themselves better whilst those who came later did not know how to make things better.

  African Despotic Military Heads of State began with Second Generation Leadership.

 In documenting one of my works entitled “Tomorrow was African Unity” I decided to interview Credible Country Representatives from several and varying African countries to give case witness accounts of Mal-Governance in their respective countries  I received the following sample responses received around the African Continent:

  Witness Testimony of Country 1: The Military confiscated our civic rights to choose a replacement to our deposed President. They are renegade constitutional Gangster Ruling Soldiers. Government and Governance in my country are synonymous of rogue soldiers, crooks, swindlers, scams, schemers, fiddlers and conmen. In my country Governance is built on chaos and confusing; betrayals, treacheries and torture of civilians

Witness Testimony of Country 2: “Since the passing out of our first Head of State the army took power and appointed their concubines as Senate Speakers, their Kin and Tribesmen as Defence Ministers, bed-mates as Ministers of External Affairs, their in-laws became Ministers of Finance and Governors of Central and Commercial Banks, their nephews as Chief of State Protocol, their nieces named as Presidential Dieticians, cousins became the Chairpersons of the Chamber of Commerce; other lesser cousins and cronies hold ambassadorial positions; depending on their links, hierarchy and whips”.

 Witness Testimony of Country 3:  “Instances arose in my country where at the death of The Head of State his family members produced certified leased documents as proof of ownership and to claim their family property rights of and over all National State Assets and Properties including The Banknotes as these carried their portraits! Reserved Lands: to the Minister for Land and Governance (MLG): Minister of Land Grabbing.

 Witness Testimony of Country 4: “In my country; pseudo power fabricated titles and demagogic and sycophants degrees are invented coined with title-names camouflaged as “traditional authenticity” to justify mystified ethnocentric chauvinistic Personality Cult

 Witness Testimony of Country 5: “After our independence The IMF imposed Policies that sabotaged and undermined our weak new democratic civilian government. The IMF Policy process instigated an army takeover and the installation of subservient and unenlightened Para-Military demagogue Rulers that were facilitated and supported by Technical Assistance Paratroopers. Ever since, we continue to witness menaces of instability, deaths and other machinations”.

 Witness Testimony of Country 6: “Immediately after our independence military phantom with civilian cloaked regimes continuously hijacked and confiscated our hard worn civilian independence institutionalizing rampant corruption brazed with ceremonial flamboyant lifestyles that these same soldiers denounced when they robbed power.

 Witness Testimony of Country 7: “Our first generation leadership was civil and gentle who respectfully adhered to well-meant civil and liberal systems. The armed coup constitutional robber-cliques of despotic rogue military rulers saw liberal multiple party systems as dangerous to their autocracy.

“In the place for democracy the corrupt successor soldier turned civilian soldiers preach slogans as:  Law and Order; Peace and Stability; Security Not Democracy using populist stands coated with tenacious religions titles, chauvinistic blasphemous shady deals, executions arrests…that flamed tribal, internal and cross-border conflicts resulting in the scattering and suffering of our citizenry the world over.

 Witness Testimony of Country 8:  “My country witnessed successive despotic regimes based on paramilitary force with no solid enlightened support base of their own. These regimes entrench themselves by keeping antagonistic civilian factional bases and lackeys who act as happy coalitions against all enlightened truth loving masses. Time to time the punchiest regimes would claim to belong and identify themselves with either a majority or rival minority tribes to stir havoc and stay in power. Their control of national wealth and resources to lackey bidders keep in hand every opportunist loyalty.

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 Witness Testimony of Country 9: “In my country The Heads of State acted like village super-chiefs to the extent of personally resolving self-created disputes in order to be seen as “The National God Father and Peace Maker”. When students or trade unions go on strike, the corrupt leaderships yearn for face-to-face with the Head of State where cash handouts and handshakes prevail for the day. Whenever The President travels nobody decides and consequently no cash-money flows. He controls the National State, Private Business, Commercial and Daily Economic livelihoods including daily stables like rice, flour, bread, meat, sugar, oil, vegetables He owns the One Stop Shopping Farms; through unpaid labour, coercive sweat of civil servants, national and public officials in the name of “Operation Feed The Nation” (Operation Fool The Nation)

 Witness Testimony of Country 10:

“In my country the Public Transport Communication systems and Entertainment Centres have become part of the administrative spying, kidnapping and assassination networks; with intoxicated State Terrorists under the cloak of law, order and security of the State”

Witness Testimony of Country 11:

“In my country alongside the corrupt systems, they put in place expensively extensive secret intelligence services both at home and abroad, which work hand in hand with foreign intelligence networks to track, kidnap and kill opponents in order to underpin their rule and linkages with alien interests.

