Standoff Day 5: Update on Fass Njaga Choi

Police Commissioner Sowe and Lawyer Darboe Exchanging Words in Fass Njaga Choi

Last night, we heard that, regional Governors were summoned to Kanilai for security and disruption briefings. The standard procedures is to convince towns and villages not accept the UDP caravan to hold a meeting. And they want to start in Fass Njaga Choi after issuing a permit.

The UDP will hold meetings at every single destination on their itinerary. Whether the villagers like it or not. That is the first point to note. If the governors want to come and interfere, we will continue to resist any such gestures.
We have now send message alerts to supporters throughout the country, and the advance team will commence moving after the Inspector General of police sign the permit.
Those who want to doubt UDP popularity or attempting to derail the movement should remember that, this is a time of solidarity and not a time of normal politics. When Imam Baba Leigh was arrested, we all criticise the event, we did not say, let us leave it to his Kanifing Mosque congregation, or his Talibes. When Imam Bakawsu was arrested, we all close ranks.
The stance of Lawyer Darboe and his supporters is a monumental and grand stance. No one should attempt to derail or belittle the gesture. There are security officers with guns, batons, tear-gas present. There are NIA officer at the scene. These are the people that underpin the dictatorship. They are the enablers and aggressive forces that is holding Jammeh in power and entrenching the dictatorship.
UDP supporters and well-wisher are facing them eye ball to eye ball. If that is not something to Unite us, I don’t think anything will. 

We have our plan B, plan C etc. Let them confront us in major town centres. Gambians are fade up and want change. We want the opposition to close rank even further, so that, it can take a United front and we can all take credit for a change that must happen.
We await the outcome of the encounter between UDP campaign Manager Lamin Dibba and the IG, Ben Wilson. The struggle continues


  1. Thank you sir for the latest..I already bought my ticket.. I will be heading over there on Wednesday. The Gambia is bigger than any one person.This is our sovereign rights.It has been denied for so so Long. We are with you and whatever the outcome, this Lawyer Ousainou Darboe is the 1981 Lawyer.History is about to be written him again. Power to the peoples…

  2. This police commisioner Sowe, is too unathletic and fat. Can he jog a 100meters? fitness is a prove of competence in any police force and he is suppose to set that example,… or this one maybe is just a SEE ME AROUND THE BACK DOOR LATER…

    • That’s funny mate…These guys are the epitome of incompetence and un-professionalism, judging by the look of him….Bad role.model for upcoming officers….It doesn’t look like he’s ever heard the word “fitness”..

      Any new government needs to sharpen these guys into shape…Lazy fat bottoms…(excuse me pls)

  3. Lafia Touray la Manju

    UDP Gofund link for your donations;

  4. The UDP must not let their guard down…The coward’s ego has been battered beyond repair and he will be seething with anger, as he plan ways of repairing this damage…

    Advance party is a good strategy and readiness to stand your ground, as firmly as you can…Do not show any signs.of weakness that the cowardly bully can pounce on…I think he may be digging his own grave….As it has always been known, Yaya Jammeh is his own worst enemy..

    You have the support of the people because you are on the right here…If he can’t handle criticism of his person and the way of running the country, then he should do the decent thing and vacate public office…

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