Court Acquits Rear Admiral Fofana

Army14[1](2)Kairo News has just been informed about the acquittal of the former Commander of Navy in The Gambia by the Supreme Court in Banjul. Family sources have confirmed the story.

Rear Admiral Sarjo Fofana was also the President of the Court Martial that convicted soldiers implicated in the purported March 21st abortive coup led by Col. Ndure Cham, the former Chief of Defense Staff. In a dramatic twist, the government arrested and detained Admiral Fofana and Brigadier Tamba before slapping them with treason charges in Jammeh’s kangaroo courts.

Kairo News could not confirm whether Mr. Fofana’s co-convict, Brigadier General Lang Tombong Tamba, is also acquitted. Both men were convicted of four counts of treason. They have throughout maintained their innocence.

Kairo News will keep its readers informed on the case.



  1. Is this an election ploy? If I were him I would run like hell.

  2. Yankuba Jobe

    Quite frankly, i couldn’t believe my ears when I received a phone call from Paris informing me that my cousin has been finally freed ! May the Almighty Allah guide, bless and protect him and his families for the rest of their life. I wish all those detainees left behind, also get their freedom as soon as possible. THANK YOU ALLAH, THANK YOU MY LORD. We appreciate Your mercy..

  3. That is exactly what he should do;……… run run run run and run… like hell, for his life.
    ‘The little devilish Jammeh empire’ is crumbling and its too late, any attempts to restructure it by such moves are only going to worsen the situation for him.

  4. Lafia Touray la Manju

    I don’t think Fofanna should flee the country. I think he should throw away his military uniform, join the UDP and stand up to Jammeh politically. People should stop running away. It only perpetuates the problem.


    • I have not laughed this much from a long time. Thank you Lafia for being all this humourous.

      • It is definitely food for thought but a people divided against itself cannot succeed. some of this man’s own family members abandoned him when he was in jail for fear of loosing their jobs. does this sound like people to fight for.

        • Allah of his mercy,…………….that is the average Gambian pride; Talk too much of our family values but divided in heart for foundamental family values. Jammeh was very much enabled by the fact that many families broke down just for one part of the family to turn against the others as informers and intimidators. I said average, and not generalised. We got a lot say together folks.

  5. Yankuba Jobe

    Fofana is not going to move an inch out of the Gambia, let them write or say their wishful thinking. Rear Admiral Fofana is one of the honourable officer in the Gambian Arm forces, and he is known to be non violent someone since from the childhood. It has been unfortunate to jail someone so peaceful like him, but thanks to the Lord, he is now a free man, and i will personally advise him to stay away from the Gambian politics, and concentrate on family responsibilities..

  6. Mr Touray , you are absolutely right that Fofana shouldn’t run away. He should join the opposition to remove the dictator. How can all the good sons and daughters of the country run away? I think touray you are very right that it only perpetuates The problem . Jammeh needs to be confronted head on . There are so many victims. It is time we understand that Jammeh understand his own language .

  7. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Yakuba Jobe, please do not ask Fofanna to stay out of politics. He needs to join UDP and stand up to Jammeh politically. How many more Jammeh victims do you wish to see or heard about in Jarra. I am oppose to violence myself.

    Glad to know that Rear Admiral Fofanna will not be leaving the country to create room for Jammeh. He is staying put. Very dignified.


  8. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Top mandinka military officers; is there any left??

    1. Lt Col masanneh kinteh
    2. col Saikou Seckan
    3. Capt Bunja Darboe
    4 capt yahya darboe
    5. Major Momodou Bojang
    6. Capt Momodou sonko
    7.Rear Admiral Sarjo Fofanna
    8 Lt lalo jaiteh
    9 capt Alhagi kanteh
    10 capt lamin kaba bajo
    11 Lt basiru barrow
    12 LT LF Jammeh
    13 Lt almamo manneh
    Etc etc


  9. I deeply regret for running away because I hate dictatorships and that’s why I don’t think myself fair telling others to stay where I won’t go. No bad wishes for anyone absolutely.

  10. Ggapm do not regret running away, Gambians are not serious about fighting for their rights. If you go down fighting the pig they will say Daf Ko Moi. We tear each other down, we are not united and everyone wants to be the chief. No unity back home no unity in the diaspora. How can you fight for people who do not want anything but their selfish interest.
    Democracy can neither be imported nor exported and power doesn’t concedes nothing without demand. The Gambian people have to be ready and willing to fight.

