Karim Wade Gets 6 Years For Graft

Karim, son of President Wade, jailed for 6 years/Reuters image

Senegal’s special court sentenced the son of former president to six years in prison after he was found guilty of graft, Reuters reported.

Karim Wade, the only son of former Senegalese leader Aboulaye Wade, was also ordered to pay a 138 billion CFA franc ($228 million) fine. The conviction has dashed Karim’s hopes of contesting in the West African country’s 2017 presidential elections.

The conviction was announced after the main opposition Senegalese Democratic Party chose Karim Wade as its 2017 flagbearer on Saturday. This had risen stakes ahead of the Monday’s verdict.

Karim Wade, a former Super Minister in his father’s government, had been in detention since April 2013. The detention followed the defeat of President Wade by his former Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament in 2012 presidential polls. President Macky Sall had earlier warned againt any attempt to destabilise the country.

President Sall, who was the former Campaign Manager of President Wade, has vowed to defeat endemic corruption within the government.




  1. Well done Mr President. You are one of the best in Africa ! Keep fighting for the betterment of your people. African leaders of today need to come under your tutelage for progress to take hold in our beloved land.
    Another sad thing here is that PDS–the main opposition party–would decide to go along with Karim as their candidate for the upcoming elections. I find it baffling that a group of smart people would do ahead and nominate someone so corrupt as their choice for president.

  2. Demoracy and rule of law at work . Corruption needs to be eradicated in africa for any significant development to take place. Gambia should take a closer look at senegal and understand that rule of law and justices for all is the cornerstone for geninue democracy .,
    Mr wade should pay the price for illegal behavior and total disregard for constitution and Senegalese people . This verdict is the right thing for democracy , justices and it will set better example for the African continent . Mr macky sall goverment is on the right side of history by fighting corruption and injustices in their country .