Did GMC Leader Mai Fatty Blink?


GMC offers ‘standing ovation’ to President Jammeh

The party leader of Gambia Moral Congress (GMC), Mai Ahmad Fatty, has commended President Yahya Jammeh for his “solemn executive pronouncement” forgiving Gambians abroad who might have wronged him and for proposing reconciliation outreach to them, saying they are all Gambians who are free to return home and participate in the national construction and socio-economic development taking place in The Gambia.

In a press release sent yesterday to The Point, GMC party leader Mai Fatty stated: “GMC welcomes the President’s proposed reconciliation outreach to Gambians in the Diaspora contained in his recent interview with the DG of GRTS, Mr Kebba Dibba.

This initiative is in consonance with our previous calls for national reconciliation and political dialogue involving all political stakeholders, both at home and in the Diaspora.

Therefore, GMC strongly supports this gesture and further praises President Jammeh’s political courage and goodwill in effectively engaging those he may have considered his arch political adversaries.

A hallmark of pragmatic leadership is the capacity to harness and work with all shades of divergent opinions, with the ability to objectively dissociate issues from personality.

Reconciliation must not be an end in itself. It should aim at serving the overriding national interests. It should not be symbolic or paternalistic. It should not be a trap to horde, traffic perceived opponents back to the country or a ploy to attract and assemble a significant community of non-conformist diasporans within the country, to neutralize or obliterate them using pre-planned judicial processes against them or systematic heavy-handed law enforcement persecution.

Like most Gambians, GMC is encouraged in assuming the President’s sincerity by virtue of the strong moral and spiritual justification or rationale provided by himself.

Rightly, we too subscribe to the President’s understanding of the Holy Quran that to aspire for Allah’s forgiveness, a good Muslim and a good Muslim leader like him should contain the capacity to forgive.

It is now imperative that the President’s strong moral and spiritual relevance that guided his deliberate pronouncement, be solidified into an effective political policy framework, the implementation of which would in practice be reflected not only in governance but openly and verifiably applied by the entire government machinery.

Sincerity, which was publicly assured by President Jammeh to the hearing and sight of his fellow Muslim citizenry, requires it’s unconditionally as an imperative Islamic component. That is why the President publicly appointed the Supreme Islamic Council the national mediating role.

In implementing this highly unexpected conduct, GMC offers a standing ovation to President Jammeh.

Beyond reconciliation efforts extended specifically to the Diaspora, it is imperative for national political dialogue to take place on issues such as the electoral reforms, amnesty to political detainees and prisoners, rule of law discrepancies, etc.

GMC encourages the government to take a positive, bold new initiative on these issues. We undertake to support and complement government’s efforts on these matters as a responsible national opposition. This is because it falls within our stated competence of supporting and working with the government on areas of common moral or policy convergence such as these.

Our constitutional role as a government-in-waiting is not simply to oppose every government policy, action or conduct for the sake being an opposition. Rather it is proper and mandatory to accord national interests pre-eminently, to openly support government when national interest demands, and to offer concrete divergence when in our estimation such interests equally require.

When a serious leader seizes the rare opportunity making a solemn pronouncement on the occasion of a national milestone, it is taken seriously by all citizens and the world at large. A serious leader does not make frivolous statements or utterances he has no intention of honouring. That is not only unIslamic or satanic but outright treacherous and unpatriotic.

All Gambians both at home and abroad and the international community GMC look forward to the rapid, full unconditional translation of the solemn Executive pronouncement from mere words to verifiable concrete action.”

Source: Picture: Mai Ahmad Fatty, GMC

Source: The Point



  1. Mai has definitely blinked. Not easy in Europe.

  2. I could not agree more with Mai Fatty. Mai has not blinked…he has used his intelligence to listen…..think….. and come to a conclusion.

    As I have stated…I will not second guess why President Jammeh has made this reasonable offer. For this would be mear speculation. But taking Halifa’s ” Gambia at the crossroads observation.”

    This gesture on behalf of Mr Jammeh….makes profound sense.

    This does not mean that the the disidant movement should roll over like a cocker spaniel having its belly rubbed.

    But form a consensus..to meet this proposal with maturity to form traction…leading to leverage….to gain momentum in resolving the real issues confronting all Gambian,s today and tomorrow.