    The last UDP standoff is an excellent start.

    It is Mandinka this, wollof that. when we learn to put nation before party and tribe we will win

    • Janko Camara

      Paul, I couldn’t agree with you more. I haven’t seen or met you before, but you appear to be among the voice of reason.

  11. I’m very happy for Sarjo, wife & family who all suffered equally for his illegal illegitimate incarceration over the years despite him being the one physically kidnapped; why did the “supreme court” left out the compensation for illegal detention & illegitimate dismissal…???

    Sarjo is a younger brother from long years back despite no direct blood relation, he has been responsible & trustworthy ever since we know each other.

    Sarjo has been framed, kidnapped & imprisoned by the Murderous kanilai Devil for he was feared as a non-jola military officer whom the Murderous kanilai Devil wants to oust in the army in sheer paranoia & insecurity….

    Sarjo should stay with his family if he wants to; but he MUSTN’T be tempted to take/accept any pretentious job offer reinstatement for the Murderous kanilai Devil will go after him again. It will frame & incriminate Sarjo again in a way & manner that Sarjo won’t escape that time around. Sarjo MUST ALWAYS be in company, which I believe he should be aware of himself, for his personal safety & wellbeing for he will always be followed & trailed anywhere he goes in country…
    Sarjo must be very very cautious & always be weary that the Murderous kanilai Devil can try to frame him again in any of the numerous cocked up bunkums Coups stories meant to kidnap, jail & eliminate perceived opponents & so-called “enemies”….

    God helps & bless Gambia; Ameen.

  12. Yankuba Jobe

    Yankuba Jobe; How many more Jammeh victims do you wish to see or heard about in Jarra? Said Lafia Touray la Manju?? [The word wish in your this particular statement is misrepresentation of what I meant, Fofana should stay out of the Gambian politics] But with all due respect to the leaders of the UDP and their courageous youths, I as for one, not convinced the UDP would be able to remove Yaya Jammeh through election, therefore, I will not encourage someone who has just being freed from prison without doing anything wrong to board on a ship in the rough sea! Regarding Jarra? No, I don’t want to see or hear more APRC victims neither Jarra, nor Kiang or any other part of the Gambia; In short, the late Basiru Barrow and the late Baba Jobe were both my relatives too. I wish the UDP Leadership and the supporters a successful and peaceful removal of Yaya Jammeh, but I am not convened and that’s my position at the moment regarding going for election. Thank you for your understanding.

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Thanks Yankuba. For me, it doesn’t matter what one believes. The fear factor has to be broken and it takes people to speak out to be able to achieve that. Jammeh’s former buddies like Rear Admiral Fofanna can help break the fear factor by joining UDP and speaking out on UDP platforms.

      Baba Jobe ‘s case was a seriously tragedy that all should learn lesson from.


  13. Yankuba Jobe, I think it is unfair to advice mr Fofana should stay out from Gambian politics because he just got out from prison . Do you think every Gambian should give such an advice to their relatives especially opposition leaders and other groups in the country , Jammeh will be remove or things will change? If mr Fofana see the need , he should be encouraged to do . Great leaders like Mandela and Dr king were all inprisoned or jailed at some point in their fight for freedom and rights of everyone . If mr Fofana was wrongly convicted and prisoned , then he should now advocate for justices for all by doing right thing, to join forces with oppositions on the ground. It is through our individualistic nature and self-centered , and family -centered behavior that we all helped to establish military dictatorship in our country . This is why everyone is a victim in one way or other . This is our ” self ” creation .
    Mr Fofana is patriotic citizen who served his country well and unfortunately he is also a victim of very system he served . As for your other relative , mr baba Jobe contributed to his own demise because he spearheaded the foundation of this autocratic and dictatorial regime. He became the victim of the very system he helped to create. This is why one has to be careful what you wish for . I am sure if most of the victims and their families advocates for justices and equal treatment for all , Gambia would not have been where it is today . It is important for all of us to do self evaluation and ask ourselves , “what did I do wrong that contributed to the current military dictatorship”?

  14. Yankuba Jobe

    Max???? I am just a concern relative of Mr. Fofana not a decision maker, he will decide his destiny, if he wants, he can even go back to the Navy and serve his country or join any opposition on the ground. Do I make myself clear? Regarding My late cousin Baba Jobe, I will leave that up to you to make your honest judgment, good or bad. Personally, I know what he did well for the Gambia and what went wrong. All those new Hospitals and school in Rural Areas were Baba Jobe’s initiative. Yayah Jammeh has done nothing for the Gambia, and the Banjul vultures are impatiently waiting for more deaths! May the Almighty Allah forgive him and bless his soul in perfect peace END.

