Breaking News: Jammeh’s Picture Features In New Gambia Banknotes

image-9f7a94e702b75ef549aec1805847b11de752ecbc6a93872534e9564c5a9dc9b6-VThe Central Bank of The Gambia has just introduced new banknotes, most of which feature President Yahya Jammeh’s pictures and the Arch 22 in Banjul. Is Jammeh telling Gambians that his leadership is not going anywhere?




  1. Gambia’s domestic debt rises to 18.7 billion.

    Perhaps it is fitting that the Dalasi…should now carry Mr Jammeh’s photo. Is he now the most wanted picture in Gambia?

    Gambian’s appear to be bailing out to Senegal…where the cost of living is still affordable ?

  2. This is Jammeh’s understanding of been the president of a nation, so let no one stress over this. He has gotten the wrong interpretation of been a leader mixed up with his vain imaginations. He can only be what he is made of ( A danyalong). No disrespect.

    One would like to think that a true servant of the people would have been thinking of doing their very honest best in creating the right environment for his fellow country folks to attain natural progression rather than creating a cult like persona for him self……tragic.

    I say if you have worked hard for this our dalaso,spent it like how it is truely yours with or without his image on it… DALASO = YA DALA YA SOO :-).


  3. Deyda Haidara

    For the attention of Kairo Editor. I listen to Mohamed Syllah’s article of the Ballot or the Bullet. Some of us never read the article. It will be appreciated if the article is publish for comments and analyses. I understand it was written longtime ago on Gambia Journal.
    Thanks for cooperation.

  4. Too sad that humans forget too quick.

    Just under 18yrs ago, Yahya told us and the whole world how much sir Dawda abused his office even by putting his picture on the nation’s currency. As a result, we had to take the expensive route to change all the currencies with neutral Gambian images, which he said were beyond political bounds and time.

    Here we are now with his head on the currency. Not only that but with a new D20 and a D200. These all come amidst the worst inflation and massive decline in the GDP and super high domestic debt according to Central Bank just this week. I wonder who benefit by this new development!!!!

    Maybe an explanation would be given to the public about what is now different from the late 1990s when he removed Jawara’s head.

    Another sad reality we have to live with as a nation.

  5. I wasn’t aware the Sir Dawda put his Pic on the Dalasi ? However The PPP did achieve growth {GDP}of upto 16/17 %..and built most of the main infrastructure Gambia enjoys today. It was also noted that Groundnut production {Gambia’s main cash crop} was generating around 100 thousand metric tonnes in 1994.

    I am still absorbing the magnitude of these latest economic figures.

    Is this right?

    GDP dropped from 4.9% in 2013 to MINUS 1.4 % in 2014

    Thats a drop of 6.3% in just 12 months. Gambia’s economy has contracted sharply.

    Agricultural production. { Mr Jammeh’s main claim to credit} dropped a STAGGERING 22% in 2014.

    Food Inflation has risen to an incredible 9%

    Tourism appears to have gone West.

    Groundnut production is “estimated” to be just 35,000 metric tonnes this season.

    Is it not therefore ironic that it is disporan remittances said to be around 12% of GDP….is the only lifeboat for the Gambian economy just now.

    If Gambian’s were to return on mass from there jobs abroad….into a market where there are no jobs and the cost of living is sky rocketing.

    Gambia would sink without a trace.

    Hence the amnesty to Gambian’s in the diaspora….would be a major disaster.

    What Gambia should have on its Dalasi…..should be a western work permit.

    • Deyda Haidara

      Mike, we on the ground feel so hopeless and watch the situation detriorating on a daily basis. As Max rightly said the only job available in Gambia today is the military, the police, the immigration and even for that, jolas are favored.
      There is a looming civil war in the Gambia. Helas! if JK is not removed in the next few months.

  6. Jammeh came to fundamentally change and rewrite history , his latest causality is banknotes . Massive decline of economic activities was blamed on impact of Ebola epidemic , poor tourism and poor agricultural productivity due to late start of rainy season . This means that government take no responsibility for poor GDP or rise of demoestic debt but squarely blame on nature . Lack of sound monetary and physical policies as well as atmosphere of intolerable business environment with poor governance , high taxation all contributed to current economic decline . The inflation rate will continue despite the lastest non- intervention policy of sit and wait attitude . The dalasis having the dictator image will have negative consequences on our economy as it already happening . So it is clear to all that while depreciation of our dalasis continue on daily bases , the cost of living is going up and salary are stagnant . We are heading to Zimbabwe’s type of economic situation where you can have one million dalasis and it won’t worth a loaf of bread . This is sad reality . This is why it is a dangerous move to print 200 dalasis note without any sound physical and monetary policies put in place that would curtail inflation . Jammeh’s venture into all busines avenues is another dangerous factor that has dire consequences on economy and bussiness opportunities in the country . His non-payment of taxes as well as his monopolization of business sector all led to our current deplorable economic activities . This is why a lot of businesses now move to neighboring countries especially senegal where you have good governance and welcoming business environment . We should expect this trajectory to continue as long as the dictator is in power .

