Jammeh Bans Gambling, Yes To Dictatorship

Gambian policeThe Gambia Radio and Television Services last night broadcast the new banning orders placed on regular and deep rooted past time playing lotteries, betting and other gambling games in the country.

Many observers are perplexed with the new development. However, fears are growing that, President Jammeh is using his renewed isolation to appeal to countries sympathetic to such causes. Will the ban open up new frontiers of underground illegal betting and casinos controlled by mafias? Will President Jammeh himself be secretly controlling the underground betting syndicates which is now a serious international money laundry methods and crimes police by Interpol? Time definitely will tell.

With effect from today, lotteries, casinos and all forms of gambling in The Gambia are to cease operations, according to a statement from the Office of the President.

Read the full text of presidential release cullef from The Point below:

The Government of The Gambia hereby announces that it has banned lotteries, casinos and all forms of gambling in The Gambia with effect from Monday, 2nd March 2015. All operators of these services and establishments are hereby instructed to cease operations from the effective date.

“Gambian society has been built on the foundations of promoting positive social values like thrift and integrity rather than negative ones like greed and avarice. Therefore, it is the duty of the Gambia Government to safeguard and promote the public welfare of our citizens.

“Of recent, sports betting and gambling dens have mushroomed all over the country. One often sees pupils as young as seven years of age lining at kiosks during school hours and spending their ‘lunch money’ on purchasing sports betting tickets. Also, families often go hungry because household incomes are wagered in gambling dens.

“While proponents argue that gambling and lotteries could be effective ways to raise taxes, it is clearly evident that these vices often hurt those who are poor and disadvantaged. The social and economic costs are enormous and show up in the shattered lives of individuals and their families.

“Gambians are predominantly followers of Islam and Christianity and both religions explicitly or implicitly strictly forbid adherents from engaging in gambling.

“The Gambia Government will not allow such unethical and exploitative businesses to operate in The Gambia and will vigorously take all actions to prevent the young of The Gambia from becoming a generation of compulsive and addicted gamblers.”



  1. Here you go again Dictator Jammeh playing religious card to promote self righteousness with total disregard to constitution or other laws in the country. This is reckless and irrational decision which will have serious consequences on already deteriorating economy . Thousands of people will lose their job and many families will find it extremely hard to put food on the table. This again demonstrated that Jammeh came to destroy our country and he will continue to do so as Long as he is in power. Constitution of the Gambia guarantee freedom of religion, therefore using religion as a pretext to ban these businesses further highlight the hypocrisy of Jammeh and his autocratic government. Tourism industry is going to be adversely affected by this idiotic and reckless decision. Gambling and casinos are life blood to tourism industry and are income generating to so many people. The question is, how about prostitution, those having more than one wife, having sex before marriage, consumption of alcohol and cigarette smoking, banks where interest is being made, are you going to ban all those things so that we can have positive moral values in the country.
    Dictator Jammeh’s target of casinos, lotteries and gambling I think is based on his business interest and he want to control everything in the country. Time will come when these businesses will have to register under the office of president so that he know how much he is going to get from each business. This decision was like the one he took few years ago to ban foreign exchange in the local market and later reverse that decision. Jammeh’s decision always has his personal business interest first. Time will tell. A greedy and unpredictable dictator never cease to surprise people.

  2. Lol !!!!

    No Smoking !

    No Sex !

    No Begging !

    Now no Gambling…..

    Oh well the brits will just have to sit by the pool and wait for there free cup of tea at Half past four.

    I feel sorry for the Minister for tourism.

    Gambia is a no go destination for the majority of Brits.

    Lets all return to Blackpool and the rain, and soggy chips.

  3. Mr Scales, many Gambians will swap sunny Banjul for rainy Blackpool under the current deplorable conditions in their country. This is not at all suggesting that Blackpool is not a nice place to be, although I suspect many of your countrymen living in the south will not readily want to relocate there. Having said that, for the first time holiday maker to England, Blackpool is a great place to start as you come face to face with England in her seaside town glory….fish n chips, attractions, cheap beer, karaoke halls

  4. I think dictator Jammeh’s lastest reckless and erratic decision also has to do with appeasement of some Arab dictators especially those of Saudi Arabia and United Arab emirate who are his new friends . Playing a religious card to get funding from those totalitarian and dictatorial regimes by banning gambling and casinos will sit well with those dictators . Strategically, this will enable the dictator Jammeh to get funding for his failing goverment since he knew that tourism sector is not working . These fundings will come in the form of development aids which he will use for his personal businesses . It remains to be seem what next month or so will determine in terms of his unpredictability . Since he is bold and unpredictable as well as erratic , Gambian economy will continue to suffer and the consequence will lead to Jammeh’s own demise not too long to come .