  15. Phhhhhhhhhhh…………….as frightening as the valley of the creatures of the night. Dark 4/4s with men in black. They pickaxe your door off in the middle of the night and blindfold you and…………………………………………… thats all. May Allah have mercy on the dead. We belong to Allah and to HIM and we shall return.

  16. Yankuba Jobe, I am glad you recognize that mr Fofana has every right to make independent decision about what to do after his release from prison .
    Yankuba Jobe” all the new hospitals and schools in rural areas were Baba jobe’s initiative. Yaya Jammeh has done nothing for The Gambia” . Really Yankuba jobe , are you implying that baba jobe was the president who initiated and implemented the buildings of all those new hospitals and schools in the rural areas ? Stop making these outlandish claims and insulting the intelligence of Gambian people . You know that without president Jammeh’s approval nothing works in the Gambia . We should always try to advocate for honesty and truthfulness in our politics so that our country can move forward . Yaya Jammeh is the military dictator president who I despise his policies and actions in running affairs of the country . Your indication that Yaya Jammeh did nothing for The Gambia and baba jobe initiated all the new hospitals and schools in rural areas , is simply a defense of your late cousin which has no factual basis. This is the type of dishonest political rhetoric we always hear from closed relatives of Jammeh’s aides. Yankuba jobe , I am sure you are very aware of the fact that baba jobe contributed to establishment of autocratic and dictatorial regime more than most Jammeh’s aides. His contributions resulted to total violations of rights and freedom of Gambian people as we speak . If baba jobe was able to initiate the buildings of all new schools and hospitals, tell us why he didn’t initiate policies that advocate for good governance, democracy and rule of law in The Gambia since Yaya has done nothing for the Gambia? So in essence I state that logical explanation of your indication that ” Jammeh has done nothing for The Gambia” , means your late cousin is personally responsible for all atrocities, corruptions and violations of citizens constitusional rights during his time. will you agree on that logical explanation?
    As decent human being , we should always seek justices and speak the truth at all times in our politics , not just when it comes to our families and friends. It is well known fact that Baba jobe was the most powerful and influential player since jammeh came to power to this day . Baba was chief political strategist who contributed to near extinction of opposition parties in Jarra and every mandinka dominance areas in the country during his time . This is evidence by cross carpet of sherriff mustapha Dibba and other prominent opposition politicians in Jarra , baddibu, kiang and other part of the country , to Aprc. Baba jobe was able to use money from jammeh , to corrupt these politicians to support jammeh. It was the same money that jammeh later convicted him of economic crimes and corruption , send him to mile two central prison where he baba continue to live flamboyant life styles until jammeh decided to eliminate him to avoid any future witness.
    In order for you to be credible and respected by fair minded Gambians , you first have to distance yourself from political beliefs of your late cousin and also to condemn his political stands on what he did to contribute to our current predicament, but your defense of him here in this forum is total disingenuous and disregard to justices and equal treatment of all Gambians. Gambia is bigger than our individual family and friends. Every Gambian is bounded by our sacred document call the constitution which should always be our guiding principle. Until I hear from you again , please do through research on your late brother baba jobe contributions to autocratic and dictatorial regime . Thanks

  17. Yankuba Jobe

    Mr. Max???? I have less time and energy to further with someone like your type, excuse me for my language on this regard, if I have said, Yaya Jammeh has done nothing for the Gambia, I meant nothing good for the Gambia, is that clear? Or you need more explanation? I have already told you earlier that, you are free to make your own judgement about Baba’s case, good or bad; it doesn’t absolutely matter to me. I am committed to speak or write what I believe is truth, and it’s up to you to describe it as defensive or offensive, I wouldn’t be bothered at all.