  7. Mr scales, the relative peace and stability Gambia is enjoying now is due to remittances send by diaspora . A lot of families today depend on them for their daily living . The youths has all left the country through the back way and the most educated ones are all in Europe and America . Gambia today is a country of only old and unproductive people . If you go to most villages and towns , you will find only old people with children less than 14 years of age . In any country , it’s human resources are the most important developmental tool . This is why employment and educational opportunities should be created for the youths to stay in the country but in our case , the only employment opportunity is security services such as military and police force .

    • Deyda Haidara

      Max, you are spot on. Nothing to add to your statement, it’s only the hard fact spoken.
      JK should and must GOOOO by all means necessary as early as possible.

  8. What is more saddening than the fact that Gambia’s presidential palace is a compound of camouflage, arms and alms???
    and now just because
    ‘The cow jumped over the moon’
    ‘And his little puppies laugh; wew! wew!’
    I don’t know where and how they print Gambia’s bank notes over the last two decades but I have never seen a poor quality bank note like the Gambia central bank’s.Are they printed in a warehouse?God knows where but folks..sorry to say this; our bank notes smell like ‘YEETT’
    How about the bank notes portraying some moroccan culture in the future?
    That probably will be a BREATH TAKING NEWS.

  9. Max….I admire and endorse your contributions. You have a gift for being fair to everyone.

    My interest has a much broader focus, due to many years corresponding with our government and various stakeholders in and out of Gambia. I have a close affiliation with Gambia and Gambian’s on both sides of the argument.

    The Gambian “viability” question is a very complex one, which can easily frustrate the casual onlooker.

    My take on this is very mixed.

    I can sympathise with Mr Jammeh…for his stand on history and his undoubted patriotism for an African lead future. I can also admire his religion and its teachings…and some of his objections, to some parts of human rights perceptions.

    What I cannot condone is the impunity and lack of accountability.

    To attack the structures by which all democratic co-operation subsists, is not a very progressive and rational way to change the relationships, with powerful economic nations and institutions.

    To make Gambia into his own image…is not sensible. For I do not believe his “image” truly represents the majority of what Gambian;s stands for.

    Western governments consider and reflect on the peoples aspirations and common objectives. Every 5 years there record is put to the test and re-assessed by the electorate.

    By enlarge the British are a reasonable and pragmatic people. If its hard times….we pull together and make do. If its good times we require a fair reward for our industry.

    It is by such conditions that momentum for the common good achieves equilibrium.

    Taking Mr Jammeh’s record of under achievment, over 20 years, to persist with this any longer…presents Gambia with an acute economic dilemma.

    No doubt the senior stakeholders will be considering if and by what means they would consider coming to the Gambia’s aid….in the form of economic support. For the risk assessors will be calculating the costs….of each potential risk scenario.

    Mr Jammeh is correct in assuming that Gambia is not yet independant.

    I do not believe by withdrawing from so many economic institutions, has done his foriegn and economic policies any favours.

    It may well be the case that Gambia’s economic recovery can only come with a significant shift in attitude and direction. I doubt Mr Jammeh has this capability. For to steer this ship away from further debt…is going to be a significant challenge.

    I congratulate the Governer of The Central Bank for his candid and current appaisal of Gambia’s economic “health”

    I also congratulate the National Auditor..for his revelations.

    Gambia does have the integral economic brains to guide this great nation to a brighter future.

    My fear is that Gambia has very little in the way of applied austerity capability…other than reduceing the size of government, army, police and its diplomatic missions.

    Clearly Gambia has far too many assets scattered around the world working hard for the benefit of other economies.

    I congratulate Halifa Sallah for his well costed vision for Gambia’s economic recovery.

    Through this there is salvation and a glimmer of light for the future.


