Breaking News: UDP Convoy Intercepted By Gambian Police

police road block of UDP convoy

About 5pm GMT today, the touring convoy of United Democratic Party was intercepted at Fass Njaga Choi in Niumi. The UDP leader, lawyer Ousainou Darboe pointed out that, he will not return or turn back to Barra, a request made by the police.

As the UDP supporters and leaders continue the standoff with the police, the road leading to Fass Njaga Choi is closed on either side of the village.  Lawyer Darboe and his entourage are preparing to spend the night in the standoff point. Gambians are urging them to keep fighting and continue the standoff.

The police commence trailing the UDP convoy as soon as they cross Barra. The first UDP meeting was at Essau, there the police surrounded the meeting and request a halt to proceedings. However, Lawyer Darboe insisted they are not breaking any law and will continue the meeting. After the Essau meeting, the convoy continued towards Fass, where the police got orders to block the road. Currently, the road is blocked and the standoff is on.

Gambia police intervention Unit and paramilitary officers with tear gas and batons with guns are blocking the way ahead. Lawyer Darboe insisted that, the police have not keep to their side of the bargain by allowing a peaceful tour to continue.

Kairo News will keep you updated on the volatile turn of events.


  1. when will this madness stops, I can’t just understand what this guy think of himself? Please Darboe don’t back out, the end is near insha allah.

  2. Are these not what we call half minded citizens? The worst of our half minded citizens are in our police force and the military.
    A good police force, capable of scrutinising the president’s office, is a good sign that a country got the rule of law and respect for human life and that it is going in the right direction. Probably the guy’s top interest is for war to break out. If not?, whatelse? But Gambians are wiser than you may think if there were not gun on them in the name of the country’s security.

    • Ggapm Agapm, I agree with you about the inefficiency of the police in handling especially matters relating to political activities. How many times have these same issues been coming up about permit issue. I believe this is a collective challenge for the opposition to really come up with a solution once and for all. I am beginning to think that it is a deliberate tactic to not only derail the work of the opposition but to scare away the supporters from partaking in the activities.
      All parties have at once expressed similar experiences regarding permit issuance and therefore should strategize to solve it once and for all. To go on tour without a permit may not be the solution for all parties since they do not operate in the same way.

  3. Yerro, our opposition parties should strategise to solve the problem of permit issuance for their tours etc.. once and for all. That is true and quite necessary but, it has to be the same police authority of our kind’s duty to issue the parties, the permit….Isn’t this a bit frustrating?

  4. Ggapm,
    That’s what the struggle entails. Dealing with the type of struggle, we have to look for every means to go about it. As it has been said a millionth times by many others, true freedom will not come on a silver platter. I do not know exactly what strategy our leaders will or may take but all I’m saying is that it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to try and do something about it. Where there is a will, there is a way. The struggle continues!