Sabally Is Feeling Dictator’s Isolation

Jammeh and SaballyThe innocent offerings to the Satanist cult is slowly swallowing ambitious Gambian males’ eager to prove their worth to the unsatisfying cult leader. The more innocent you are, the sweeter the taste of the blood drops, tears, pain, anguish and disappointment. It emboldens the powerful maniac, it increases ego and pride. Life is not merely for pleasure, but through pain you enjoy the sacrifice, and Gambian youths want ‘to be somebody quick’ on the cheap.

It is now close to one year since The Gambian dictator start to slowly sideline his already damaged former Secretary General in the person of Momodou Sabally. The University of The Gambia’s mass produces middle-level elites are reported to be too eager to throw their weight behind President Jammeh. As a result, many of the graduates blindly give loyalty to Mr. Jammeh as civil servants rather than work as independent members. The mindset is difficult to decipher. However, some observers blame the lack of exposure to international higher educational institutions and the rigorous personality such atmospheres of learning build into a civil workforce.

Momodou Sabally is now truly tasting the bitter end of being isolated, dumped and discarded by a man who lacks compassion, emotional sensitivity and forbearance towards his one-time allies. Sabally’s protracted lawsuit is device in such way, he will not know his faith in the courts, nor how his former boss the ‘big man’ is eyeing him. The strength of President lies in the fact, he not only own the Gambia’s middle to senior level civil servants, but he equally own their hearts and minds.

Momodou Sabally like many other wounded young men whose aspirations and personal standing were raised beyond their expectations and then brought down to earth are still at the mercy of the cynical and manipulative dictator. The control mechanism he employs to further enslave the miseducated young men still rules supreme.

Momodou Sabbally should be a perfect example to all the new graduates from the Gambia university. They must factor in the reality that, their poverty and expectations cannot be solved overnight. They must be willing and ready to sacrifice time and comfort in attaining a dignify career in the future. “If it is too good to be true, it certainly is”.

Many of the young men brought down to earth are quietly blaming the ‘frigid and emotionless’ gangster woman, Madam Isatou Njie-Saidy, however, they must reason that, Njie-Saidy is a damaged goods. The proverbial devil’s advocate can never do any good, her pretence is just on her uncaring face, which is now unwomanly and damningly unattractive. Hence, she cannot provide any respite to any young ambitious Gambian youth.



  1. Spot on. So very true of many so-called educated Gambians who sees a university degree as equals to a bag full of ego, and living large in an instant etc…. ttragic

  2. You hit the nail on the head. Momodou sabally was very naive and now I hope he learn his lesson. Momodou has given blind royalty to Jammeh as you rightly pointed out. He wrote praise singing articles about the dictator not realizing that his educational success was through the efforts of Gambian tax payers. Sabally lacks political awareness and exposure though he may claimed to be Gambia’s pen. It remains to be seen what’s going to be outcome of his trial. This is opportunity for him to redeem himself and be humble.

  3. MS was not innocent. He knew what he was taking part in. He willingly enjoyed the power and privilege, knowing Njogou and others all fell on their nose. Tough luck. You swim with sharks, you get eaten by sharks simple.

  4. Deyda Haidara

    Momodou Sabally did not not learn his lesson at all. His ultimate objective is to go back to State House by all means necessary and he is doing every gymnastics to go back. Poor boy with a chicken brain.
    Njogou Bah did the same thing when first sacked. Look at him now.

  5. I bet if he gets reappointed he will jump on the opportunity to be a loyalist again. They don’t learn, instant fame is the only objective.

  6. Jaaranko

    These type of calibre are labeled in Mandinka as: A head of an Axe (Teerankungo), they used them and dumped !

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