Here Highly Positioned Officials are ritually initiated to cults at birthplaces of our Heads of State to make secret vows.

“African Fraternities have recently infested African politics. Cult and Fraternities are in solidarity to control popular masses; blending rituals, sacred and fear of mystical forces. Under the circumstances the people are made to do things that could be used against them later: blackmail and treachery are used to ensure obedience.

 Witness Testimony of Country 12: “In my country other forms of fears are put in place to maintain grips on the opposition, enlightened and disillusioned militants who would do everything not lose their easy earning lifestyles and livelihoods once cast out from the ruling system: The fear of social and economic death is more effective than violence.

In some instances the fear of the brutal ruler is open and overt; in others it is covertly hidden with death squads in uniforms mingled with ruling party-coloured militias.

These State sponsored terrorists and fraternal societies supercharge all spy networks spreading under the facades of the official power fabrics. These are fortified from the national riches and wealth. These fraternal initiation societies help the leadership to bend faction leaders and other opposing groups to their will giving the officialdom free power purchase from all levels, strata and echelons of the societal continuum”.

Witness Testimony of Country 13:  “Rogue American/Euro/Arabo/Asian Traders link despotic rulers with international politics and Mafiosi power structures stronger and more influential than IMF and The UN, AU, EU…….

These invisible wealth ridden subterranean networks explain why progressive opposition never get anywhere in Africa. The opposition appears only to fall under the clutches, tentacles, barrels, bullets and truncheon blows of these wacko despotic regimes.

Opposition rise, crest then sink into irrelevance, as if sapped by a mysterious undertow of the ruling mystic cult. Many firebrand opposition leaders, who roused masses against our corrupt regimes, are now part of the so called presidential majorities and have become members of the group of wealthy pro-regime political militant parties.

Other opposition elements are nothing but convivial opposition elements that pretend to openly oppose the status quo but work for them covertly. Hence many of opposition our politicians are seen driving luxury cars and wear latest suits and traditional dress modes”.

Witness Testimony of Country 14:

“In my countries when the formal laws break down, informal solidarity networks take over and become prone to venal disorder; leading to broken national interests giving way for networks allowing different kinds of groups of European, American, Asian and other traders to flourish amid the chaos in the country.

“These European, American, Asian and Arabo-Syrian Traders plug my country leadership to world economy via ill gotten riches and international spy networks. By so doing they have created the unusually potent regimes into the World Economic Order”.

Witness Testimony of Country 15:

“In my country when Religious Leaders and honest genuine journalists and Human Rights Activitists denounce Un-Godly and Corrupt Practices nobody supports or dares defend them.

“When such Religious Leaders and Journalists are arrested and tortured, no one would stage actions that denounce the filth in the country because fears run deepest in people. So much mystical fear has been instilled that, the corrupt rotten regime enjoys smooth ride.

“It is worth to note that in my country President had influenced world politics in big western democracies though fabulous economic contributions to electoral campaigns”

To be continued




  1. This is the exact detailed picture of everything in one bit. I wish every Gambian have the opportunity to read or listen to, such articles in other languages as well. These are the diagnosis that the Gambia needs a cure for. I think this is more than the one issue of having improperly trained and uneducated militaries in various countries of the continent. Hope Gambia lays the stepping stone in the search for that cure.
    Thank you Muhammed.

  2. John Njie

    Without exception all the Witness Testimonies experiences is happening in our small Gambia and no end in sight God help the Gambian people.We create Yaya Jammeh and everyday we help him to lord over us by pulling each other down instead of coming together to send him packing.Keep them coming Johnson.

  3. John, it is true that we created Jammeh with the collective ills of our society( including yours and mine) and most of the Gambians have realised that fact by now and I think that is why most of them have become so self- critique in a sense of optimism, in an effort to find the right cure to those ills of their society. Genuine critisism of public individuals of our civil society is a part of that process that everyone from, religious leaders to elderly statesmen to senior civil servant to servicemen and even our Jalibas and prominent business people should be liable to. Jammeh is only one person who could not have been able to do all what he did alone, if he had not been enabled by greedy, hypocrite and dishonest Gambians of all walks of life in the Gambian. Enlightened hearts make a much better country. May ALLAH shed light in the darkness of our hearts as individual citizens.

  4. Ameen

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