    • Deyda Haidara

      Mike, a spoiler cannot be a builder.
      JK spends more on parties on a regular basis than his rice cultivation dreams.
      JK does not think like us. He beleives he is an Emperor, conqueror of the Gambia. You must do serious research on JK’s inner personality from birth to childhood to adulthood in other to know JK’s real mindset. You will find the psyzophronia sydrome intact in his brains. No joke, JK is not normal and behaves abnormaly all the time. We have a mentally deranged person as a so-called president. JK is a serious economic and social menace on the very lives and prospects of Gambians.

  10. @Suntou,you mean I bow to your H.E? NO I won’t.Thank God so far, I am yet to get near any H.E.
    Anyway, don’t you even think that your your ‘dear leader’s’ behaviour is a synonym of our ‘jalibas’ artistic praise songs?
    Suntou, DON’T BOW and don’t be around it.

  11. Mr scales ., thanks for complement . I would like to remind you that your assertion of Jammeh’s stand on “history and his undoubted patriotism on Africa lead future ” is a political rhetoric that jammeh does to his promote his image as patriotic panafricanist . It is the same way he use religion to confuse people and promote a “self- righteous ” image
    among the population which are overwhelming muslims. Jammeh exhibits this image by dressing on haftan and carrying the holy quaran so that Gambians will believe that he is true Muslim . These are false characters which he continue to display and deceive people . Jammeh’s behavior is not true reflection of true Muslim and he is no different from terrorist portraying themselves as a Muslim . Religion of Islam has been hijacked by the types of Jammeh in their effort to promote and advance their narrow , selfish political agenda .
    You are right to point out his impunity , lack of accountability as well as transparency and Jammeh lack these traits since day one .
    Jammeh’s assumption that we are not yet independent but the same time he withdrew the country from commonwealth organization which he depicted as neo-colonial organization means his foreign policy is in shambles. Commonwealth is huge benefits to the country human resources and economic development as it contributed to development projects and educational opportunities by providing scholarships and other opportunities . Therefore I agreed with you that his withdrawal from economic insitutions has done no favor on his foreign and economic policies . It rather cause setback and contributed to our current economic decline . His withdrawal from these institutions has to do with protection of his personal security and interest because these institutions are advocating for policies which improves human rights and rule of law . Jammeh clearly see those policies as a threat to his presidency .
    I for one , do not believe that the current economic trajectory can be contained even if there are interventions from international organizations as long as the dictator remains in power . The governor of CBG is directly answerable to Jammeh likewise his rubberstamp parliament . I don’t even believe that mr colly gave honest and accurate assessment of the state of our economy .

  12. Maxs,

    Thankyou for the interesting and comprehensive exchange of opinions.

    I would need to see the evidence to back up your claims.

    In the absense of any such evidence, Myself I would rely upon my own judgement and that of any published economic data…by all interested empowered and professional authorities.

    I would not wish to witness Gambia’s decline. Neither would I attempt to do anything to contribute to that condition…either by word or deed.

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Gambia like several of her neigbours are suffering terribly from the Ebloa outbreak and the registered crop failure.Recovery could take several years…for West Africa.

    The question remains….how do the government respond ?

    How will the internatiional community respond?

    What will be the worst case scenario…as Gambia enters the Winter months this year?

    Does Gambia have enough reserves and resources to get through this ” storm”….and can it meet its debt repayments and ” keep the wolf from the door”

    I do not envisage any easy remedies at hand. The Gambia must rely upon its ability to prosecute a successful outcome.

    The Minister for Tourism is calling for more “creative measures”

    I regret the British holiday maker may have found other greener pastures during the downturn?

    How do you employ a significant marketing campaign amidst such anti British rhetoric.?

    Gambia needs a complete overhaul…of its outlook and needs to go back to its historical and welcoming brand of sincerity and hospitality.

    …and affordability.

