PDOIS Held No Meeting With CORDEG

Dr. SaineThe Central Committee of the opposition People’s Democratic for Organisation and Independence (PDOIS) has denied holding a meeting with a representative of the Committee for the Restoration of Democracy to The Gambia (CORDEG).

The party’s clarification is contained in a public notice sent to Kairo News. It was a reaction to some media reports claiming that a member of the diasporan organisation which had recently been rocked with some high profile resignations held a meeting with Gambian opposition parties, including the PDOIS. The party will not allow the matter to be buried under the carpet.

We hope the CORDEG executive will be bold enough to furnish the public about the veracity of the story in question. Did Malick Kah attend the said meeting without notifying the PDOIS Central Committee?

Read below the PDOIS’ public notice authored by Mr. Halifa Sallah.


4TH March 2015

This is to convey for public notice that PDOIS has held no meeting with CORDEG.  The Central Committee is investigating the source of the misrepresentation of the party and would issue a public statement on the matter in due course.

Halifa Sallah



  1. This is yellow journalism at its best. Can CORDEG please issue a statement.

  2. Deyda Haidara

    This is exactly what I was refering as to the two groups of Gambians.
    1- Those who want to remove Jammeh and assume his seat of power. This group are more concerned in infightings and petty talks than removing Jammeh.
    2- The other group are the Freedom fighters who see only one OBSTACLE in bringing back the Gambia on the road to democracy and rule of law and are only interested in removing Jammeh. Period.
    How can some people fight amongst themselves when the BEAST is still in control?? Only less patriotic Gambians can behave this way.
    May Allah Bless the Freedoms Fighters of the Gambia.

  3. Actually, PDOIS have every right to clear the air. It was Cordeg who issued a statement in freedom newspaper and maafanta, indicating that, members of the opposition held a meeting with them. It is that press release that PDOIS is refuting. People need to be honest in matters of national struggle. It doesn’t mean we have to throw away decency for the sake of the struggle, The struggle have to have decent, honest and reliable Gambians, Sadly, Cordeg is full of power hungry, deceptive people. How can they lie to Gambians about a meeting with opposition, Are they seeking money in the name of the opposition? Are they fighting for relevance when they have none?

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Ousman, what is wrong with PDOIS meeting or inviting Cordeg to a meeting where they will state their positions on national issues to them. You talked about decency but I think you have opened your window too wide that decency slipped through it before you even know it

      My views about cordeg is already known here. so don’t see my comments above as a an endorsement of Burr Saine’s Privy Council.

      Sooner rather than later, people will realise that pdois ought to be left alone or they will remain an obstacle to national unity in perpetuity.


  4. True, if CORDEG are to truly represent the genuine Gambians in the struggle they must reach out to all opposition parties & entities to facilitate successful salvaging of the motherland; this must include getting it right in meetings with the true real representatives mandated by all political parties…. PDOIS have all the rights to refute any meetings that they AREN’T made aware of or consulted upon. The Malik Kah mentioned in the middle of all this is the one to clear the air & straighten the records…. Was Malik falsifying/misrepresenting PDOIS for whatever reason/s, if not why didn’t he informed/communicate to his superiors in party hierarchy rather than causing this commotion wasting every genuine Gambians’ precious time back to square one; we need to move faster in our strides collectively for time isn’t much on our side if we are to be successful…. CORDEG need to & must reach out to all parties inclusively, to cater for all our different individual party concerns, so as to miss out on none, for our genuine collective consensus to salvage & reclaim the motherland…. God bless & help the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  5. Experience has shown that , inter fighting is a game where everybody is the loser. But the real looser here is the Gambian people. And award winners are APRC & PDOIS.

    While waiting for colorful language from mighty Halifa Sallah to paint his audience with bunch of rhetoric no solution, may God almighty save the Gambia and her people.

  6. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Malik Kah is described as PDOIS representative in Europe. Halifa’s problem here is that he (halifa) was not avail with an opportunity to micro-manage Malik and dictate every single word to him. What is wrong with Malik attending a meeting and expressing his opinion and listen to others as well. He did not purport to bind Pdois to any agreement did he?? He was only trying to foster dialogue in order to break the deadlock on this coalition issue, and he needs Halifa’s permission for that??? Goodness sake!!!