  5. Star date 2025…this is Commander James T.Jammeh of the starship Miss Enterprise..

    We are.on a 2020 mission to seek out new life forms in the Earth’s Solar System.

    Log date 1994,

    passed the Cuban Galaxy and picked a qualified doctor,

    Log date 1996

    on route to the constellation Libya to pick up the King of Kings. and many diamonds, to feed the ships warp drive engines.

    Log date 2008

    Iranian arms ships were boarded and discarded on route to the Alpha star of Taiwan.

    Log date 2010

    First Officer Spock held in Mile 2 alpha’s 5 star hotel, on suspicion of a drugs overdose…. but was beamed up successfully.

    Log date 2013…

    .left the Commonwealth Federation as it exploded in flames hit by our photon torpedoes.

    log date 2015

    The crew have not had a cigarette for two years now and they are becoming agitated and gambling has become intolerable on the ships quarter deck.

    Have decided to ban all male friendships, smoking and sex for the foreseeable future

    My lottery ticket was a dud. I must not cry.

    ..as we boldly go where no man has gone before..

    First Officer Spock was found drunk in command of the ships helm and found singing…..

    Its life Jim..but not as we know it…..

    There’s clingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow.
    starboard bow.

    Meanwhile second officer Pa Nderry Mbai….shouts

    “Stay tuned folks this is the place to be”……The News has broken.

    Roll the credits and music.


  6. Mike , that was funny . Lol

  7. @ Mike, This sounds like a distress call.SOS.. I agree with max that this is all political. The pressure from the west is overwhelming.President Jammeh’s administration is already isolated.It is just a matter of time before the whole government systems cave in on itself. Jammeh is not JJ Rawlings of Ghana, who was able yo manipulate both the Brits and the Yankees as well the former USSR.for sometimes because of the cold war.We all can clearly see the politics involve on this…The west turned her back against me, I have to turn to religion to have the identify with the Arabs. If this shouldn’t be admitted as all pure politics, then we will need to revisit the meaning of politics. What type of state is our Gambia becoming?SOS..DELIVER US FROM PRESIDENT YAYA JAMMEH.

  8. Nakafo…..Don’t forget the candyfloss and the cowboy

    “Kiss me quick hats”

    I go to the casino regularly in Blackpool…..for the roulette { not the Russian kind }

    Let me know when your about….and I’ll show you the Tower and the Winter Gardens.

    Kind Regards.

  9. Kemo,

    If you read the President’s 39 page summary to Parliament…

    You must reach these conclusions.::::

    This is a government running on “empty”

    After 20 years, Mr Jammeh is still talking a development agenda, that lacks…the basic ingredients and foundations for economic regeneration.

    In fact over the past few years you could argue that everytime HE opens his mouth….it costs the Gambian economy…millions.

    His options are becoming very limited.

    HE is not the bullish confident leader of say 10 years ago.

    His demenour…is weak…tired and challenged.

    The pressure is telling on his life….and he must be thinking

    {since DEC 30th…}….is this my last day ?

    When negatives enter the brain….the result can affect every human emotion and create self doubt.

    This can be so destructive. Those around him must be worried right now.?

    History tells us when weakness creeps upon leadership…

    Leadership becomes vulnerable to the opportunists.

    • Deyda Haidara

      LOL Mike, I am Deyda Haidara, I am the ghost rattling his brain cells…
      Yeeehh! JK must tell me what did I do to him to deserve his deadly bullets??
      He gambled with my life so will he continue to gamble beyond December 30th. Game over SOON.
      Bilaye Walaye Talaye, the world is three days and the third day is BOOOOMMM!

  10. Lafia Touray la Manju

    King Stephen’s reign in England (1135-1141) was so bad that it is been described by English Historians as “a period when God and all his angels slept”. How will historians remember Jammeh?

    Over to you, Mike.

  11. Mike , you are absolutely right . Jammeh is weak than ever before . You rightly indicated that every time he open his alligator mouth , it cost us millions and set our economy backward . He has no new ideas but he keeping banning every thing . I would suggest let us encourage our women also stop having sex with their husband as a way of protest so that men can stand up to be men of The Gambia and stop this madness . I am sure if we are all refuse by our women to have sex then we will know what to do with dictator jammeh .

  12. @ Mike,,, I played Russian Roulette with the the Russian.. The only think I will not do is to swim with the Shark.lol..@ Mike.. Exactly you can’t say any better than that,”president jammeh’s development agendas lacks the basic INGREDIENTS for economic REGENERATION”.This is it. Mike I was once told that ideas are best utilized when given to the next person. The person told me that is the reason why a change of government is required every 5yrs..Would you agree?I mean we have seen this worked in the west and is working in some African countries too.Jammeh should know vision 2020 is not personal. The Gambia could be far more different from her present situation. Mike when I was young, the pound was 1 to 5.50.. yes one pound will give you 5 dalasis and Tala.Iyr mathematicians will be able to come up with the inflation rate which I believe is high. We need new ideas.. We need new faces..We need a new leader..most preferably woman to lead the transition..TO THE GAMBIA EVER TRUE.

