Former CORDEG Official Surrenders To FBI


A Gambian civil society and political activist surrendered himself to the agents of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) earlier on Wednesday to avoid arrest in his Atlanta home. Banka Manneh’s surrender is believed to be in connection to the December 30 foiled coup attempt in The Gambia.

Mr. Manneh is an executive member of the Civil Society Association of Gambia and Safe The Gambua Democracy Project. Until last January when he threw in his towel, Banka was the Comunication Director of the Committee for the Restoration of Democracy to The Gambia. Mr Manneh is a media personality and a vocal member of the Gambian dissident movement in the Diaspora who attended several conferences in furtherance of the struggle to restore democracy and rule of law in The Gambia.

According to impeccable sources, the Brufut native was briefly detained by agents of the FBI after an early morning raid on his house in Atlanta on the 12 of March 2015.

The FBI agents had earlier stormed Mr. Manneh’s house with a search warrant. They seized computers, documents and cellphones.  It was after the raid that Mr Manneh consulted his lawyer who advised him to surrender to the FBI agents in Minnesota. Banka Manneh is expected to appear in court on Thursday, March 19th, 2015.

Mr Manneh is the fourth person to be arrested by the United States in connection to the December 2014 attack.  Earlier suspects – Cherno Njie, Papa Faal and Alagie Saidy Barrow – have been accused of violating ‘the Neutrality Act’ between the the United States and a friendly nation. Kairo News will follow developments on Mr Manneh’s case.



  1. We are with you all the way Brother Banka Manneh.
    You fighting for freedom for your home country and are millions in the same fight.
    The US fought for freedom from Britain so Gambians fight for freedom for the Gambia.
    Thank GOD the US is nation of laws and Jammeh the beast has no influence over its rule of law. Justice will prevail, In GOD we trust.

  2. So the US or rather the FBI are wasting resources in chasing shadows to hassle our comrades on this futile exercises to prosecute only to caution & release…. What’s the point except for hassling our noble comrades, for they aren’t deterring the rest of us if that’s their aim; for NOTHING can/will stop us from salvaging our motherland from tyrannical decadence until successful…. God help & bless the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  3. I think they are doing everything well calculated abiding by valuable laws of the United States. In my opinion the U.K, Holland, Germany, and most Scandanavia too are good examples of human rights, but if Mr. Njie, Mr.Faal, Mr. Barrow and Mr. Banka Manneh were Gambian dissidents in some european countries, they would have been charged and sentenced for terrorism and sent to maximum security prisons by now, and even the U.S then, would have been coaxed to believe the story of the intelligence agencies those E.U countries.
    I am definitely sure the United States of America is well informed and aware of all the unimaginable horror taking place in the Gambia right now and that, they are good friends and allies to democracy struggles and that they will not be endorsers of any ‘green book’ horror.

  4. Coach Jow update on Banka Manneh
    Update on Banka: Banka Manneh will appear before a judge this morning at around 9am CT to face possible charges and bail hearing at 316 North Robert Street, 100 Federal building, St. Paul, MN 55101. Thanks

  5. Thank you Mr. Suntou Touray for the latest update. Banka Manneh keep the hope alive and the truth will set you free. We are behind you 100% and let the struggle continue until victory. We are fighting for what America and other countries fought against and nobody will stop us from gaining our liberty, freedom and justice for all. Long live the Gambia.

  6. We got your 6 comrade Manneh.
    The law is never bias in the United States.
    There is popular sovereignty in the United States.
    There is Freedom of Speech, movement, and association in the United States.
    There is accountability in the United States..The united States government don’t hover over her citizen.
    We want what is in the United States to be in the Gambia, and everything will be alright.
    We have an unkempt president.

  7. Mr Banka manneh is a real hero and formidable political strategist/ activist who believe that Gambia’s oppression must be end . We will never give up no matter what . Banka could have been silence and enjoy his stay in USA just like those Gambians who frequently visit Gambia and careless about the governance situation . We are in this together. Our fight to liberate Gambia is not going to be easy but at the end of the day , victory is ours . Dictator Jammeh is living on borrow time .

  8. According Yero Jallow of Minnesotan, Banka Manneh has been granted bail and will return home to Atlanta.

  9. Thanks very much Suntoumana for the update; another Cristal clear message to the murderous kanilai devilish tyrant & cohorts; we’re out to get you at ALL cost, by all & ANY means necessary; won’t stop until & unless successful…. God help the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.