    Press Release 01 March 2015 CORDEG meet with UPD, PPP Leaders and PDOIS Representative Hon. Ousainou Darbo, Hon. Omar Jallow (OJ) and Malik Kah of PDOIS’s European Chapter, met on 23 February 2015 with CORDEG executive members to discuss important matters relating to the scheduled 2016 elections. The meeting lasted one hour and thirty minutes and brainstormed on the following pertinent issues.

    1. Electoral reforms, the political party leaders emphasised the imperative for a root and branch reform of Gambia’s electoral system in order to create a level playing field and to guarantee the credibility of any polls prior to the next Presidential and National Assembly elections in 2016/17. CORDEG has agreed to jointly design a comprehensive advocacy strategy to address the deadlock that ensued since the opposition parties tabled a set of reform demands to both the government and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in 2012.
    2. United Front, there was also consensus around the vital need for a united front, to include all opposition parties, to contest the 2016 elections. CORDEG has been tasked by the opposition party leaders present, to make concrete proposals to all the opposition parties, on building a tactical and strategic alliance between opposition parties and we have agreed to do so in the next couple of weeks, following consultations with the wider Diaspora. All participants at the meeting agreed that a united front is crucial, in order to maximise the chances of the opposition to defeat the incumbent. A united front of the political opposition will also encourage the building of unity between and among the Diaspora opposition organisations. CORDEG has a series of planned meetings to engage with other Diaspora organisations in the coming weeks, in order to widen participation in the process and to strengthen unity around our common aspiration for democratic revival in the Gambia. A united front will allow every willing stakeholder to take an active part in the decisions leading to the building of a united front for 2016 and beyond. CORDEG aims to build an inclusive platform to achieve wider participation by the Diaspora.
    3. Fundraising, the meeting also discussed the important matter of raising funds, to effectively address the chronic shortage of resources that has held back the ideas, activities and actions that can make meaningful impact in our struggle to restore democracy in the Gambia. The meeting agreed that with all the will in the world, and even following electoral reforms, a united front will fail, unless substantial funds and other forms of resources are mobilised to support and sustain the struggle. CORDEG will be submitting fundraising and other resource mobilisation proposals to stakeholders for their consideration and possible adoption, following a comprehensive needs assessment that will include both the Diaspora and all the opposition parties.
    4. Unity Summit; CORDEG proposed to host a London summit of all stakeholders in the summer of 2015. The meeting believes that such a summit of Gambia’s opposition leaders, in partnership with other strategic stakeholders, could agree to a united front by signing-off on the proposals for a tactical and strategic electoral alliance, as well as a Compact with the Gambian Diaspora to support, promote and provide funds for a sustained campaign against the Jammeh regime.
    Further meetings are scheduled in the coming weeks and months which we envisage will include other opposition party and Diaspora leaders. In the service of the Gambian people James Bahoum Directorate Legal Affairs Directorate Media and Communication (interim)

    • Touray La Manju or whatever you call yourself. You have yet again manifested your utter hatred for Halifa Sallah.

      In your post you indicated in the press release that GODEC leadership has met with UDP and PPP leadership. Why not the PDOIS leadership too but rather their representative. We all know representatives take their mandate from those they represent. Have you attempted to ascertain if Malick was assigned to represent the PDOIS to this meeting? If he did so on his own accord, did he communicate to them prior to the meeting or was the feedback given to the after the meeting?

      Sometimes we should learn to see and accept basic facts as they are. What is wrong about Halifa clarifying that PDOIS was not in any meeting with any group. How would you or UDP react if it learns from public fora that it held a meeting in which they are not aware of? If Darboe and OJ as leaders of the other parties in attendance, why was not Halifa, Sedia, Sam or any other leader from PDOIS.

      Like I always say, the Gambian problem is not Halifa or Darboe but rather Yahya. Both these gentlemen are doing their best to salvage the country though their may be few differences to methods and other logistics. But you never condone your hatred for this man. Please find a little time to redirect your energy to Yahya who is the only Gambian problem.

      In case your hatred blinded you to the message, i herein post it for your perusal before you continue to distract genuine Gambians please.

      “This is to convey for public notice that PDOIS has held no meeting with CORDEG. The Central Committee is investigating the source of the misrepresentation of the party and would issue a public statement on the matter in due course”.