  13. @Max, did you say he is playing the ‘religious cards’? Yes, on the table they..but under the table they are mare ‘superstitious cards’
    A Head on the roulette? being
    Ban gambling, obviously to the delight of the poor innocent elders and religious leaders.

  14. Lafia….King Stephen’s time was from an age where conflict reigned supreme. My only historical memory, suggests there was a strong woman involved called Matilda….and many challenges to the right of succession. It is about this time when a Norman baron called “scallia” later known as Baron Scales….came on the scene.

    Some 30 years ago a nephew of mine…went to Somerset House in London to look up the Scales family history.

    I was astonished to find out that in fact we were 48th cousins to King Henry the 8th…owning lands and titles around Preston in Lancashire.

    During the English civil war…it was claimed that Sir Richard Scales a staunch Royalist, held back the march of Oliver Cromwell on Parliament at London Bridge…in a bloody battle lasting 3 days.

    For which we lost our lands and titles and were “caste as beggars into the street”

    More recent local history confirms my family were clock makers, jewellers and dentists and engineers.

    Myself can claim to be an honoury citizen of Gunjur…who signed a memorandum of articles with the Gambian National Sports Council of Gambia….as the unofficial sports ambassdor to Europe.

    I also hold a Lawtec award competed for by 330 English companies as being awarded first place in Business innovation and training.

    I started a company with just £1248…..that was turning over half a million pounds PA….after just two years.

    Regarding Mr Jammeh’s legacy ?

    I have a lot of respect and sympathy for him.

    To come from such a humble background, and rise to the status of a national President…is an astounding achievement. Back in 2000 when I first did the rounds amongst the APRC…there was energy, ambition and a sense that Jammeh…could shape Gambia into an effected economic success story. But I feel after the failed coup on March 2006….he lost much of the control and confidence that brought him to power. His frustration was marked with aggression, that had a side effect of applying oppression where there could have been leniency, tolerance and compassion.

    Some of his decisions and language have left him scarred internationally and feared internally.

    Politcally his distance from the Gambia’s opposition and dissident groups…has left him with little or no ability…to embelish all of Gambia’s assets….to be employed in a single and joint consensus to bring the much needed change and rewards.

    His isolation is complete. He has only his self to blame.

    My regret is that the Gambian’s nature is to be loyal and incredibly capable of enduring much hardship and suffering….to the point of death if God so determines.

    For me this is so heart breaking.

    It could have been…… what might have been.

    An honest opinion with respect.

  15. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Thanks Mike but I still don’t know how you would like historians to remember Jammeh. Could you state in one sentence?


  16. Haidara, I think it is about time our women also take a stand on fighting dictatorship in our country . Our women are incredible resilience people and work very hard to keep the familiy comfortable and looking after their needs . If you look at total burden and trauma that Jammeh’s dictatorship causes, you will notice that our women bear majority of trauma , hardship , desperation , and abuse . This is because , when men are murdered , exiled , disappeared , fired from their jobs and detained without trial , women becomes the breadwinners of those families . Not only they became responsible heads of household but they suffered as a result of lack of support , depression , anxiety , burden of looking after children alone , and constant financial hardship they faced . They are the worst affected group in our country .
    Taking a simple stand like refusing sex privilege ( which is not a right) will go a long way for men to understand that they need to do the right thing for the country . We all know that Gambian men like to have multiple women using the name of Islam to satisfy their sexual needs, in the process , majority of them never provide basic needs that the religion require them to do . If you look at all those who were Jammeh’s enablers , and are killed , exiled or in death row , you will see that their wives and families are suffering now simply because of irresponsible actions of their husbands . Now those women are paying heavy consequences by taking all the burdens described above .
    Look at those women also who are in Jammeh’s inner circle , example Vice President and mrs macdouall , none of their children are in The Gambia and are all in the United states having a comfortable lives . The question is, should Gambian women continue to listen to those heartless women or take a stand to help their own children by ending current evil system which they are the number victim .
    Politically , Jammeh knows that he needs Gambian women to stay in power forever . This is why he never imprisoned or kill any one of them for past 20 years even those in opposition camps. Jammeh understand that once he mess with our women , that would be the end of his presidency . He continue to appease them by giving them positions , scholarships and at the same time they satisfy his sexual and political needs .Its about time they take a stand to end this horrendous crime and put country first . The power of women cannot be underestimated especially a Gambian woman . Jammeh knows that , that is why he can’t have one as a wife . Our women are kind hearted and he knew if he has one , he won’t be that wicket and brutal to his fellow citizens but a heartless Moroccan won’t help us . I believe that , our women can end our current predicament in a twinkle of eye just like Nigerians got rid of Sani Abacha .
    politically , they should now take a lead and express their disapproval by joining opposition camps and take leadership positions . This is our Gambian fight regardless of gender or those backward gender stereotypes. Women should not listen to those selfish men and religious zealots who continue to suppress and oppress them by advocating for those outdated roles of women. If they fail to engage in ending dictatorship, their sufferings in terms of financial hardship , emotional and psychological trauma will continue .

