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The Gambia Democracy Fund Committee and family members of the December 30th victims of the violence in The Gambian, wishes to express their  profound appreciation and gratitude to all brothers, sisters, and sympathisers who benevolently gave donation towards the fund to assist families and relatives of our fallen heroes and those who returned from action. To each and every person who graciously contributed, please accept our commendation for your commitment towards the struggle to liberate [The Gambia] our motherland and the restoration of Democracy and the rule of law.

Through the efforts of the Gambia Democracy Fund, we were able to raise   $9,414.15 [US Dollars]/D410, 927.64 (at today’s exchange rate of 1:43.65) which was shared between the families.  We state below your individual donations in monetary terms without having to disclose names to maintain privacy.

The attached PDF file contain a summary of the money collected; and the Excel File (please review individual tabs) contains detail transactions of what was received and when. As noted on both documents, the accounting date for the Fallen Heroes account was February 10, 2015. Any money collected after this period will be accounted for in future communications.





LESS GOFUNDME FEES                                 -$740.85

NET FUNDS RAISED                                      $9414.15


One Comment

  1. It is a disgrace and sad to see only small amount was contributed considering thousands of Gambians living in USA . Liberation of Gambia is collective responsibility of Gambian people . The selfless sacrifices of these heroes deserve more than this small token . We should care for each other as human being and as a patriotic citizens . The money collected should have been the contribution of each Gambian community in each state . But this is not a surprise to me , because as Gambians , our individualistic and selfish nature is what led to current predicament . It is only selected few who would sacrifice every thing while the majority will simply sit and gossip and careless about what is happening , thinking that I am not affected . our fight to restore democracy has been left to few opposition leaders and activists without any moral and financial support . Please let us examine the people of United states , our neighbor ( senegal ) who selflessly care and advocate for each other during difficult times . Today all of us are in this greatest country (USA ) enjoying freedom and liberty because Someone fought it and some sacrificed their life for all . This is what a good human being does . It doesn’t matter how many wives , children , houses and prayers you make at the mosques or church , but what matter at the end is the love for people and country .Love for each other is the reflection of who we are as people . The current dictatorship in Gambia is our own creation and the consequences is affecting all whether we know it or not . We lost the art of caring and loving each other which is deeply rooted in our culture and bound us together as one people . That lost of caring and love is what led to thousands languishing in prison , disappeared , exiled , tortured and murder without any single word from anyone , complete silence . We should go back to what our grandparents did , that is they stood for each other as a family and as a community. This is our fight that we must all engage .