  3. Mai fatty” rightly, we too subscribe to the president’s understanding of the holy Quran that to aspire for Allah’s forgiveness , a good Muslim and a good Muslim leader like him should contain the capacity to forgive.”
    This is the most naive political statement I have ever heard . So mai fatty, it means you and every Gambians who disagreed with dictator Jammeh, have wronged him and should seek forgiveness. What a disgrace? Jammeh should rather seek forgiveness from gambians whose families he killed , disappeared , forced exiled , tortured , inprisoned , and above all the whole country for his despotic and evil rule . So you subscribed to the misleading belief that Jammeh is good Muslim who care about Gambians. It is naive to think and act the same way as jammeh in using religion as justification for his recent outburst which is full of threat. The Video which every one watched has no indication of reconciliation but it was full of threat , and self righteousness. Clearly mr fatty, you are really desperate to have reconcilation with jammeh but you need to be careful because jammeh is unpredictable and cannot be trusted. Political naivety is the result of why jammeh is still in power. You are quick to endorse and praise him without critical analysis of his pronouncement . How about the ten people who he indicated that he won’t forgive , you don’t care about those people ? Your endorsement is even more dangerous than Jammeh’s outburst because it give legitimacy to Jammeh’s statement. What policy did Jammeh put In place before this outburst ? The answer is none. Did he mention any policy after this outburst for you to quickly endorsed him? The answer is none . Over the years, Jammeh knew that you are all bunch of cowards who hide behind the name of opposition without any principles to fight what you claimed to believe. How many false promises did Jammeh make over the years? A real opposition are on the ground who are ready to sacrifice their life and they do not quickly endorse any outburst from Jammeh but they ask relevant questions and critically examine the situation. These are the men of substance who have principles and a cause to fight, not just cheap political popularity.

  4. GMC leader did not blink. He is definitely right by accepting the presedent offer if the offer is genuine and sincere. Please brothers and sisters in diaspora And at home, Gambia is our homeland let us find a peaceful solutions to any problem one may have either against the Jammeh’s government or opposition parties. Violence is not the solution. We all saw and seeing what violence is doing to our neighbobors in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Let’s involve constructive dialogue for the sake of peace in our homeland. That’s my opinion.

  5. I for one see nor heard any amnesty offered BUT more viral threats issued instead by the murderous kanilai bandit…. Who said the evil kanilai devil worshipper owns Gambia by saying it won’t forgive some, neither give any returnees any jobs…??? Why involving the spiteful hypocritical non-God-fearing so-called Islamic council who rather are mere political stooges serving the devil’s errands & interest for their individualistic gains than serving God, the oppressed masses & the truth…?? What about the non-Muslim Gambians, are they not included in the amnesty…? Evil yaya Jammeh from its own mouth is NEVER a Muslim but only dresses like one for political reasons, as majority of Gambians are Muslims… Yaya Jammeh once remarked to Dominic Mendy “who said I’m one of them? I’m just dressing up for political reasons…. In fact whoever said to you that I’m a Muslim just asked them to tell you which Mosque they have ever seen me baptised in…?” If evil yaya Jammeh can LIE to Gambians from its toe beyond its teeth up to tip of its hat from 1994 to date & continue to oppress, maim & kill unending, how can any sane individual believe without caution, much more make such irresponsible pronouncements…??? May God help & bless Gambia against the murderous kanilai devil worshipper & disciples & aid-abet enablers; Ameen.

  6. I beieve Mai has jumped the gun just as Jammeh. Who was Jammeh forgiving????

    Before granting Amnesty to people in the diaspora, why not first release Mrs Metta Njie, Bai Lowe’s child and the parents of those he still detain for being related to people suspected of taking part in the Dec 30th incident.

    Those people are guilty of the same crime that Asombi Bojang was guilty of in July 1994. She was never arrested or detained.

    Mai left The Gambia after his attempted killing in a staged accident by members of Jammeh’s assasin team. It is Jammeh to forgive him or its Mai to forgive Jammeh. Am confused.

    Let him tell Jammeh to free the innocent and stop killing our children when throwing biscuits to them on the road and his convoy vehicles running into them. Pls get that first instead of apeasing him for an amnesty that never exist.

    Its a shame.

  7. Yaya Jammeh got it all wrong. We The Gambian people he needs to ask for forgiveness for all evil things he has done to us not the other way around. We are the victims here and he is the oppressor. Damn with his amnesty I do not need it. Max, I agree with you my friend. This man is very evil and mistook Gambians are fools. Let us continue the fight and never give up because we are doing the right thing.

  8. Ousman jassey , Jammeh is the only one advocating for violent because he said multiple occasions that neither coup nor election will remove him from power . Mai fatty’s quick ill -faith endorsement is a disgrace of highest order. If there is any reconcilation efforts there should be principles outline which should be follow and adhere to . We all know how unpredictable Jammeh is , what is the benefit of outright endorsement if not given him legitimacy to continue his terror and total disregards to rights of the citizens . The current pressure should continue but this endorsement will slow things as international cimmunity may see Jammeh as someone who has offered reconcilation and ready to change his ways . Jammeh is very smart and knows that curent trajectory is not in his favor , therefore it is smart political move to strengthen his grip on power by this offer while the naivety of his opponents increases by the day . Some are even so excited and think that Jammeh mean well . Jammeh is the greatest liar ever to be born in The Gambia . Whatever he said since 1994 , are all lies for us to see .