  17. Definitely confused. For the past 20yrs, where was the Gambia government in relating to gambling?

    This is too much. What about those working in these institutions? Some of these employees may probably come from poor families. SAD

    You’re talking about maybe some poor students gamble, what about those who would loose their lively.
    Incomes be perished. Adding to the frustrated youths unemployment. SAD.

  18. Deyda Haidara

    Mike said and I quote “Regarding Mr Jammeh’s legacy ?

    I have a lot of respect and sympathy for him.”
    Mike, Jammeh killed me Deyda Haidara for no just cause and you still have respect for him??…huuumm. You are not my friend.

  19. Deyda,

    Why would I treat Yahya Jammeh any different than I would treat
    you or any Gambian ?

    The atrocities committed were carried out by Gambians against Gambians. All must bare the shame..All must bare some responsibility.

    Lafia…If Jammeh’s legacy was to create another Dictatorship, for another 20 to 30 years….

    What would have Gambian’s learned ?

    His legacy may be that Gambia will put in place a democracy that can last a thousand years.

    Your interest in the British path to democracy should tell you that…

    Democracy was never an overnight sensation….

    It took centuries of civil strife. hundreds of thousands dead…and some outstanding men and women prepared to risk there liberty for the cause of those who followed.

    Why should Africa’s path be any easier?

    Today…we have the international organisations such as the United Nations….whose combined direction is to make the path to freedom and liberty….attainable.

    Wars….ethnic cleansing religious tension and intolerance and tribal conflicts/

    Britain had all these too.

    Are the British any better or any worse than African’s?

    What must surface…is the majority will of the people.

    Governments have no other purpose than to reflect this.

    • Deyda Haidara

      Mike why would I treat Hitler any different from another white man?
      Why would I treat a criminal british different from another british…Really???
      From now on Mike I consider you an a……. who would not mind seeing black one way and whites another way… because this is exactly what you said and I quote:
      “Deyda, Why would I treat Yahya Jammeh any different than I would treat
      you or any Gambian ?
      The atrocities committed were carried out by Gambians against Gambians. All must bare the shame..All must bare some responsibility”

      Shame on anyone who cannot make differences based on race, tribes,and nationalities. Mike=Jammeh.

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Mike, Africa too have had its turbulent era of wars and monarchical dictatorship. It is madness that same thing is still going on in some parts of the continent. I don’t accept this notion that Africa is not ready for democracy. We are ready for it. Just need to get rid of few dictators who hold the entire continent to ransom and stain everybody else.


  20. The danger of weakened (nation) democratic institutions in a modern day state, is yet again demonstrated by an illogical and irrational (executive) decision that has serious consequences for the fragile and under performing economy, which would add more hardship to an already hard place to live in….

    Equally worrying is the fact that an organ of the state, which is intended to function in accordance with the laws of the country, has now become the law making body of the state, through this strange phenomenon of “executive directives”, thus relegating the Law Making Body (National Assembly) into a “Rubber Stamping Institution” that is all too happy to pass such decisions into law…

    I can see that attempts are being made to explain this decision as a means to secure funding from Arab Countries, but I am not convinced that this swift and unexpected decision is to woo Arab funding for the regime…

    This is because the gullibility of the Arabs would be beyond description, if they were to fall for such a ploy, by a regime that tolerates production and consumption of alcohol, use of interest in the banking and/or financial sector, and funds the mixed congregation of men and women in Mr Jammeh’s own.birth place of Kaninlai, on a never ending cycle…Never mind the rising levels of prostitution and other “anti-religious vices”, to quote the statement. ..

    I am of the view that the reason (s) for this “out of the blue” statement lies somewhere and perhaps, in due course, it may become clear…If the state owned Gambia National Lottery Co. is also affected by this ban, I just wonder what will become of their H/Q (Building) located in Banjul….Will it enhance Mr Jammeh’s property portfolio..?

    It is clear that The Gambia faces big challenges to prevent a recurrence of weak state institutions in the third Republic and the task before the people is to find out what the parties propose in their programmes & policies (manifestos) to avoid this…

    Because it is at the root of poor governance and impunity…It has always been…Even in the First Republic, though at a lesser degree/extent…

  21. .Maxs…

    Your insight on the position of Gambian women…is incredibly accurate and intuitive.

    You continue to impress.