      • Lafia Touray la Manju

        Gambia, it is not my press statement but Cordeg’s, and I am not part of cordeg. Inact, I prefer Dr Jobe’s GCC.

        Also, cordeg did not meet the UDP leadership anywhere. it was an un-arranged and impromtu phone call they placed to the UDP leader who then engaged them out of courtesy. Why can’t Malik Kah do the same especially given that he is not binding pdois to anything but merely trying to foster dialogue to break a stalmate. What is wrong with that??

        Obviously cordeg is filled with a bunch of incompetences but that is not an excuse for Halifa’s behaviour. He is angry simply because he was not availed the opportunity to micro-manage the process and dictate every single word to malik.


  7. CORDEG statement is perfect. If PDOIS have an internal problem on who has authority amongst them to represent the party, let them sort it out internally. They should not bring their linen to the public.

  8. Guys, I think it’s vital to be patient & wait for either Halifa or Malik to clear the air before we preempt & jump to conclusions… Please let’s not rock the boat just yet, as Halifa have promised to investigate & release statement to inform us… I believe CORDEG are making the right moves in the facilitative & collaborative role they are playing here… At least we got to start from somewhere if we are to be able to move on inclusively; it’s in the interest of all to be tolerant to include the concerns of all to successfully reclaim the motherland… God bless & help the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  9. Malang Jambang

    Something is wrong with Kemo when he accused Kairo News of yellow journalism. I am happy that professional and ethical editors approved the comment and ignored the blanket accusation. For your information, yellow journalism happens when a story is skewed or distorted or sensationalised which never happened in this case. Look before you leap Kemo next time before you write. Kairo is our pride. You cannot discredit its hardworking editors.

  10. Baboucarr Samba

    Kemo looks like someone who harbours hatred or envy against Kairo News. If that is not the case, then he is corrupting the truth. When does reporting the story as it is become a crime? Come out of your cell and help us with the definition of yellow journalism.

    • Waw! I respect this medium for allowing us to express ourselves with dignity. That makes it our platform. Guys, I have always been on the fringes but I can’t anymore. I hope and pray we have a similar opportunity at home. Freedom of expression is the hallmark of democracy. Kairo had already stolen my heart. By the way, I have always admire Musa’s modesty. You’re our jewel in the fight to free the minds of Gambians.

  11. Bajaw,,,,,

    I think you have got this about right.

    There needs to be strong link between the Opposition and the Diaspora.

    Cordeg have every right to ask for contributions and to distribute these equally amongst the Opposition Parties.

    What must be available is a transparent set of accounts to show clearly how much and to whom…and when.

    The Opposition also needs to show how the money was used.

    Agreements reached should be signed off by all. .. and recorded and dated for legal purposes.

    Less there be no missunderstandings.

    Pdois have promised a full investigation and a summary. To there great credit.

    Cordeg also need to do the same.

    Its a learning curve…..nothing else..

    At least there trying. Lets think positive.

  12. The CORDEG press release is perfectly in order. PDOIS need to sort out their problems of who has authority to represent the party in public forums internally rather than coming out with a press release and creating confusion which only stands to benefit the dictator

  13. @ Babucarr and Malang,I will be more than happy to help with the definition, but not at the moment. I am ready for bed.I will do that for you tomorrow. I am not accusing Kaironews of yellow journalism. Kaironews didn’t break the story to us in the first place..The story was first carried out by Freedom newspaper.I was referring to freedom newspaper when I talked about yellow journalism. For your information, if Kaironews should carry a story without credence, I will not hesitate a bit to refer to them as yellow journalists. I have nothing against kaironews except tons of respect for them.

  14. I think the issue is very confusing. There should be clarity from both sides. If Mr Kah is not representing PDOIS then something is fishy, if on the other hand, he did represent PDOIS, the PDOIS should put their house in order. The credibility of Cordeg is also at stake here.
    But it is disheartening to see so many fragmented groups in a small country like Gambia. We need unity. All those vying for position post Jammeh should understand that, this fight is not about position but it is about democratic Gambia where rule of law and republican constitution will be established. For me, getting Jammeh out is not only the solution to our problem, and our goals is to create government when there is justices, equity, fair play and opportunities for all. If we ever deviate from those goals, in few years time history will repeat itself. In as much as I hate Jammeh government, a repeat of history will be the worst nightmare for us. My advice for those thinking that you are in the struggle for job/positions, please go and educate yourself so that you can have better paying jobs. Our thinking should be about future generation when our children and grandchildren will look at us and say our parents have set democratic Gambia where our republican constitution will be guiding principles. Jammeh came in as a result of failure of previous regime to build strong democratic institutions and lack of empowerment of citizens to participate and make informed decisions on the issues of national affairs. Empowerment of citizens should be integral part of next republic and anything less than, we are welcoming many coups and civil strife.

