Readers Thump Up Lafia And Bax

Aisha says ‘Keep it polite and cordial’

By Yaya Dampha (Senior Editor)

In the educative and highly emotive comment section of Kairo News, seasoned Gambians anf friends of the Gambia with varied professional, security and academic backgrounds exchange serious views to benefit and encourage reasonable dialogue in a mutual and respectful manner.

On a daily basis, people read extensively the views of the comments by individuals who have no quest to be identified or glorified. The level of professionalism and in-depth analysis has touch readers to the extent that they identify two rivals, both sitting on partisan fence.

Arise Bax and Lafia La Manjou. A sister wrote to Kairo News explaining how she enjoys the meaningful and mature exchanges.

I enjoyed the bitter exchanges between Bax and Lafia La Majou. I enjoy it so much, I miss reading the actual articles.

She went further to say “I don’t belong to any political camp maybe that is why I enjoy the exchanges much more. Sometimes I’m swayed to PDOIS, sometimes I am swayed to UDP.” She concluded by commending the duo for not degenerating their views into insults and abuses as in some Gambian forums. “I’ll however, ask others to restrain from attacking Lutango (Dida Halaki) for his detached and emotionally unattached views to the Gambia.

Kairo News readers single out Bax and Lafia for recognition. Both men of different political leaning have built huge number of staunch fans, especially in Seattle, Washington state where United Democratic Party supporters sing Lafia’s glory. This means we are all being read and watched.

However, as a senior Editor, I have also enjoyed comments from Deyda, Bajaw, Gambia, Michael, Dida, Makalo, Musa Kora, Kemo etc with deeper appreciation of the future Gambian ideals. We have to accept that, each man has something different to offer and we should be bold enough to listen to the views of others. Long may the mutual respect and educative exchanges continue.

I have had close association with the senior members of PDOIS, after working with them for a long duration, but I was also fortunate to have close encounters with the senior members of UDP. Overall, the opposition camps are blessed with very humble, dedicated and hardworking personalities. I don’t want to go into details, but our sister was moved by the mutual respect and cordial manner writers argued their points. Let us keep it that. Thank you.



  1. Quote “I’ll however, ask others to restrain from attacking Lutango (Dida Halaki) for his detached and emotionally unattached views to the Gambia.”

    AISHA, for us to successfully reclaim Gambia currently under rot today, we must be prepared to do away with our traditional ‘naive’ Gambian ‘limitless hospitality’; as a lady, please excuse my un-Gambian use of words… It’s in our amiable human nature to welcome & spoil-treat our guests & strangers BUT the same benevolences are equally expected at least in intentions & reciprocations… In as much as one is expected to be cordial & share our all with our foreign guests we presumed friends, it’s quite unacceptable for any guests to insult our intelligence in reciprocations, insinuatingly in aid-abet acts & attempts, sending coded words to our murderous devilish dictator in attempts to make meals out of our communal predicaments, particularly in this very trying times in our history… Acting like clown to conceal actions meant for selfish materialistic favour regardless of consequence on benevolent hosts in “detach & emotionally unattached views to Gambia” aren’t acceptable enough…. I for one have no issues at all with “detached & emotionally unattached views to Gambia” for they are being used since time immemorial BUT can’t promise not to disappoint when an attempt is made to hoodwink or outsmart for dubious gains on Gambian blood….

    Editor YAYA, please always remember to quickly add your surname yourself by pronouncing loudly when one refer to you by first name on the ground in Gambia in post dictatorship for your personal safety, lest anyone mistake you for the tyrannical devil & give you a “treat” before you know; LOL, until everything returns to normalcy…. I have no doubt in the nobility of our opposition politicians, all of them are contributing endlessly & continue to stand up for Gambia individually, in their own rights & domains… BUT in REAL sense of personal humility, I’m yet to be convinced in the actual “humbleness” some of us continue to sell & attribute to them; & I beg to differ in opinion for now until they proven to Gambia, friends & world at large that they CAN rise above individualistic personal gain, move to a common grounds for the sake of Gambia FIRST, to collectively salvage the motherland bloodlessly, which is the ONLY remedy for our peaceful change to avert bloodshed…

    Thank you both. May God help & bless our endeavour to salvage Gambia bloodlessly; Ameen.

  2. Honourable Editors. …

    It is truly humbling to read such comments from sincere and dedicated people….

    Personally, I extend my appreciation to the proprietors and management of Kaironews for the wonderful opportunity accorded to all of us, without a single charge, to interact with one another and share and learn from each other…

    And to all, who find spare moments in their busy schedules, to participate in the different discussion forums/fora…Only Allah (SWT) or God can reward you and may you all be rewarded handsomely for this invaluable service to The Gambia and humanity…

    As for Lafia (I don’t want to complete the rest of his name) he is a formidable old foe, but his love for The Gambia is unquestionable….Hopefully, we can all gather together, somewhere in The Gambia one day, and have a really good laugh about the Yaya Jammeh era or the diaspora struggle or even coalition efforts…But until then, many “battles” will be fought here on the pages of Kaironews… good faith and good spirits, as always…

    Thank you all very much…We are all fans to one another..