  22. Anyone can trust me, Arab and Muslim states’ kings and presidents are not impressed. Why? Because even not for the reason that most of them are not symbolic examples of the religion, but atleast they will doubt if one like Jammeh even understands the teachings of the Quran he holds in his hand and not to mention the prayer beads, exhibition of which only demonstrates ignorance and backwardness in most Arab and Muslim countries.
    He probably entertains them, for them too, love to be entertained by such characters.

  23. Thank you mike . I like your statements below :
    ” the atrocities committed were carried out by Gambians against Gambians . All must bare the Shame . All must bare some responsibility ”
    I have always emphasized that this is Gambian creation and we must all take personal responsibility to ensure that this madness end. Everyone of us either directly or indirectly has to take some responsibility by not speaking up , thinking I am not affected , I am not a politician, my family is not involved, I don’t work for Jammeh , am not interested and any other excuses that we may hear , to allow those crimes to be committed. Even the silenced majority has to bear some responsibility because those who are silenced are either in approval of current situation or disapproval and do nothing, they are liable in committing crimes as well . It is morally wrong to sit and act like nothing happen . This is why the biggest approval of dictatorship is silence and do nothing . All those who committed crimes in this regime are Gambians only . We all know them all because they are part and parcel of our society . They are husbands , brothers , uncles and sisters . So everyone needs to take a stand and do the right thing for the country . Yesterday it was baba Jobe , today is Modou sabally and tomorrow it maybe someone in our own family .

  24. Deyda Haidara

    Max Jammeh spares no one. Men or women have been persecuted, tortured, imprisoned, fired and disgraced. Yes Jammeh uses women for political propaganda and nothing else. Yes Gambian women should stay away from Jammeh being the most affected gender by Jammeh’s atrocities. In sum all of us should try in our different ways to end Jammeh’s rule. Ours is by all means necessary.

  25. If necessary, there is an I.C.C.
    Time shall tell.
    I am not ready to pay the price for any fellow citizen’s tyranny or, as in the common Gambia jargon ‘wickedness’.
    Every Gambian is related on spot or distant. I love them all, and so, I want to hold their killers within them, responsible for their horrible deeds.

    ‘Stars gate’ for now, is quite relaxing.

  26. Haidara , you are right , Jammeh spare no one . You and I share the same goal . I believe we should consider all means necessary under the planet earth to remove him from power . For an election to remove , I have little hope because he control everything in The Gambia .

  27. Bax,,,

    You are amplifying what Halifa Sallah has said in Foroyaa.

    President Jammeh is known for pulling out an amazing economic coup, within his summary to Parliament.

    This time around….

    So far there is no sign of any. Most of his speech though “creative” is mearly cosmetic.

    It is only a check list of present government activity. He is reminding civil servants of there “benefits” and offering a revue of pay grades.

    Maybe the approach from President Sirleaf Johnson to the EU for another 4 Billion Euros for West Africa….may benefit Gambia if approved.?

    The EU has so far comitted 1.5 billion Euros to the fight against ebola.

    Clearly Mr Jammeh is like the Dickens charecter..Mr Macorber.

    He is hoping something will turn up? Perhaps.

    The Chinese have banned smoking and making visa’s more difficult.

    This has cut its gambling revenues..by 50%…and grossly affected its tourism industry.

    I don’t see how gambia in the present climate can afford to abandon any economic tax generating scheme. The job losses are regrettable.

    The gaming business if regulated is a very important and progressive cash cow. It is known for attracting the high spenders of society….which Gambia soarly needs.

    It also gives social recreation and opportunity for all. All the developing nations have it….its worth billions.

  28. @Max and Mike .Exact dumundo.. For I cannnot add anything to what you have been saying.I will not help but plagiarise if I should even add a single sentence. What I can do is to go through all y’all wonderful ideas and school myself to lay a concrete foundation for our campaign.We will set the stage.We will work tirelessly to present the would be Madam president to the world.We will do all the ground work to the presidency pro bono. We are in the USA now writing to every senator. We will urge all Gambians paying taxes in their respective countries of residence to pressure their local lawmakers to throw their weights behind us to make this come through.Like Max said, we will need more women to take control.IT IS ABOUT TIME for our women to step up for the country’s highest position. We will donate generously to any woman aspiring to lead the third republic.. Money we will say will not be a problem INSALLAH.. GOD Bless The Gambia.

  29. Deyda….African history stands for “revenge”

    Look around to Rwanda, Sierra Leone..and the rest.

    The British stand for “justice”

    Look up the Nuremberg trials..post Hitler and see how we hung most and imprisoned the rest. Then post Hitler, we comitted the RAF to the relief of Berlin,,,when the Russians attempted to starve what was left of the German civilians.

    Today Germany….is built on our Justice….not revenge.

    We leave that to others.

    Africa…believes in truth and reconciliation.. See South Africa for the effect…..A spear in one hand and an olive branch in the other.