  15. I must say that Cordeg as an organization has done a good job by starting the ball rolling towards uprooting Jammeh in the next election. However, I want to suggest that they do their best to work with all sides of the spectrum.

    I do not know the details of the meeting arrangements and why only 2 of the 6 party leaders were in attendance. I suggest they issue a statement in that clarification as justice is not just done but should be seen to be done.

    On the other hand, politicians back home must swallow their self ego and see the Gambia and not themselves or their parties. By this, we would find a solution and would be able to work together for the people we represent.

    Hence the last 18 years have proven to all that no one person or party could do the job alone, they must all do their best and indeed everything that a unity could be reached. Its just simple. Let your goal be the salvation of the Gambia and not your party.

    May Allah save the Gambia our homeland. Amen.

  16. Deyda Haidara

    No Opposition political party even if the come together cannot win Jammeh in elections for the next 100 years. The only route oppositions parties never tried is Boycott Presidential Elections. Yes they boycotted a paliamentary elections simply because none of the leaders stand to loose, it was more a hypocritical move rather than a strategic move.
    No dictator will organize an election to loose and go and face the courts.

  17. @ Malang.. I try always to look before leaping, but your advice will also straighten my faith in that from now on.In the case of the news article, yes I will consider it yellow journalism until otherwise.Skewed, distorted, sensationalised, Malang you tell me if this news is not of any of these? Iam not a journalist, but if I was, I would have contacted the opposition parties first before running the story which i think kairo did after the fact.This does not mean that I was pointing fingers at kairo when I wrote the statement.The editors at kairo probably sensed that in the statement as well as the majority of the readers.Buba, the oppositions are supposed to be public figures so their emails, and phone numbers should be readily available to the media.A simple call, or email asking them to throw some lights on the issue will not hurt.Although Kairo and freedom newspapers clearly carried the same story, there are some differences between them.First what freedom newspaper carried was more elaborate than that of kaironews. This means that kairo summarised it and leave the irrelevant stuff.Please read freedom again and tell me if the yellow journalism is not the culprit here.Second, Freedom newspaper carried the name of one Mr Bahoum as the legal secretary for CORDEG, this means that kairo never received any press release so they must have gotten the story from another source.Who did CORDEG met with?, The oppositions….CORDEG issued a press release, where do we go to verify it? The oppositions once again. This didn’t happen prior to the publication of the story. The news is not complete. We need real news, not just news that will put our hopes up only to find out it was false or the credibility cannot be ascertained.President Jammeh got humiliated by Washington because of yellow journalism by the Daily Observer.This is my definition of yellow journalism Babucarr.

    • Wow Kemo. The press release came from PDOIS. cordeg never sent us their press release. If PDOIS want to clarify and UDP may also clarify what makes that yellow journalism?
      Truth will not be a casualty in the Gambian struggle. It will not God willing. If you are bating for Cordeg, it might be better you advice them to avoid rash and unplanned actions. You cannot introduce Malick on behalf of PDOIS without their consent.
      I am aware UDP delegating SS Daffeh, Karamba, Alkali and co conducting matters. But that with full authority. Malick is a friend of Abdoulie Jobe who is inseperable from James Bahoum. And now Malick featuring glaringly for pdois without their consent. Lawyer Darboe can easily look the other but not Kelefa Ababacar Sallah. Hell no.

      This is reporting what is said. Call it pink, blue or yellow it doesn’t matter. If that is what we want to compete in every hour we will publish a story. Thanks

  18. I think Bajaw’s call for patience is a sensible one…Obviously, there seems to be matters that need to be clarified, not least of which, is the position of Mr Malick Kah’s presence at this meeting…

    Since PDOIS has promised to investigate the source of the misrepresentation and inform the public in due course, I would suggest that Lafia and his gang, who dedicate more time commenting on PDOIS issues than their own favourite UDP, should hold their “fire” until they have something concrete to write about…

    But to try to twist a simple public notice of clarification into what it isn’t, is to expose the all too obvious hidden agenda and hatred of PDOIS, isn’t it..?

