UTG Students’ Strike Continues

UTG3Protesting students of the University of The Gambia on Monday held a meeting to discuss their state of affairs.

The session availed the students the opportunity to concretise their stand on the new grading system. The students were told about the outcome of a research on grading system in universities elsewhere. “We discovered that many universities are operating within the confines of the old grading system,” one student told the meeting.  A copy of a transcript from a reputable university was tendered as an exhibit to the general body.

Prior to the meeting, some pockets of students were holding lectures in some classes at the law faculty but the students interrupted the classes, turning the the university into a ghost town.

The university senate was expected to hold a meeting at 2:30 PM to discuss issues about the grading system and the sudden changes in administration.

“We are currently sitting outside, some under the mango trees waiting for the senate’s decision. The decision of the senate shall determine our next move if it is not inline with our demands, we will continue to boycott classes. Other issues are about the 10% increment on tuition fees annually and the compulsory introduction of French courses,” complained a university student.


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