The Day Gambia’s Press Freedom Died

Deyda Hydara was murdered on December 16th 2004 for defending press freedom in The Gambia!


By Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands

Today is the world press freedom day. This is supposed to be a day of joy, and a day of celebration for the press all over the world, but our Lunatic President Jammeh turned this joyful day to an emotional day for the Gambian people and African people at large. Because you cannot celebrate world press freedom day in The Gambia without thinking of uncle Deyda Hydara, brother Chief Ebrima Manneh, brother Musa Saidykhan, sister Fatou Jaw Manneh, sister Fatou Camara, brother Pa Nderry M’bai, brother Fabakary B. Ceesay, brother Baboucarr Saidykhan and all those other journalists who were killed, jailed, tortured or forced into exile.

Journalists were killed, jailed, tortured and forced into exile. Ironically, the government of our Lunatic President Jammeh refused to do to investigate theisistethelet alone prosecute their killers or oppressors. Brothers and sisters, today is supposed to be a day that we should come out and demonstrate against the barbaric, cruel and brutal regime of Lunatic President Jammeh, and cry for justice for all his victims.

We cannot celebrate the world press freedom day in our smiling coast when we are not having freedom of the press -The right of newspapers to publish stories and articles without being controlled by the government or being harassed, interrogated, arrested, tortured, killed or deported.

The press should work freely and independently. They should have freedom of speech, the legal or natural right to say what you believe is true, without being prevented or punished. Freedom of choice is the ability to do what you want, because you have no obligation or responsibilities.

Freedom Fighter is someone who opposes a cruel or unfair government. These are the people who are daily being arrested unlawfully and going through brutal torture, interrogation or even being killed.

Freedom of Expression is simply the right to express your opinions. Free Hand is the ability to make you own decisions, without having to ask any permission.

Freedom of information is an extension of freedom of speech which is today understood more generally as freedom of expression in any medium, be it orally, in writing or print and these above mentioned points are deffinitelty not what is happening in The Gambia. So folks, let’s get rid of Lunatic President Jammeh so that our freedom of press can be reborn.


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