  18. Yankuba Jobe , this forum is for individual to express their view on issues of national concern . I am here to educate myself on national issues . I am also here to challenge or criticize any ambiguous or false statement from any one . I don’t know what you mean by “someone like your type “, I would be glad to have your explanation . But if it is meant as you implying your superiority not to engage me in meaningful national debate then I will say good for you with your intelligent or high social status . To further help you in that , here is what I will say,
    1. I don’t engage in personal attack in our national discourse because it is uncivilized and immature
    2. I am independent to speak my mind just like you have every rights to speak yours .
    3. Any public officials who helped to entrench dictatorship in our country is fair game in my book , it doesn’t matter if he is my blood relatives.
    4. I do not criticize Jammeh because my family is a victim , I despise his policies and actions since 1994 because I know the implications of military coup and their subsequent autocratic and dictatorial rule .
    5. I stand to be corrected if I present any misinformation and I will take personal responsibility for any misquote or misinformation. So as long as you are in this forum , get ready for my respond on anything about national issues and I promise it will be civil and respecful as well as honest and truthful regardless whether I appreciate your comments in previous postings.
    Finally I think in politics , there is nothing like blood relatives or family because each individual is political being who has every rights to make their independent decision . We need to do away with the idea that you can be an opposition when you are a victim or your family is a victim after serving the dictator by commiting crimes and violating the rights of The citizens . I call those individuals political prostitute because they are engage in their selfish interest and careless about the common interest of people . These political prostitutes are the very ones responsible for our current predicament.

  19. The Gambian Constitution has given right to every citizen to vote and to stand for election as long as one satisfies the conditions. It also accords each citizen the right to belong to any organization or party provided that you satisfy the requirements. Let us accept that Rear Admiral Fofana as a citizen has that same right like all of us. Therefore, telling him to specifically join this or that party is not wrong but it may be seen to be respectful since it can be interpreted to mean that because he is a recent victim of the system, one is capitalizing on that sentiment to dictate or appeal to him what he should do with his decision as an individual citizen. I’m just wondering if the Lafias would utilize the internet to appeal to Fofana to join their party if he were not a victim of the situation.
    I think what we should all be mindful of is that Fofana is still in the Gambia and we are outside and trying to appeal to his sentiment immediately after his FREEDOM to partake in party politics at this material time may be interpreted as not only opportunistic but INSENSITIVE to the individual’s personal security concerns considering the nature of the country in which he lives.
    No matter how desperate we are to win people to our side, we must also be considerate and imagine the situation of people who have been incarcerated for so long a time and would require rehabilitation and peace of mind to make the right decision for themselves.
    And that is how I understand Yankuba’s state of mind.

  20. Yankuba Jobe

    Max?? Said; I don’t know what you mean by “someone like your type “, I would be glad to have your explanation. Good question Max???! And my answer to that of your question is simple! Your identification is questionable, right or wrong? Who is Max? Why can’t you come out and identify yourself like every honest Gambian? That’s exactly what I meant your type of Gambian, but the sky is your limit, you may go ahead with your so called national debate behind the scene. Above all, “I’m not superior to anyone. Thank you.

  21. Yankuba Jobe , my identity is clear to all those who knew me . This is the name I have been called for a long time . My honesty and integrity is clearly seen in my presentation. As I said my opposition to jammeh is not as a result of being a victim but it was my strong belief that military coup will lead to our predicament. My question to you is that ,when baba Jobe was in power , did you ever pick up the phone and talk to him about human rights violations , good governance and democracy in The Gambia like now how you are talking about jammeh did nothing for the Gambia ? Have you ever written to any newspaper to condemn human violations in The Gambia when baba Jobe was in power ? The honest Gambians you are talking about , have been exposing baba jobe and his boss dictator Jammeh’s human rights violations , economic crimes and abuse of power Since day one . These are patriotic Gambians who care for the country and her people. These are credible Gambians I respect and look up to. They are the source of my inspiration and motivation to see to it that Even those victims who felt that they wrong jammeh in their mind because of trauma and fear , are free from dictatorship. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you for live debate on the kairoradio about the ” power and influence of baba Jobe , his legacy and its impact on Gambian politics ” . I would be happy if you pick up this initiative so that my true identity will be known to you. Please respond to my questions above with evidence in any newspaper publications where you have written about human rights violations when jammeh came to power up to the time Baba Jobe was incarcerated . Thanks.

  22. Yankuba Jobe

    Yorro; Thank you for your brilliant comment, your comment on this subject might benefit both Touray Lafia la Manju and Max: The two invisible Gambians? My comment on Fofana’s released was just an emotional reaction as a cousin, has nothing absolutely to do with politics of the Gambia, I should have kept silent and pray for him in my head. Max’s comment was personal attack directed to me, and now trying to divert it to his so-called national debate. The issue was Fofana’s release, what has that got to do with Baba Jobe’s whatever? If Max??? Thinks he can easily irritate me by diverting the national issues to family one? He needs to think twice. “I am open to all criticism from anyone” and I am not looking forward to please anyone except the Almighty God.