    Thanks to Mandella.

    Sometimes we do things differently…but the objective is the same.

    Good luck with your identity crisis.

    • Deyda Haidara

      Stupidity has no bounderies…. the remnants of racial mentality still hunts…some whites and Mike is no exception.
      The crisis of identity belongs to the blind man and the educated fool for our eyes and minds are ever wide open to know who left his land UNIVITED to invade another land after tasting an unreserved hospitality of its people. They brought in greed, racism, hypocrisy and the bible.
      Mike you are simply a comedian who likes to use the subtle means (your chicken change contributions) in order to potray the remenants of your inferiority complex. I had burried the hatchet for the sake of peace. If you donot amend your ugly perceptions of world history I will blow your mind to set the records straight. You are warned.

  30. Mike, “african history stands for revenge ” and
    “British stand for justices ” summaries our current predicament. This is because whatever jammeh is doing is as a result of bitterness, anger and abuse he felt in his mind from previous regime . It is time to revenge in his mind and many of his supporters feel the same way. This was why Yankuba colly and idiotic Fabakary tombong Jatta kept reminding Gambians how they are abused and mistreated in the first regime . They refused to fight for justices for our people. Where there is no justices there can be no peace and that is why Gambians are not at peace with themselves . Those who claimed that there is peace in The Gambia are just fooling themselves because they know the abuse and terrorism they live under daily .

  31. Kemo & Maxs.

    President Jammeh is shrewd operator. He realised very early on that Gambian women are the main generators of economic and political power in the Gambia.

    I cannot recall an instance where any Gambian lady…has been publicly humiliated or prosecuted successfully.

    I recall standing on the Banjul/Serre kunda highway circa 2006, to view the thousands of Ladies bussed in from the provinces, dressed in green….following Mr Jammeh in his open land rover.

    This was overwhelmingly impressive.

    Mr Jammeh guided by the Vice President…have made the rights of women and girls a central theme of his 20 year tenure.

    When you consider Gambia is a predominantly Muslim country…and Africa is dominated by the male….in general…this is quite a remarkable situation. I believe this is recognition of the power of women in the Gambia…to elect The President. Mr Jammeh being a farmer….works closely with the women of Gambia and works very hard to keep there respect and support.

    I was advised that The Vice President is the person who makes things happen in Gambia. If anybody could get things done it was The Vice President….not Jammeh.

    I was also advised by the British High Commissioner that my appointments with Gambia’s Secretaries of State were less than useless. It is the Permanent Sectretaries that hold the power in Government….not the Ministers.

    You will notice that The Ministers by enlarge only have a limited shelf life. Whereas the Permanent Secretaries and there deputies….very rarely…leave office.

    Mr Jammeh has a firm grip on the reigns of holding power in Gambia. The APRC are also well advanced and active at all levels of community politics and with the students and clerics.

    The Opposition I regret to say are under funded and limited in the combined strategy and ability to make any great inroads on this situation.

    The only salvation for the Opposition would be to be funded increasingly from the diaspora. But even if cash was made available in sufficient quantities…I doubt even with the most energetic campaign…it will take 10 years…to begin to turn the tide.

    What the objective should be for the Opposition…is to concentrate on winnable seats….in order to start to create the necessary momentum for a change of voter from APRC to a unified opposition under one acceptable candidate for President.

    This does not mean that the Opposition should give up. It just means its targets and ambitions should be cost effective and attainable.

    Therefore the choice of leader should be able to galvanise a consensus…and be young enough..to stay the course…and build a following. I would suggest a woman would be a great advantage.

    When Mr Jammeh says he cannot be removed….he does so knowing he has the support of women in his pocket.

  32. Mike, your analysis is excellent and you raised the central pillar of Jammeh’s leadership, that is women.
    I agreed with you that Jammeh recognize this facts about powerful nature of our women earlier on in his presidency and that is why as you rightly pointed out he has never publicly humiliated or persecuted anyone successfully.
    Our society being male dominated one and make decisions which are not promoting women’s rights, Jammeh quickly recognize that and offer women high positions in his government. This is why even at international level, some observers see his government as women friendly even though they suffer worst possible abuse, hardship and trauma.
    Today if we have well educated, powerful woman and grassroots connection to lead the opposition coalition, that would be worst nightmare for Jammeh. This woman candidate may have international backing as well as Gambian women may see her as one of their own. Politically, Jammeh may even trust this woman with the help of devilish Vice President to transfer power to save our country from internal conflict. This is why I believe that with little hope I have for an election to remove him, a woman is our best chance. Jammeh is not an idiot we think he is, he is very smart and knows what lies ahead of him if he is remove today by a male leader. Jammeh continue to play his cards well with our women and knows what they want and how to deal with them.
    It remains to be seem what strategy our oppositions will come up in the call for women leadership. In fact one of the problem our oppositions face by not getting enough women support is that our women see them as weak. Women in general tend to believe in strong guys and those who can express themselves with confidence. This is why they fall for strong men ( Here I am giving love lecture) lol. But seriously they see Darboe and others as weak compare to jammeh who pretend to bring down the sky.