    I will again agree, in principle, with the idea of CORDEG serving as a medium for bringing our parties together, to discuss issues of concern, with a view to agreeing on a common platform to challenge the APRC…

    However, if misunderstandings and waste of time is to be avoided, CORDEG must respect the existence of each party as a legally registered independent entity, with its own structures and internal organs of governance, and hence protocol must be followed when they seek to engage them…

    No one must assume that all will be happy to jump on.the next plane to answer to them at their beck and call or the snap of a finger…

    I would.like CORDEG to also clarify why was only the UDP and PPP leaders at the meeting when we have at least four active opposition leaders on the ground (UDP, NRP, PDOIS, GPDP) and one in the diaspora (GMC)…

    How could CORDEG bring about Unity when it seems to have started on a footing of “disunity” or marginalisation..? Wouldn’t it have been prudent to defer the meeting until all.the leaders can be available.?

    Perhaps, a lot of behind the scene meetings with parties individually, may be necessary before a meeting of all is convened…We need to change tact if we are to make progress..This looks like Raleigh all over again…

    I will want also re-echo some voices of caution here…Yaya Jammeh cannot be used as an excuse to high jack genuine desires for change and manoeuvre oneself into power or position of influence…That will not be easy…

    Indeed, many want Jammeh to go but not just for the sake of it…They want real genuine changes in the 3rd Republic.. .

    And if CORDEG is to serve any useful and meaningful role in this process and gain respect and confidence of all parties, it must strive to be an independent and impartial mediator/facilitator, and work with all parties (big or small) without seeking any gains for itself or its members…

    Otherwise, a lot of valuable time and resources will be wasted and opportunities missed too.

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Bax always repeat after Halifa Sallah. He has no say of his own and no opinion of his own. sad! sad! sad!

      • This is original…So give me some credit for once….Not that I need any from you anyway…

        • Lafia Touray la Manju

          Yea Bax, topa Ndegall , warr na talibeh. You just keep refusing to own yourself. Halifa will continue to happily own your mind just like he own Suwaibou Touray’s. Suwaibou forfeited conventional education for Halifa’s cult mombo jombo. Good for him isn’t it.


  19. Michael, CORDEG has made the right moves by initiating this meeting & must be encouraged & rendered all support to continue in attempt to gather all stake holders to the negotiation table for the collective consensus required to move ahead together to be able to successfully reclaim the motherland which is long overdue….

    To all commentators including my very own self, it’s within our rights to scrutinize & criticize public figures & those in positions of trust; be it politicians, people in positions bearing influence on our lives including the very humble journalists in kaironews & elsewhere, etc etc…. As Gambians & friends, we all have undeniable stakes in each of those in positions that influence our lives, the community & country, whether they accept it or not…. Of course the truth is there to always divulge itself whenever they are framed/stained or accused wrongfully….

    It’s also healthy & natural to disagree, to finally agree in such facilitating collaborative moves for general consensus to move in a unified coalition to successfully reclaim & salvage the motherland…. CORDEG should move swiftly next to reach out to PDOIS central committee & all other parties concerned for an inclusive coalition… God help & bless the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  20. Precisely Bax, it’s the removal of the murderous kanilai syndicate fiefdom which is PARAMOUNT above all other issues, & MUST be adhered to at all cost as the genuine bedrock for our collective consensus…. Hidden agendas & ulterior motives contrary to the collective communal agenda AREN’T acceptable & will be put out in the open when attempted for whatever reason/s…

    God help & bless the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia bloodlessly; Ameen.

  21. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Bajaw, in negotiations of any kind, interlocutors will always adopt tactics that they consider prudent. Not having pdois leaders in the first meeting but an overseas representative of their may be just for tactical reasons. They know that Lawyer Darboe is easily accessible and approachable as well. That’s why they didn’t even bother to arrange a meeting with him. They just called him out of the blue and he decided to obliged them out of courtesy. HUMBLE HE IS, THAT LAWYER DARBOE.