  13. Mr scales , I agreed with you that Ebola outbreak and poor crop failure has serious impact on economic activities and agricultural productivity , however I will go further to emphasize that others factors such as high taxation , Jammeh bussiness ventures , bad governance , lack of sound physical and monetary polices all contributed to rising domestic debt, decline in growth , inflation , and general economic contraction . Here is why I claimed those are the factors: .
    1. You will agree with me that those currently overseeing professional institutions you mentioned above are directly answerable to the dictator and they are busy protecting their offices . They are not truly independent to make decisions that are based on professional assessment and judgement because Jammeh simply dictate to every branch of the government . Example , going by the regime ruthless nature , even one of his former minister was a victim of this total disregard to independent and professionalism as he was killed days before budget speech during which he was going to highlight true state of economy right after the illegal overthrew of previous government . Therefore any subsequent top economists or ministers will have to learn from this history and listen to what Jammeh has to dictate to him . This is why good governance mostly lead to good economic practices/ policies or growth as it would not encourage corruption and other bad economic practices . This evidence is clear for all to see .
    2. Jammeh’s business venture is not a secret for any Gambian. In the process , he never pay taxes like other citizens or businesses do . At the same time Jammeh tap into our foreign reserve and use foreign currency for his business dealings . This has dire consequences into two areas , one is revenue reduction due to non-payment of taxes and secondly is the reduction of foreign currency at the reserve leading to the shortage of dollars in the country as he dominate every business . The consequences( shortage of dollar) with high demand for international currency such as dollar, resulting to depreciation of dalasis . This is an other factor the so called professionals will not talk about in their official economic assessment .3. Rising domestic debt resulted from physical irresponsibility and excessive borrowing . Examples , millions of dalasis allocated in recent supplementary budget is clear manifestation of this claim. These millions were allocated for useless celebrations as well as expensive styles of the dictator and his autocratic government when an average Gambian cannot afford three decent square meals .
    4. High taxation without accountability lead to lost of revenue . In fact high taxes does not necessarily encourage small business and investment in the country . The goal of every business is to maximize profit and when you are paying high taxes , that is not possible . Therefore businesses will leave for better and tax friendly environment (country ) where they can make maximum profits . This bad policy of high taxation lead to poor economic growth and high unemployment in the country which also lead to youths going through back way to Europe looking for greener pastures. They should give tax break to small businesses for economic growth and job creation as well as be accountable to the people .
    Mr scales, all the questions you raised above are important but the sole responsibility lies with the government and how it respond . In our case , Jammeh is the government and he is also the economy. This is our predicament.

    • Deyda Haidara

      Max, from the adequate response you gave to Mike, let me relay a sad regular story just announced to me for Mike to consume and understand that not only JK only but most african presidents be they democratically elected or dictators owed our people a deep and sincere apology and start doing the right thing. The story is not new and will contunue to be told as it affects thousand and one million families. A parent lost a son who went thru the back way. This parent sold the only plot land he owed for D95,000- and gave it the boy who died on sea from Tripoly en route to Spain. For Lady now lost both money and land as well as her loved one. Gambia has the highest rate boys and girls backwaygoers in West Africa.
      If Gambia was on the right path to economic growth and social stability, our country would not brake the record of the highest rate of africans going thru the backway. Next.

  14. Michael, Maxs’s right in suspecting or questioning the authenticity of the worsening economic reportage of so-called bank governor & dubious aid-abetting cohorts in services of our Professor of Lies & Murdering rather than country…. I have worked for some eighteen years in a ‘sensitive’ sector of the economy… I have witnessed evidently at firsthand some polishing of country information from negative into deceitfully-positive to sell the devil’s image…. Sadly both Amadou Colley of Central Bank & Nyakassi Sanyang of Gambia Bureau of Statistics responsible for this report, are the devil’s ethnic-stooges implanted in the sensitive positions of the economy based on blinding loyalty rather than merits; for there are numerous & more deservingly qualified individuals for the positions…. Well before handed GBoS, a former colleague of Nyakassi in Gambia told me, he is an informer to the devil…. Evil yaya Jammeh believes it is FAULTLESS & ‘more perfect’ than God Himself…. Our pungently dilapidating economy can’t be accusingly blamed on rains & Ebola for there had never been a single case of Ebola registered in Gambia… Our ONLY Ebola is the murderous kanilai devil itself, thieving our foreign reserves to the grinding halt, savagely devouring our dilapidated economy to the bones… It just recently added the Jahali-Pacharr national rice farm to its personal kanilai family farm enterprises amongst the never ending long list of illegitimate, forceful & illegally acquired properties; & was just at it again, lying to its teeth about hallucinating promises on Gambia “economic superpower status” at the recent independence stage-manage events…. What evidence else can you enquire for when you are witnessing all of it under your very eyes….???

    Otherwise the rest has been well said for me already by the humble commentators earlier…

    Kaironews, my initial unpublished comments last night where some lighthearted pun gearing my fellow commenting contributors & nothing more.. Thank you very much.

  15. Lafia Touray la Manju

    He said Jawara personalised the country by putting his own picture on our currency and now he is doing the same. What the heck is going on??

    About time to take our country back constitutionally and democratically.


  16. LaFia , I am not sure whether constitusionally and democratically will be the means to remove him . I for one , is advocating for any means necessary because he said on multiple times neither coup nor election will remove him from power . Let’s have all options on the table including the nuclear option . If you try the same thing over and over again and expect different result , then something is wrong with us .