  33. Mike I agree the Gambian peoples can attain this provided that the oppositions are united and select one candidate preferably a woman, and this is possible too.Of course, some peoples will be a bit sceptical about the idea of putting up a Lady candidate, but in the end this is what will probably save the Gambia from bloodshed.President Jammeh has empowered the Gambian Women, that is true, but they are also marginalised by him especially the opposing side.The Gambian head of state is selfish.He often use RELIGION as an instrutment to manipulate the masses.The recent ban on gambling, the court case in the sighting of the moon, and LGTB are all typical examples, plus the so called amnesty.The Gambian people will come together to support the selected female candidate with funding to contest the 2016 election. Jammeh is always a flaw candidate that is why he personalized the state TV.He has no room in politics. No development agendas to show.Let him even allow private Tv stations to operate independently in the Gambia, and give all the airtime, or equal airtime to the oppositions and see the end results..I bet he will never do it.We the Gambians, and friends of the Gambia will support a Lady candidate to avoid bloodshed. Mike, the APRC is rooted in the community because they use scare tactics. Their youth wing is the modern day KKK or even worse, but they could be neutralized.We will work together to formulate the best approach to ending this long suffering in the Gambia.What Jammeh can also do is hand over power to a well qualified and suitable Gambian woman.FOR THE GAMBIA OUR HOMELAND.

  34. …., plus a decent police force, armed to the waist and not to teeth. A police force, to whose scrutiny every walk citizenry is equally liable to, and will not exclude personnel of the police force itself.

    Well dressed policemen, nice shiny boots, sufficient police equipment AND no soldiers on patrol and high speed ‘chase’ to nowhere. No machine guns pointed on passing people’s heads in and around our neighbourhoods.The soldiers can go back to military bases and learn again, what it takes to be a disciplined army.

  35. Maxs Kemo Lafia…..

    In all things human you MUST have a plan.

    Remember always the Six “Peee”s.

    Perfect Planning;

    Prevents Piss Poor Performance

  36. @Mike…..Perfect..
    Thank you for that.

  37. Quote “This is why he never imprisoned or kill any one of them for past 20 years even those in opposition camps”

    Maxs, point of observation: being bit behind lot you for personal reasons; if you think Gambian women haven’t had & still continue to have their fair share of the murderous tyrannical syndicate barbarity please ask the Ramzia Diabs, Isatou Tourays & Amie Bojangs of GAMCOTRAP, late Sajor Kunjang Sannehs, late Satang Jobarteh, Mariam Dentons, the ladies of Gambia Journalist executive caged for simply responding to the murdering professor’s insults to late Deyda Hydara, etc etc & even the rubber stamp so-called vice president Isatou njie saidy & rest of them within & around the murderous syndicate who all live in constant fear of their lives, under daily castigations & ridicule pending on the unpredictable mood swing of the psychiatric kanilai Lucifer…. It seems some of us are yet to comprehend the full barbaric brunt of this monstrous kanilai alligator of a murderer…

  38. Bajaw, thanks for your observation, however in last 20 years Jammeh has not successfully imprisoned or killed any Gambian woman who has high political position or public figure. The women you made referenced to ,are not successfully been persecuted like how innocent male are falsely imprisoned, that was smart politically move by Jammeh. Jammeh would scare, threaten and even falsely made attempt on women to face kangaroo courts or briefly detained them at mile two but at the end he never killed or imprisoned anyone for long time to my knowledge. Jammeh spare no one but the way he treated our women is different from the way he treated men. if the women you mentioned above were male, there is high chance that they will be in prison or kill. Apart from the Senegalese woman who was wrongly killed in mile two after court conviction, I would be interested to know if you have any Gambian woman who was killed or imprisoned and was public figure or political opponents. The only case I heard, was the case of Jammeh’s own family member who happened to be his sister in family relationship. There are many people in his own family who are killed as well. So jammeh brutality has no boundaries but politically he knows that he can’t be equally brutal to our women in terms of killings and political persecution. This is my point. I am fully aware of his brutality and evil nature towards all Gambians. But Jammeh like other psychopaths and murderers, they tend to treat their victims differently. Studies have shown and even the victims of such evil people have evidently express these phenomena. Example according to fatu camara, she was treated better while in NIA custody, compared to how Amadou Sanneh and others who were maltreated in the same period. So clearly, jammeh also treat his victims differently depending on how he see each victim. I hope that explain my point.

  39. Maxs & Bajaw,

    You both have very adequately and eloquantly made your point regarding women. versus men….in the scheme of Gambia’s unmittigated loss of direction and justice.

