Brave Darsilameh Alkalo Questions Jurisdiction Of SIC

Darsilameh Caliph GeneralThe Gambia is now officially a country where grey old men are persecuted for not committing any crimes while the youths standby and watch, enjoying their smart devices and arguing over sports passionately. Where is the faultline in our country’s bitter cross-road?

Young men under the command and control of President Jammeh hunt and persecute religious figures and nothing comes out of it. Young men under the directives of President Jammeh and his security beat and torture older men and go to sleep happy. What has become of The Gambia, the smiling coast? Imam Baba Leigh was tortured, Imam Bakawsu Fofana was tortured, Oustass Ismaila Manjang was tortured, Imam Alheyba Hydara was tortured, Sherrif Samsideen Dino Hydara is now in exile, Sherrif Muhideen Hydara is currently persecuted, Buyeh Touray currently persecuted, Bakawsu now is exile, Imam Baba Leigh now in exile, the list goes on.

In the interim, the embattled Alkalo of Darsilame Sangajor questions the powers of Gambia Supreme Islamic Council. In his defence during Tuesday’s court proceedings, Alkalo Buyeh asks whether, the Supreme Islamic Council now have the power to make laws and enforce it on Muslims. President Jammeh is muddling the difference between the law and mere unbinding utterances. The President is treading on dangerous waters.

Below is the Full coverage:

Darsilameh Sangajor Alkalo Buyeh Touray yesterday told the court that he was not aware that Imam Fatty and the Supreme Islamic Council had the power to make laws in The Gambia.

Alkalo Touray was continuing his defence testimony in the conspiracy and disobedience to lawful order case involving him and the Caliph General of Darsilameh Sangajor, Muhideen Hydara, before Magistrate Omar Cham of the Brikama Magistrates’ Court.

When the case was called, Chief Sub-inspector E Sarr announced his appearance for the IGP while senior defence counsel AB Gaye announced his appearance for the accused persons together with senior counsel Darboe and LK Mboge.

Senior Counsel AB Gaye told the court that the matter was for continuation of defence and they were ready to proceed.

Continuing his evidence-in-chief, the 2nd accused, Buyeh Touray, said he was not aware that Imam Fatty and the Supreme Islamic Council “have any power to make laws in The Gambia that people should pray on a particular day”.

He said he was not also aware of any law in The Gambia, “which stipulates a day that people should perform Idul Fitr”.

He said the Islamic religion states that people should pray Idul Fitr after citing the moon and in their case they cited the moon on Monday and prayed on Tuesday.

Further testifying, Buyeh Touray said he knew the badge messenger sent to them by the chief, named Seedy Gibba.

He said the badge messenger came with a message from the chief telling him that the chief said he heard that the people of Darsilameh Sangajor did not pray on Monday, and he (Buyeh) should accompanied him to the imam of the village to tell him that they should not pray on Tuesday.

They went to the imam, Malaine Hydara (who is now deceased) and the late imam referred them to Talibeh Hydara, he said.

The late Imam apart from being an imam in the village is also a Sherrif and a marabout, and when Malaine was alive, the Caliph General of Darsilameh was Muhideen Hydara.

They went to see Talibeh as directed by the late Imam Malaine, and Seedy related the message from the chief to Talibeh, he added.

Talibeh then told him that he heard Imam Fatty over the radio saying those in the provinces were excluded from it, he further told the court.

Talibeh then asked the badge messenger to give him the chief’s number, but the messenger told him that he did not have the chief’s phone number.

Talibeh said he wanted to call the chief as he heard Imam Fatty over the radio saying that “those in the provinces are excluded from it, and they are in the provinces”.

He said Seedy told them that he would find out if they were involved or not, so that they could know.

The badge messenger did not return to tell them if they were included or not, the alkalo Touray told the court.

He said they waited from 10 to 11am the next day, which was when they went to pray Idul Fitr, adding that if they had not prayed on Tuesday, they would not be able to perform their religious rites.

He said he did not hear any announcement on the radio made by Imam Fatty regarding Idul Fitr.

He said that when they prayed on Tuesday, they prayed to God and not to Imam Fatty.

He said that when it comes to the issue of religion in Darsilameh Sangajor, the imam is the head of the religion, adding that the imam at that time was Malaine Hydara, who is now deceased.

The case continues today.

Source: The Point


  1. Kairo news, you got your headline wrong. It should read, shame on Gambian youths. We can attempt dying in desert and open ocean but not saving our country. I am GR12 leaver hustling in Rome. Shame on us.

  2. Deyda Haidara

    Fellow Gambians fighting those who hold guns with barehands is not an easy task.
    Fighting requires skills, training and planning. Patriotic Gambians had never rest in their laurels. Plans to end dictatorship will never end. As we speak who knows if the next December 30th freedom fighters are on line?? JK knows that we are coming for him, yes he knows it for sure. He is just buying time waiting for the ultimate and final assult.
    So please despire not for a NEW day in the Gambia is fast approaching, Inshallah.

  3. Kairinews, your prologue paragraphs can’t help but watered my eyes inevitably, for you can’t be more precise in the truth…. If an evil Satanic idol worshipping murderer pretending Muslim dressed up & just praying in company for POLITICAL PURPOSES ONLY, can hide behind so-called imams to terrorize & persecute the Godly… Yaya jammeh isn’t a Muslim prior to their illegal Coup d’état neither has been converted/baptized in any Mosque as from its own stinky mouth… Undoubtedly the devil advocates Almunafiq pretending imams will all be rewarded duly….”destined for the hottest part of Hellfire” in their satanic acts as per the teachings of the Holly Qur’an…. Alkali Buyeh Touray couldn’t have said it better either, for they & we all pray to God ONLY, nor the kanilai Devil & idols, neither the hypocritical advocates in each of the posing imams & all of them collectively… God shall surely complete this fight is His Magnanimity; a bright example is, where is the so-called imam Abdoulie Fatty today at this material time & very moment…??? God bless & help salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  4. All eyes are now on the magistrate Omar Cham who must avoid erring & deviation from path of truth as by God, the religion & the decent law books of the land… The spiteful so-called Islamic council, neither the individual imams singularly or collectively nor their kanilai devil worshipping satanic master all have no powers to make laws in Gambia as rightly opined & pointed out by Alkali Touray… The magistrate will account for actions in post dictatorship if he chooses lies above the truth; & will face worst with our Creator God himself for aid-abet persecution of the Godly & righteous…. God bless & help Gambia; Ameen.

  5. Mustapha Konteh

    What a shame such a foolish matter has to be taken to the court. This case should have been thrown out immediately it reached the prosecutor’s desk. This is a clear manifestation of lack of judicial independence in the Gambia. All this is about is to humiliate this old man, Gambia has become a childish country. May Allah bless the Gambia and one day take us out of this madness in peace.

  6. Cheer Uncle Buyeh for standing up to bullying, these Munnafiq so called Imam Fatty and his gang are doing nothing but causing misery to the Gambia mass. You can’t say it better, you pray to Allah not some pathetic folks, thanks heaven the judge executed in your favour. Enough is enough.