  9. Jammeh’s mentioned of supreme Islamic council is another way to use religion as his political tool . Supreme Islamic council is a political entity which Jammeh use to promote his selfish agenda . The leaders of Gsic careless about the welfare of Gambians . If they do , they would have been talking about Injustices, brutality and corruption under Jammeh’s regime ., it is a disgrace to see these elders calling themselves imams or religious leaders .,

  10. First and foremost president Jammeh should start with the oppositions on the ground, then the disaporas.It is what is happening out there that disgusts us.President jammeh MUST UNCONDITIONALLY FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS WITHIN 30 DAYS, then we will come home.You MUST FREE ALL THOSE IN YOUR HAND, only then we will know you are serious.President swore to the Holy Qu’ran before and even spiced it up by adding pork to it. jammeh has made it clear that the only people who wronged him were Sam Sarr (rtd col.) and Mr Falai Baldeh, and they admitted it _ hence the apology.These two are literary SELFISH.They were and are still trying to fit in at any cost.We have a third person in the horizon.Once again presidentbJammeh MUST FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS UNCONDITIONALLY WITHIN 30 DAYS.I will pledge up to 100,000 Euros towards the reconciliation.I will sponsor all the different groups both at home and abroad to meet with the jammeh regime anywhere in the world. Please Kaironews extend this to all peace loving Gambians and friends of the gambia and to president jammeh.Thank you.

  11. Mai Fatty did not only blink, but he fxx big time…
    We are no kids for Mai to play with our intelligence. We know very well that recently Mai made few visits to Ghana and president Mahama of Ghana his God Father must have convince him to play the peace ball for some reason, therefore this 180° turnabout is the least what we expect of him. Gambians should by now do a proper research on who John Mahama really is. Make the connections between Jammeh, Chambers and Mahama and see if anything ticks between the four including Mai. Who knows if Mai was promised the presidency against a general amnesty for Jammeh? Mahama being the current sitting president for ECOWAS, whiles we know that this institution refused to recognize the 2011 presidential elections in the Gambia speaks volumes. We also know that Jammeh is looking for an EXIT strategy, we know for a fact that he has been seriously warned to consider handing over the presidency preferably in March 2016 in an orderly manner in other to benefit from some king protection from the International community. Jammeh is on very tight corner and Mai Fatty the new cavalier in the hood is an acceptable option for him. The Blaise Compaore syndrome is being dangled on JK’s head by the International community as a serious warning for Jammeh to take heed.
    Sure enough Mai Fatty is on a mission and a deal. Let him clear the air.

    • Deyda Haidra once again many thanks for always seeing the bigger picture. You know the Gambia and Gambians and your analysis of Mai’s recent political machination is spot on. A word of caution to those of you who are taking Mai fatty seriously. Please don’t waste your precious time trying to analyse and make sense of Mai’s statements in response to Jammeh’s so called reconciliation efforts and reaching out to his opponents.

  12. Thanks Admin for editing my first sentence..lol.. I never expected Mai to be so over-excited and giving JK a standing ovation and a clean bill of hope.

  13. Apart from ‘dangling the carrot’ to bait & kill those who can’t read between lines, OR rather the NAIVE, who are ignoring the writings of the murderous kanilai devil on the wall & jump onto the false so-called “amnesty”… If the devil LIED to the whole world to have forgiven Sam Sarr, only to turn round to insult & castigate him within its murderous reach on the ground; & could NEVER forgive Falai Baldeh for calling its Bojang mother names, what does that tell any sane individual….??? I will NEVER address her as “Asombe” which literally translates into “our mother” or the mother of nation, for she can NEVER be mother to me; being the woman who so far gave birth to the ONLY murderous barbaric devil in this modern civilised times of ours, wantonly destroying innocent lives in the annals of our history without a cause for sheer individualistic greed ONLY… I can only refer to her surname for I don’t know her first name… Evil yaya Jammeh’s blood-thirst barbarity knows no boundaries & even women aren’t spared. Mrs Meta Njie & others recently have disappeared into torture chambers & incarceration, Mrs Sarjo Kunjang Sanneh & many others before, were tortured to death for their political affiliation; Mrs Satang Jobarteh, e.g., was captured & tortured to death for being presumed to harbour leadership aspirations; Mrs Isatou Touray & Mrs Amie Bojang of GAMCOTRAP were falsely accused & persecuted for Isatou’s leadership aspirations & for Amie merely being Isatou’s colleague, etc etc… Evil yaya Jammeh isn’t interested in any honest GENUINE reconciliatory initiations. It is just playing the dubious devil it’s always been since July 1994; for it could’ve released the captured currently in incarceration & the bodies of our noble disease comrades, whom might be lying in mortuary for years to come only to be accorded decent burial rites when we manage to liquidate the murderous devil finally; I only hope & pray I’m wrong on this one. If the kanilai murderous devil can’t forgive the death including other deceased comrades before these, who in your right frame of mind can be howling about a fake so-called amnesty…? There is no escape, nor a hiding place for it anywhere when out of power except being locked under key for life IF it hasn’t been liquidated before then… God help Gambia & bless our noble struggle; Ameen.

  14. Forgiving me for the sins he deliberately and arrogantly committed against me, my person, and rights. Only in the Gambia can you see or hear this kind of maddening garbage. How about start with freeing Amadou Sanneh and all other political prisoners. How about Jammeh returning all he stole from us including the 3M dollar Potomac mansion in the US, and how about for a start for Yahya Jammeh to come clean about all the brothers and sisters that disappeared. And please find time to come on national TV and ask for forgiveness from Gambians, then maybe, just maybe we can start the dialogue. CHEMLAKITIDING – makes me sick!!!