    I agree with you both in equal measure and cause.

    What must never be forgotten or overlooked, is the indirect suffering of women and girls and children and extended families bereaved by association, family ties or love..

    The Mothers and sisters of the students mercilessly gunned down by undisciplined members of Gambia’s security forces.

    No one has ever been punished..or held to account.

    The wife and daughter of Omar Barrow, whose last known words on the radio were ” stop shooting the children”

    The immense loss of Deyda Hydara, and its impact upon his wife, collegues, family and children. Not to mention his two lady staff caught in this hienious crime whilst taking a lift home after a hard days work.

    The Family of Ebrima Chief Manneh…with special mention to his elderly Father, who so valiently challenged the Gambian authorities, with such bravery.God Bless him and his family.

    The nearest and dearest of former Finance Minister Mr Kora Ceesay, bludgeoned to death and then the attempt to cover the crime by fire.

    The Senegalise lady Ms Tabara Samba, Mother and victim of an act of senseless anger, to whom Amnesty International claim was awaiting her case for clemancy to be heard by appeal. That under any other duristiction would have recourse to a reduced crime of Manslaughter
    and rehabilitation. Her body still not returned.

    The list of crimes against women…by association and the loss suffered is too much

    All and many more cry out for Justice denied. Silence is a desparate and lonely room where cold tears….sting crying eyes.

    The shame of all this suffering requires those responsible to face all the women of grievious loss…and look them in the eye and beg for forgiveness.

    One day….?

  40. Bajaw , I do not believe that vice president is under constant fear and daily castigation as you implied in your posting . I believe vice president is part and parcel of jammeh oppressive and suppressive machine . In fact she is squealer of the government if I can you use that character from animal farm . The vice president is chief explainer and communicator of the regime . The vice president is even worst than jammeh because as a mother , she didn’t have that motherly love for our country and her children. This is why she has her children in Washington state and new york for their welbeing and protection . It is fallacious to think that jammeh kidnapped Her and she can’t leave that position . It is her choice to be in that position and she will be held accountable if jammeh is out of power . This vice president play more important role than any minister in this government . She is the chief strategist and contact person in this administration , that is why whenever jammeh is in trouble, the vice president will mobilize individuals and groups to come and show support or condemnation of whatever happened.
    So it is time to treated her as the worst mother of the world.

  41. Mike, you are right in observations; late Mrs Tabara Samba’s case is really outstandingly horrendous by all accounts despite expressed satisfaction by an alleged relative to her late husband whom I came to exchange views on Jollofnews some time back; in my view her children with the late husband are those to loose all in her execution than anyone else who can claim relationship to her late husband… Sparing her life with some mandatory custodial sentence would have really eased their loss on their father…

    Maxs, true dictators including our murderous tyrant knows how to play cards in preying on their victims… Women & children are specifically mentioned & adequately referred to in Internationally promulgated adopted clause… So no dictatorship thrives for long if they tend to ignore that fact…

    Coming back home to our hand in gloves Murderous madam so-called vice president, I’m with you in all you’ve cited & even MORE. But this doesn’t mean they within & around the murderous bandit doesn’t take their fair share of the brunt pending on the kanilai devil’s mood swing & type of drugs taken at the material time…. Believe me she would rather have quit today & be in her own world has she not been unconsciously entangled & stained with innocent blood not ONLY on her hands but completely submerged into it all over her….. I have NO quest at ALL for the limelight, being my main reason; & secondly do exercise caution so as not to blow my cover by my choice of pen/screen-name which is not fake but one of the alias for my name, NOT for fear of death as can be; for per teachings of the Qur’an, I will be awarded one-way ticket to Heavens when innocently killed & can only die once BUT it’s prudent not to cause any unwarranted persecution/harms for the rest of my family & extended relatives back home due to my choice of engagement in the struggle; & vitally so for the protection of my sources of information…. I took it upon myself to investigate & gather information on all on the political divides when & wherever availed the opportunity when the TRUE & REAL colours of this murderous armed bandits syndicate becomes thoroughly apparent…. I hopefully shall continue to share & exchange with all & sundry, as well as learn from others, as information is always a give & take two-way street, if God continue to render me the health & strength Insha Allah…. God help & bless the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia bloodlessly; Ameen.

  42. Maxs, I also want to add that having reached the “valley of no return” in the murderous syndicate due to her degree of involvement in the status quo, she now is left with no other choice but to stick with the devil no matter what it takes, to strengthen & manoeuvre the murderous ship as much as they could; their lives aren’t separable anymore. Isatou njie saidy can only live in Gambia whether within or outside the tyrannical syndicate under the kanilai murderous beast but life will literally cease for her & got nowhere else to run to & hide when the devil is toppled… Both of them have the same fate to face in post dictatorship…

    Thank you.