Mina’s Video Exposes Police Brutality

Women’s right activist Aminata [Mina] Manneh
A University student was arrested after she was accused of spreading police brutality video. Aminata Manneh is still in detention. A colleague human rights activist with Tango, Madi Jobarteh, stood up with the woman affectionately called Mina.

I Stand Up With Mina

“What crime has she committed other than to have helped the police to better themselves by addressing the excesses of this officer beating a child on the street?

Have the police not created a Complaints Unit? And a Human Rights Unit? And a Child Welfare Unit? And a Community Policing unit? Is Minah’s video not enough and an urgent matter for these units to get very busy to ensure that professionalism and civility characterize all the men and women of the force?

Let them please release Minah and address the issue in the video, and avoid more international attention being focused on our Beloved Little Gambia for nothing.

Minah deserves an award for standing up for a Good Gambia. Who should be against that? The police should join her and commend her.

Minah is an angel. Decent. Peaceful. Beautiful. Patriotic. Pious. Easygoing.”

Madi Jobarteh



  1. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Nyanchor buka bayee

  2. Minah is a “salvation angel” in the true service of the people, community, country & humanity at large; they can temporarily detain, harass, oppress & persecute you but they can’t even dampen much more kill your patriotic spirit for God is with us all the way in this noble struggle of ours until successful…. You indeed are one of the real heroin of our time which no amount of oppressive cajole, maltreatment &/ kidnapping can silence…. Arise sister; we are with you in spirit & conviction all the way… God helps, bless & salvage Gambia from all & any form of tyrannical oppression; Ameen.

  3. Scarlet Pimpernel

    This is the time students should rise up and demand her freedom unconditionally. But to join useless groups like Balafong or Blaque Magique and praise singing the dictator will do them no good.
    Hope this young girl is safe and sound. Post Jammeh will be interesting because these enablers will be brought before a court. Latirr Carr and his gang, hope you are listening.

  4. This must humble every Gambians pride. She is a little girl CHILD! been abused by a security personnel, a police?
    This is not a mere political mess up; this is a technical annexation of our dear Gambia and its river. It is difficult for one to understand this but, time Godwilling, shall tell.
    This act on this little girl by this bad man in public uniform is a very bad symtom in any peace loving country.
    When there is life, there is hope; there are all good signs that we do have amongst our younger generation those, not willing to be hypocrite and call that peace. Thankyou Mina, GOD is with you, for you incarceration is the road to a whole country’s liberty.
    The word HOSTAGE will not fall short to refer to ALL the Gambians of present times. We are inside a very dark tunnel and going through it will not be an easy task, and period.