  23. Yerro Ba , it is mr Fofana’s choice to participate in politics and no one is dictating to him to do that . Lafia made suggestion for him to join opposition party rather than run away which I fully support. Is Fofana security more important than other gambians in opposition parties especially their leaders? If the answer is no , why would you indicate that we should be mindful that he is still in The Gambia? The removal of military dictator is responsibility of every Gambian. When halifa and oj jallow were arrested and taken to mile two prison , do you call for their withdrawal from Gambian politics because of their security? Let’s us stop this idea that some Gambian’s will do the work of the country while others will sit idly by pretending nothing happened. This is why the dictator is still in power because we are not United and we expect that it is the responsibility of only opposition leaders to remove Jammeh without our broad support. This is Gambians fight pure and simple . One thing I will tell you and assure you is that gambians in diaspora are doing everything in our power to make sure that the idiotic leader is remove by all means necessary. Our gallant heroes of statehouse attack have clearly demonstrated their selfless and courageous act because they love Gambia more than some in The Gambia . Their duty and honor to the country is hallmark of the ultimate sacrifice. So yerro Ba , Gambians outside are doing more than political fight because today 20 percent of GDP depend on diaspora which contribute to relative stability and economic wellbeing of Gambians. Please do not suggest that we are outside, we are safe and shouldn’t suggest Fofana to join opposition. If Fofana join the opposition that would increase their moral and reduce the fear factor just like recent standoff between Udp and militia police force reduce fear . Patriots are those who stand up to fight injustices in their country even when they are in difficult circumstances. This is why we have liberation struggle in past. Our struggle to free ourselves from clutuches of dictatorship is going to be demanded and earned but not given by the dictator .

  24. Yankuba Jobe

    ower ? ” Yankuba Jobe, yes I did, in 2003 on daily observer” comparing Yaya Jammeh with Samuel Do of Liberia.
    Maxs? ” The honest Gambians you are talking about , have been exposing baba jobe and his boss dictator Jammeh’s human rights violations , economic crimes and abuse of power Since day one . I am not calling anyone here a honest or dishonest Gambian; I said brilliant comment, and what that meant to you? Now let’s get back to the business. My pre-conditions are as follows:

    1} You full name is required..
    2} the debate will based on national issues, personal or family wise..
    3} You must be between 45 and 55 years old; Why? Simply because, my debate will be based on previous Regime {PPP}, the recent Regime APRC and of course the opposition parties in waiting, and motivated Baba, my little self and many other Gambians to support the 1996 coup, and why should we be careful for electing our future leader.
    Why the age matter in this debate? Because, many young Gambians have not been updated about the political violence that took place during UP,NCP and PPP. It has not been started with the APRC, It has been a political nature of the Gambians from the scrap.

    Than you.

  25. Yankuba Jobe

    Correction! I would like to write as follows: Maxs: Did I ever pick up the phone and talk to Baba about the human right abuse in the Gambia? Yes, I did
    Maxs: Did i ever write an article on newspaper condemning the human right abuses in the Gambia? Yes, I did in 2003 on daily observer. The statement continue above! sorry for my harsh copy and paste.

  26. Yankuba Jobe , the age requirement as a precondition to debate me means you are not ready . I think you should consider at least 21 years of age which is above the legal age requirement to vote in our country and it is also an age any individual would have finished college or in college . Going by your age requirement, I must confess I am disqualify to have debate with you but I can tell you, with my educational and professional backgrounds i can share some ideas with you about our national politics.
    Here is my cultural respond ; The age requirement ( Ageism) is a form of discriminatory concept which many africans always use as a pretext to exclude young people in the decision making process . This negative cultural practice enable older adult not to seek ideas from young people. Some older adults believe that they should always dictate every single ideas to young people . This is why when you go to Jarra or any traditional african settings you will not see many young people discussing ideas with adults . As a result of these practices, many young people are separated from adults or older adult which lead to development of dictatorial characters as they ( young people ) grow up not Learning that they can share ideas . From this cultural practice , one can argue that the african dictators derived their lack of tolerance and inability to listen and share ideas with others. Careful observation of president jammeh, you can see he lack tolerance and never listen or accept any ideas from anyone. His closed aides only recieved his dictatorial messages about whatever he intend to do. It is through education and awareness of other cultures where it is mostly acceptable to share ideas , one can change this cultural attitude. A child who grow up learning , sharing ideas and asking any questions tends to be more acceptance of other people ideas , open minded and develop tolerance . Please do more research about this explanation . Therefore , it is essential you debate me without any preconditions.
    Regarding your publication in daily observer in 2003, I must tell you , your article if in fact it was written by you , was published at the time when your late cousin fell out with Dictator jammeh. It was around October 2003 when Gambian economy started to deteriorate and jammeh came out with his plan to sacrifice baba jobe and also to divert public attention . As a keen follower of Gambian politics , I observed at the beginning even baba Jobe’s strongest supporters were caught off guard when he was arrested and his subsequent incarceration was the biggest blow to even Aprc supporters. But the problem is Gambians never learn , only very few people do.
    Please know that I will respectfully disagree with you base on our traditional Gambian practice if you should decide to debate me . Till I hear from you . Thank you .