    This is not about whether PDOIS was rightly represented as halifa would like you to believe but his bitterness about not been availed the opportunity to micro-manage and dictate every single word to Malik. He is a control freak, and everybody knows that.


  22. No Mr Touray I am not batting for CORDEG, for a unified oppositions?…..Yes….What I am saying is that when CORDEG released the statement to Feedomnrwspaper, freedom should have called or emailed the oppositions to confirm it before even publishing the story. I said earlier Kairo might have done this after the fact, which might have triggered the press release from PDOIS.By after the fact i mean the story was already circulating.I didn’t read it from mafanta. I read from a contributor that she too got a press release.If that is the case then she could have called or emailed any of the oppositions to confirm. As for Freedom, Pa Nderry can call peoples all the time for stories, i see no reason why he cannot call or email if not all the oppositions but atleast one.All the oppositions are stakeholders here.This is the why I politely said CORDEG should issue a press statement to all media houses again to clear the air.Their press release should be sent to all media houses for transparency purposes.They cannot send it to some Ganbian medias and not to others.Some of the parts to this vehicle is missing.. The news of the meeting raised everybody’s hope at first only surface as some parts could be just rumours. Again I am not accusing kaironews of yellow journalism for the press release from PDOIS.As a matter of fact kaironews is the one setting the records straight.

  23. Lafia, Malik is answerable to Halifa in the PDOIS party hierarchy, & I believe he must have the ‘magic-button’ or number to always access Halifa & PDOIS central committee in his representative capacity; so why not inform PDOIS immediately after contacted for the meeting in which he’s to represent whole of the party on behalf of the leadership before attending in a representative capacity…? As for Halifa’s macro & micro-management, we must have to put up with, tolerate & accept as the choice of leader for the party; all party leaders have their various individual ways of operation… &
    Thanking you very much. We SHOULDN’T and MUSTN’T exclude ANY but strive to tolerate and engage ALL for an inclusive coalition to successfully salvage the motherland… It’s not uncommon to disagree to agree for our common good… This time around there’s no outright refusal in the released statement but rather was a case of not being in the know & not duly consulted for what is his responsibility as party leader…. I think it’s in our collective interest to be patient whilst the promised investigation is conducted pending the information or pronouncement promised… God help & bless the collective endeavour to successfully reclaim & salvage Gambia bloodlessly; Ameen.

    • Bajaw….Don’t mind Lafia when it comes to PDOIS and Halifa…He simply makes sweeping statements and accusations without a shred of evidence…That’s his style and only a miracle will change that…

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Malik is answerable to halifa; does that mean Malik does not own himself, can’t speak his own mind to people about issues and can’t take an initiative to engage and listen to others so as to engender dialogue??? Bajaw, don’t give halifa a pass. He is bitter simply because he is a control freak and was not availed an opportunity to micro-manage and dictate every single word to Malik. This is what this is all about. Nothing else.

  24. Bajaw, I entirely agree with your transparency for all.
    …and in all things.
    But after all these years, the situation appears no further forward and indeed even contact with all opposition views, is fraught with dispute after dispute. It’s become a personality contest with commentators savaging each others preferred leader.

    Its self destructive.

    Compare this to the APRC….Well disciplined, tightly packed and focused with one loud and clear voice.

    The dissident movement and the combined Opposition give the impression rightly or wrongly….of mumbling and grumbling from one disaster to the next.

    The APRC have nothing to fear. This should not be the case.

    This is what it looks like to any observer.

    When disagreements arise….these should be sorted out in private by common consent and agreement….and then a public announcement should convey….what is agreed.

    Take The APRC….all Ministers appear to need permission to make public statements.

    Mr Jammeh runs a tight ship.

  25. Mr Lafia Touray, I think in this case it is better we hold our personal judgement till we hear the facts from both sides. Until then whatever we are doing is just speculation and personal attack. We need unity to tackle Jammeh and some of us needs to be patient because political ideologies are different. We all need to work together.

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Max, I am not speculating anything. Halifa is angry because he was not availed an opportunity to micro-manage and dictate every single word to Malik. He is a control freak. This is the truth.

  26. Quote…. “They just called him out of the blue and he decided to obliged them out of courtesy. HUMBLE HE IS, THAT LAWYER DARBOE.”