    • Scarlet Pimpernel

      From Yaya Jammeh’s own slippery mouth, he said that he’ll make sure no future leader put his picture on the Dalasi. This is on record and i believe some people are having the audio. He is a prolific liar. What Yaya Jammeh is trying to do is put the whole country into chaos by triggering a tribal conflict since he cannot rule anymore and he will escape either to Morocco or Saudi Arabia. These are writings on the wall as the whole country is sitting on a powder keg. People are really angry in the Gambia right now had the 30th December gone through, you would have seen real angry folks.

  17. These numbers about the Gambia’s economy are disheartening. This red flag has been flying for a minute, not even half low.Michael is not wrong, he is only half right.We the peoples of the gambia are and have been closely monitoring our economic activities.We found lots of disparities in the government books.We the peoples unanimously agreed that we will need to build capacity to solve these real problems brought upon us by president Jammehl.His government is corrupt OUTRIGHT.We all know that elections will can and will never remove president jammeh.We have tried it so many times.Our patience is running out. He is up for a VERY RUDE AWAKENING.We are coming with full force.We are ready and more determined than ever.The power of collective action lies in the sincerity and intensity of what we shared. . Jammeh needs to understand that the relationship between any government and her citizens is a two way process. Government affects us and we affect it.It is our turn to call the SHOTS.

  18. Bajaw & Maxs,

    Thankyou for your input and explanations and preferred remedies.
    I have no doubt your concerns are noted by this audience.

    ..and quite rightly.

    The focus applied from the anti Jammeh lobby is varied. The Gambia’s record of atrocities arguably started on July 22nd 1994.

    The list of atrocities has grown in substance and severity, ever since.

    What concerns me the most is not so much the long list of atrocities comtted on Yahya Jammeh’s watch by Gambian’s against Gambian’s, but the lowering of the volume of condemnation and dissent from the Western powers. In particular the former colonial masters Britain and the ” Johnny come lately’s ” our cousins the American’s.

    While I appreciate the online focus is to bring to the fore, each and every atrocity comitted on a daily basis, It would appear the Intenational focus and concern has become over exposed to the daily routine of ” Today’s inhumane episode” the point where the ability or the will to cry foul…has evaporated.

    Perhaps the international community have applied a “credit score” to such happenings, to a point where an immunity to feel and react has all but gone or been stood down to a lower level of concern?

    If so, this would offer little comfort to those endureing such treatment, without proper legal defence…or adequate protection of there rights.

    There may well be several reasons for this. But whatever the reasons, I can only deduce that such a change of heart…must have a political motive that is suited to British and US Foreign policy. Which as you are aware…are akin to Siamese twins. { Babes in arms }

    I note with absolute revulsion that Foroyaa claim the the Lowe boys aged 13 and 19 remain in captivity 56 days. I also note on Freedom Newspaper, that those accused of taking part in the Dec 30th failed coup { Gambian soldiers } are claimed to have suffered hidious and profound torture by personel under the control of The Gambian government.

    Any confession taken under torture is inadmissable in any convened court, where procedure and Law must follow an acceptable standard.

    To my limited understanding of international law, this practice if confirmed….is in direct contravention to several international laws and would require the most searching investigation and punitive action by empowered agencies…Those found responsible of such transgressions must be brought to face Justice, by all means possible.

    Clearly the Gambian online media, continue to do a magnificant job, in providing the general public with information through its network of concerned citizens….with views, personal knowledge and continued outrage.

    An opinion with respect.

  19. The “Bantaba” is vibrating as always…How I would have loved to see the other side (APRC fans) joining the discussions…I’m sure they follow this forum…Come here and join us…We are ONE BIG FAMILY…Don’t let Yaya Jammeh’s dirty politics divide us…We are faced with serious problems and we need to discuss these problems, openly and frankly, to rescue our country, from a leadership that has lost the plot…The statistics speak for itself…The downward spiral was obvious even before the Ebola outbreak and the “drought” struck…It is just a very timely convenient excuse for the regime…

    Anyway, back to the issue…Is there any more (negative) adjectives left to describe Yaya Jammeh..? May be my old “friend”, Lafia can help…Or the ever eloquent Bajaw..