  27. Yankuba Jobe

    Maxs; your invitation to go with me on Kairo Radio is 100% accepted! Please, scheduled your best availability time and hour to go on Kairo Radio and debate with me in any language of your choice, is that clear?
    The reason why I said, the age required on this proposal debate of yours, is because, it is going to be based on national issues, not electoral voting reform on this regard. And I believe personally, if we have to debate on national issues, we need to look at all angles, from the past, present and the future. What had happened during the UP, PPP, NCP and what is happening now between the APRC and the UDP. Was there any political violence and abuse of human right before the APRC? And if you can’t answer those questions, I don’t see any reason to debate with you just simply let my voice to be heard on online radios. I am fully occupied with other things more important to me than going online radios..
    Your full name required to tell the Gambians what motivated you to scheduled a debate for national issues, otherwise, I’m not going to debate with invisible Gambian! And if you are interested only to debate on Baba Jobe’s issues whether he has killed one of your love one? , please engage with his lawyer or children, I as for one, not interested to debate with anyone on that personal matter.
    I am not interested in primitive mentalities of so called traditions, the only old traditions are believe is to fear God and try to be good at all time, nothing more nothing else.
    Now the ball is on your side and I am happy to engage with our future children of the Gambia. No bad feeling for anyone. Be guided and blessed.

  28. Yankuba Jobe

    Correction! The only old traditions that I believe are fear God and try to be good at all time.

  29. Yankuba Jobe , I have chosen a specific topic for our debate, that is ” power and influence of baba Jobe , his legacy and its impact on Gambian politics”. I have chosen this topic so that I can highlight what was his power , influence, his legacy and its impact on our current politics and governance. This is because Baba Jobe was key player in Jammeh’s government and therefore the impact of his role needs to be discussed just like any political figure in our country . I will present my case on policies and political climate during his time and it’s consequences. The questions you asked about past politics should be answered by you in your presentation as a form of counter arguments. I think if you really understand debate , those answers can help you as historical evidence to present your case ( nice tip am giving here). But I think it is complete waste of time to have broad and open ended debate without specific topic which will be like primary school kids fighting over who has the best score in the exam . As for my name requirement, I will clearly introduce myself and I will go further to publish my picture on kairoradio. If you refer to talk about JAWARA regime entirely as jammeh always do then there is no need to waste my time with you. So our debate should be on the above topic only .
    Yankuba Jobe , I said I will respectfully disagree with you base on Gambian traditional practice which I meant is to have respectful conversation because I believe that your age is between 45 to 55 years. This is not primitive mentality, it is out of respect for you as an adult in our Gambian culture and many civilized political pundits or politicians engage in respectful discussions. You will notice these practices in any advanced democracy.
    If you agree with me then we can schedule our debate , if you don’t I wish you good luck .I think I am clear on this topic . I sensed we can’t agree. So am done. Thank you .

  30. Yankuba Jobe

    Your choice of topics on your own proposal debate is also welcome! I have a culture of not backing down to any threat! Although, I knew little about Baba’s influence or legacy as you called it in APRC, because I was not there, and to my personal level, he was a good person but to the others, I don’t know, if you can tell us what you knew bad about him during his {5}/{6} years in APRC’s 20 bloody years in power with evidence, I will personally apologies the victims and ask them forgiveness on his behalf. Then, if I will be allowed to talk about the UDP leaders in waiting and the APRC after 15 years of non Baba Jobe on the scene with evidence I will be happy to do so. And I will be grateful to see your beautiful picture with you real name on it! That will be great! You might be one of my friends? Thank you, I will be waiting for the date. Once again, thank you for respecting me, due to my age, i appreciate that, i’m little bit older than 55 year.