    Comment….I hope this is the figment of your imagination and not what actually happened…You know why Lafia…? Because that will be very bad for the UDP….For the simple reason that the UDP is a National Institution that is supposed to be bigger than any individual, no matter their position within it…

    We are in this struggle because a single man has personalised entire National Institutions, shows no respect to any laws, protocols or procedures except as he pleases and yet you’re making such a claim..

    It’s not about humility or courtesy…It’s about working within a reputable institution…And reputable institutions have rules, regulations, codes and follow protocol, especially when they deal with external entities…Political parties are no exception, if they are worth the name…

    And you’re right….”This is not about whether PDOIS was rightly represented”….It is whether PDOIS was represented at all…And the clarification we had stated that it wasn’t…..So let’s wait for the source of the misunderstanding…

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Darboe has an explicit mandate from the UDP to talk to anybody about the possibility of forging a coalition involving the UDP. It has been like that since 2010.

      And by the way, Darboe was last elected Party leader and Secretary General in 2010. When was Halifa??


  27. Quote Lafia… “Malik is answerable to halifa; does that mean Malik does not own himself, can’t speak his own mind to people about issues and can’t take an initiative to engage and listen to others so as to engender dialogue??? ”

    Comment….Where’s your rationality and common sense mate..?

    If Mr Kah is answerable to Mr Sallah, it doesn’t mean that he can’t meet and speak with others, but when he does that, it must be in his personal capacity as Mr Malick Kah….Not a PDOIS representative, representing the party…That’s why the notice was issued…

    If you could use a bit of reasoning and honest judgement here when PDOIS is mentioned, you will not be making such ignorant statements…Unfortunately, you aren’t capable of that where PDOIS is concerned….Shame really…

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      So what is the essence of having an overseas chapter if they can’t have some form of autonomy??

      I am answerable to my boss at work but I do most thinks using my own judgement and without the express permission of my boss. All I need doing in such a situation is to justify my actions or omissions to him.

      These PDOIS guys, they no sabi. Excuse my Aku please.


  28. Quote Mike “Its self destructive….The APRC have nothing to fear. This should not be the case….This is what it looks like to any observer…”

    Michael, you have precisely said it all in above quotes, indeed…. & Deyda too can’t be more spot on either in his analysis on the “two camped political struggle” against our murderous kanilai professional beast of murdering…. This ‘hidden agenda’ sabotage of the collective endeavour to successfully salvage & reclaim the motherland for majority of Gambians & friends instead BUT rather being hijacked by Deyda’s mentioned first camp for individual party gains at all costs or NOTHING, is quite unfair to the genuine & majority of Gambians & APPALLINGLY PATHETIC to say the LEAST…. From my experience the ROOT of the sabotage & tactics set at play for selfish individualistic party gains at ALL COSTS seems FAR deeper underneath the surface than just meet the eyes above in the open; MUSTN’T & CAN’T be assumed/attributed to a particular individual party ALONE as widely being acclaimed….

    The truth is, being honest to ourselves we WON’T & CAN’T successfully reclaim & salvage Gambia unless each & all of us, SINGULARLY & COLLECTIVELY do away with our selfish agendas for individual party or selves, for WHATEVER reason/s & look at the Gambia collectively FIRST… It’s for us ALL to loose individually & collectively as a country if we let this magnanimous unified coalition initiative by CORDEG slip through our fingers for whatever reason/s…. While our political party leaders & their families & those in their close cycles have the option to runaway to be sheltered & hide protectively in Foreign Embassies & Missions, we the rest of majority of Gambians & families are those to suffer & have nowhere else to run to be protected & hide when strife rears its head in Gambia; there are all indications we heading down to that path when cautious care is not taken to patiently strive to engage & tolerate each other no matter how utmost we hate each other, for an all inclusive unified opposition coalition to salvage & reclaim the motherland in the benefit of the collective majority of Gambians & friends… God help broaden our vision for Gambia first & bless the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia bloodlessly; Ameen.

  29. (1)…Quote Lafia… “So what is the essence of having an overseas chapter if they can’t have some form of autonomy??”