    I mean, is there anything this guy accused Sir Dawda of in 1994 that he hasn’t done 3 fold..? We remember quite vividly that among his catalogue of “crimes” against Sir Dawda, were 3 outstanding ones, and a promise (or rather, a big, fat lie) that they will never be repeated again…

    ( 1)…He accused Sir Dawda Jawara of overstaying and swore by the Qur’an (or did he ?) that no one would ever again stay in office for more than 10 years…After 20 yrs, Jammeh is still looking forward to 2025, ten years from now, with his fantastic super lie of economic super power status…

    (2)…He damned Sir Dawda Jawara for putting his picture on our national currency..If these new notes go into circulation, he would have gone back and done the same thing…Therefore, if Sir Dawda, who introduced the Dalasis as the National currency cannot put his picture on it, what reasons does Jammeh have to put his on it ?

    (3)…He accused Sir Dawda Jawara of living a flamboyant lifestyle….I don’t think even his hard core fans would be brave enough to compare Jawara’s lifestyle with that of Yaya Jammeh and conclude that Jawara’s was the more flamboyant….

    We could go on and list the other “crimes” levelled against the old man, such as….human rights abuses, corruption, favouritism, etc and on each charge, Jammeh would have been far more guiltier than Sir Dawda, if the old man is/was guilty at all.

    And yet, we still find “little green men and women”, pointing to the shiny little projects since 1994, which they claim to be “development”, as their reasons for supporting this all time, shameless liar of a clown, occupying the Office of President…

    Have they noticed how few and far in- between these projects have become over the years..? You don’t need to be an Einstein to know why that is the case..? It is because the sources of funding for these shiny little projects are drying up, one after the other, thanks to Jammeh’s attitude in government…He and his nasty government of small minded sycophants and boot lickers (cabinet & heads of parastatals & security services), have become an obstacle to our ability to attract funding from abroad…It’s about time that he goes…

    To all of you APRC supporters, it is my contention that Yaya Jammeh does not deserve your support if you truly love The Gambia, cherish the Freedom that you enjoy in the West and wish the same for your own countrymen & women…His continued destruction of Gambia’s history and historical past is no longer defensible…When he renamed Mccarthy Square, he got away with it because people were fooled by its colonial origin, but what excuse can he give for renaming Sayerr Jobe Avenue in Sere-kunda, other than a contempt for our history. ..And to add insult to injury, he named it after a man who has no history in Sere-Kunda, nor achieved anything worth celebrating since he became the Mayor of KMC. ..

    If you disagree, then I want to hear your reason (s)…Do not shy aware from these public fora if you have something to shout about…The Gambia belongs to all of us…Yaya Jammeh is destroying it and you are party to it…History will not look upon you lot with kindness…

    I’m sure you are all welcome and over to you, if you have a defence for Yaya Jammeh…

  20. Lafia Touray la Manju

    On 18 December 2013, Amadou Sanneh, national treasurer of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), and two other UDP members, Alhagie Sambou Fatty and Malang Fatty, were convicted of sedition and sentenced to up to five years’ imprisonment. They were held incommunicado at the NIA headquarters for nearly a month prior to their trial in October 2013. All three alleged they were tortured to confess on national television. Alhagie Sambou Fatty and Malang Fatty had no legal representation throughout their detention and trial. The three men are prisoners of conscience.- Amnesty International

  21. karamba jaiteh

    It is a shame to for me to be a gambian. What is going on there country is a big shame. It look like every thing is going from bad to worst everyday. The leaders are not thinking about the future generations but there own name and wellbeings. What a backward idea is to print a president picture on the country money.
    A country belongs to the people not the president or any other person. Every leaders comes and goes the country remains. Yaya was born in the country and now hired as a leader and get paid for service to the country.He is a servant to the Gambian people. I think he don’t know his position
    There are people in Gambia well educated and support the leader on this issue .If you are close to jammeh you support him to do that. You must be selfish to your own family. This is why I hated wicked individuals human beings. one of your family members may be president tomorrow how is he or she going to deal with such problems in the future.
    Don’t be wicked to your family, country, because of your small job with yaya. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Only God knows the future. Please be mindful of what you doing to today.
    look at Senegal they don’t do stupid stuff like that.They have good democracy and good leadership. They will remains peace and tranquility. Whilst Gambia is heading towards coup after coup.
    Why coup? It is greedy for power and selfish agendas. Both Jawara and Yaya are bad examples for a good leadership

  22. Bax , Jammeh came to change and rewrite history . He has been doing that since day one . His policies and actions all favor his tribe, he continue to largely target mandinkas and some extent Wolofs and fulas in his domination and discrimination. This is why I said , Jammeh is the only tribalist politician in The Gambia . This is evidence by appointments of Jolas in all top civilian and security positions . The rename of Sayerr Jobe avenue is the lastest destruction of our country history and Her people . Look at Yankuba badjie as the head of Nia , he has no college or university degree , because of his tribal affialiation and his father closeness to Jammeh, he was asked to come to Gambia from USA , and
    He is given such a high position in our country . Jammeh has been doing this for long time . Almost all those who benefited from his scholarships and studied abroad were from his tribe. when they finish their studies they go back to help suppress and oppress our people . For the past 15 years , many of these peoples now have masters degree and some have PhDs or are doctors in the system protecting and supporting the dictator and his clan . Today Jolas hegemony and domination is the order of the day. Whatever Jammeh promised since 1994 are all lies and deception. He will continue to lie and his recent pronouncment that Gambia will be economic superpower in the world by 2015 is delusional and lunatic claim . A leader who can shamelessly open his dirty mouth and make such a straight face lie in front of the nation should be checked into psychiatric hospital for further evaluation. Jammeh’s schizophrenic characters will continue to show as long as he is in state house and the cure for his characters is to get rid of him by any means necessary.

    • Deyda Haidara

      Max, I don’t know who you are but may God Bless You and help you continue to enlighthen the gambians people. Your comments, statements and analyses are always FACTS. You are a very level headed person. You speak for me and I hail you as a very patriotic gambian free of all ills that plague our social and mental fabrics. We are together all the way…
      JK must GOOOO by all means necessary.

  23. Karamba Jaiteh , please jammeh was never hired as a leader . Jammeh illegally and criminally forced himself as a leader on our people by overthrew of democratically elected Government . He should have done what democrat do that is stand for an election . I will agree with you that JAWARA also contributed to our current predicament by not transferring power to democratically elected government if that is what you mean by bad leadership .in fact I won’t call it bad leadership , he simply overstayed . But overall Jawara’s leadership was far better than dictator Jammeh in terms of human rights , economic development, freedom of speech , political pluralism, independent of judiciary, agricultural productivity , health care delivery , never personalized state resources, less corrupt than the dictator and his clan , have empathy and sympathy for our people , never exiled anyone , never disappeared anyone , never murdered anyone and there was no state sponsored terrorism in Jawara’s regime . Jammeh has been engaged in state sponsored terrorism since day one , that is why there is tribal military checkpoints in every two miles in the greater Banjul areas . Every three kilometers, there is a police station. The Gambia is militarized and police state . He has completely destroyed the every fabric of our society and now we don’t trust each other . Even you karamba Jaiteh , I don’t trust you because you might be his informer . This is how dangerous the situation is in our country .

  24. Yes mr. Jaiteh,’both Jawara and Yaya are bad examples for a good leadership.’ That is it! Gambia’s retrogression, bad leadership from independence and it got worse and went out of hand. Look at it now…eh eh…look at it…eh, look at this calamity… Folks, I need to see a formula to the solution, to alleviate Gambia from this calamity.ASAP!

  25. BAX,

    Your appeal for APRC to join this debate, is an honourable and enlightened one, that merits full recognition of your impeccable charecter and ideals.

    Since 2006, I have had close dealings with the majority of online editors. Please be reassured that I have never at any time made any demands for my financial support, and only insisted that any contribution made in money….is advertised for the sake of utter and complete transparency. I have only ever commented using my own name. For this I was informed that I was the 12th most wanted on Gambia’s most wanted list. This is of course unreasonable and an my intentions.

    Previously, I had enjoyed special status from the APRC for my inward investment in sport and trade inititives.

    In my many conversations with the editors, i presented the same suggestion that the APRC should be encouraged to argue for there beliefs and support of President jammeh. To a point my suggestion was tolerated. But I regret the viability of this honest suggestion, was marred by the toxic atmosphere generated by both sides. Clearly the true democratic way would be to encourage diverse opinion, and the opportunity given to change minds and perceptions.

    I very much regret that in practice, to operate such a forum of exchange, required constant policing and monitoring of comments, some of which were incendury.

    On balance I do not believe this exchange was helpful. Neither did it achieve any tangible progress towards a solution.

    This created the onus upon the editor to become the judge and jury on what was admissable, which at times further inflamed the argument.

    You will know that The Banjul Daily Observer, has never carried any dissenting comment from any Gambian, and the access for the Gambia’s Opposition to The Observer is almost none existant.

    Under such conditions and in view of President Jammeh’s threats against Gambian Journalists, I have changed my mind, that such a forum of equal exchange, must follow a lead from The Daily Observer.