    Comment….I can’t speak for anyone but common sense tells.me.the following..:

    – that just as organisations are different from one another, so too are their chapters, from one another..;

    – however, overseas chapters (of any organisation ) operate within the bounds and limits set by their parent bodies…;

    – there may be autonomy, but often, the boundaries of this autonomy are set by the parent body, and where contact is made with other entities or individuals, it is usually at low levels and informal….Not requiring publicity. ..

    -where formal contact requiring publicity is to be made, authorisation from the parent body may be needed, especially when these are preludes to further meetings where important decisions may be taken..;

    – the release of a notice of clarification should not in any way, be construed to mean that the chapter involved does not enjoy some form of autonomy, unless evidence to the contrary can be provided…

    (2)…Lafia said…”Darboe has an explicit mandate from the UDP to talk to anybody about the possibility of forging a coalition involving the UDP. It has been like that since 2010.”

    Comment….Darboe’s mandate is.not the issue… The issue is whether this mandate exempts Darboe from adhering and following the rules, regulations and protocols set by the UDP ( if they have any), especially when dealing with outside entities….

    However, if this is the way it’s been with the UDP since 2010, as you claim, and everyone is happy about it, then carry on….But be wary of the ONE MAN SHOW syndrome…..

    Or outside/outsider abuse of such a system, because phone calls can be very deceptive….

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Bax, Darboe is operating in accordance with his mandate. what rules are u talking about? Darboe has powers to talk to anyone about coalition. He knows what his party’s position is on all the issues. So what kind of rules are you bringing in this??? You are just been obscurantist once again.

      The ONE MAN Show only exist in PDOIS and APRC. This Halifa Sallah statement is a testimony of that. He is only angry with Malik because he didn’t have the opportunity to micro-manage him . A typical control freak he is, that Halifa Sallah.

      And by the way, when was Halifa Sallah last elected as Secretary General????

  30. Brother Suntu…..Can you upload some.of those beautiful (late) Bakary Marong songs onto You Tube….or play them more often…They take down memory lane…

    He was the king of sewruba and his performances where out of this world…

  31. Lafia…You mean you don’t know what RULES are..? Can’t you see that mandate is different from rules..?

    Suppose you take on an APRC supporter about the Supplementary Budget and you contend that Yaya Jammeh did not follow the rules because the expenditures were made before Parliament approved it…

    Suppose he argues that Jammeh has the mandate and knows what’s good for the country because he is the President…Would you accept that as a genuine argument. ?

    That’s pretty much the same argument you are putting up here….You’re saying that because Darboe has the mandate of the UDP and knows their position on the coalition, he doesn’t need to follow any rules.. (if there are any)..

    The Gambia has got this problem of substituting the rule of law with tradition…

    In.both the 1st and 2nd Republics, it was/is a constitutional requirement for the president to tour the country, at least once every year, to familiarise him/herself with the plight of rural farmers…It should be a non partisan tour…

    Unfortunately, both the PPP and the APRC reduced this occasion to a partisan one, which is the tradition…The rule was, and is still, simply ignored…

    I can see us heading towards the same route when.leaders are exempted from following rules because they are leaders and supposed to know all…

    When was Halifa last elected..? I don’t know and I don’t see the relevance…But you can direct that question to PDOIS Members. May be they can help you.

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      I am only asking you to tell us what sort of rules you are bringing into this situation where somebody is acting exactly according to his mandate. Go on Mr Obscurantist, tell us what sort of rules, who design them and for who or what purpose.


  32. Lafia Touray la Manju

    And by the Way; the last time Halifa Sallah was elected Secretary General of PDOIS was in 2001 in Wuli Taibatu. He has a stale mandate. That means he needs to go and get a mandate trying than seeking to micro-manage people. Only reminds me of Laurent Gbargbo.


    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      You remember, Laurent Gbargbo also had a stale mandate and he kept postponing elections to avoid a kick-out. Sounds similar? Well not far off, to be honest.

  33. Farang.

    The Chicken Shall Come Home to Roost. What ever is being concocted by CORDEC et al is NOT their original Idea and they do not have the END Game of the Plan in Place. Trolling on Plans and Ideas of Others to seek Power would Not work. Of course their Only Interest here is to Usurp the Democratic aspirations of the Gambian People. Anything short of Putting in Place the Credible Institutions for Sustainable democracy Shall Fail. Time Will Tell. They shall be exposed



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