    That is that if they { The Daily Observer} would open the debate to all commers….We should follow that lead. I regret that unless and until all Gambian’s are given equal access to the media in Gambia, without censorship. We should remain firmly to our agenda and focus.

    This is only my opinion and does not carry any penalty if Gambian’s would wish to follow your suggestion.

    You will note my comments regarding the proposed limited amnesty from Mr Jammeh…towards the dissident movement.

    I fully believe that if talks between Cordeg and The Gambian government were to begin to resolve so many issues of mutual concern. Cordeg, would require all its options and possible concessions to be in tact as part of any negotiation.

    Why give away any leverage before the substance of the Presidents limited amnesty is confirmed. ?

    We note with interest the current statement available on Freedom Newspaper by Prof. Saine. This is of better direction, but still requires an agreed agenda of interest to be confirmed by both parties.

    I also fervently believe, that the proposal and encouragment from Mai Fatty towards the limited offer from The President should be supported, not upon the terms suggested by The President, but as a basis for further discussion.

    In my opinion the events of Dec 30th have changed the landscape of the current and future condition of Gambia, to a point where there is immediate and substantial need for dialogue to commence in earnest.

    A further violent incurrsion upon the peace and tranquility of Gambia, would leave the Gambia and its future to hands of fate and chance.

    The consequences are unthinkable, as would be Gambian’s taking up arms against each other.

    What does become loudly and irrefutably that this situation can not be allowed to reach a critical mass.

    You have every right to disagree with me. I would not be offended.

    As always you know the Gambian mindset best.


    • Janko Camara

      As far as history is concerned, mere printing of more currency notes and putting them in circulation has never changed the fortunes of any economy, especially in the Third World. It is the formulation and careful implementation of sound economic and governance policies that have always done the magic wand. In fact, the printing of new notes as just done in The Gambia, where all the national economic indicators are heading south, is the height of madness. You cannot have all of your vital economic signs deteriorating and, as a panacea, you increase aggregate money supply which is not backed by any increase in the production of goods and services. In simple language, this action is an invitation to inflation.
      At a time when the GDP has been seriously shrinking since 2012, one would expect the formulation and implementation of policies aimed at reviving the economy by creating more jobs, reduce unnecessary waste of our monetary resources on things that do not yield us anything in return. And to think of the fact that this is a country headed by Professor! no this is an insult to his title. He must fix it and he certainly will fix it. I don’t know of other professors, but I know our Professor in The Gambia will fix this simple problem. If anything, this is where we need to see the wisdom and expertise of our all hail “Professor” in resolving simple economic matters. After all, is Economics not a matter of common sense?

      Besides the above, my only take on the new currency is the phrase “20 years of self-reliance”. I assume these new currency notes are not just a fad but something that were envisaged to continue circulating beyond this year (sorry, slip of the pen, it should be last year). So I would like to know what happens this year. Will the professor introduce another series?

  26. Maxs, the murderous kanilai devil’s tribally driven own-ethnic oriental cleansing lies in the open for all & sundry from day one; & become louder & clearer as day/time goes by… In fact, I have heard it before but can’t frame it in dialect for not being conversant in Jola, there’s an APRC cloned phrase in Jola literally translated into “Let Jolas stick together at all cost” behind the murderous syndicate “& let Mandika & other tribes to support them in the act”…. Obviously this doesn’t mean that all ethnic Jolas subscribe to this hallucinogenic treasonable doctrine; for there are equally patriotic Jolas like rest of genuine Gambians…. The murderous tyrannical ethnically induced scholarship scheme, occasionally deceitfully distorted intentionally by one or two different ethnicity imbedded, in attempt to hide the really destructive motives intended, used to be coordinated by Omar Gibba at one point, who benefited himself from it, to study Conflict Management/Resolution in a Bradford university in UK proceeded to become an ambassador… This & many many more treasons are open secrets in Gambia… With all these & other heinous crimes being daily committed unending, make me struggle to reason & really wonder why our noble opposition politicians kept fighting to eliminate each other for ANY reason/s WHATSOEVER, rather than the common enemy…??? & what do our opposition leaderships, who collectively can selflessly lead to salvage us all bloodlessly as INCUMBENT, REQUIRED & EXPECTED of them in their various positions, REALLY want us watching from behind, to believe & make of them in such situation & circumstances…?? I will be very grateful if any or all of them can please clear the air on our concerns…? God help & bless the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia bloodlessly; Ameen.

  27. Thank you deyda Haidara . This is our fight as Gambians because it is our own creation . It is our moral and constitutional responsibility to ensure that the system change completely for democracy and rule of law to establish .

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