Is NIA Deliberately Misinforming The Public?

NIA DG Yankuba Badjie
NIA DG Yankuba Badjie needs to clear the air!

It has been brought to our attention that the son and brother of Baboucarr Bai Lowe are still being detained. This however contradicted our earlier story by our Banjul correspondent that Yusupha Lowe, 13, and Pa Alieu Lowe, 19, were released from illegal detention without trial.

When this was brought to our attention, Kairo News contacted its Banjul correspondent to dig deeper into the story but what he came across was startling. “What choice does a reporter have other than writing a story that has been confirmed by the family?” our reporter asked. “But the same family is again telling me that Yusupha and Pa Alieu have been released but haven’t arrived home.”

Kairo News contacted its security sources who provided possible motive that might have triggered the story. “I suspect the story is a set up, aimed at luring Bai Lowe to call home when news of the boys’fill the air. The NIA still wants to know what Bai will tell his family. The family was asked to announce that the boys were released when they are still being illegally detained,” said a security source. “Foroyaa also published the story quoting family sources.”

Whatever the case, Kairo News correspondent will follow the story closely until he comes to the bottom of it.

We hope our readers will understand that dessimination of factual and reliable news in a dictatorship like ours is always challenging, costly and risky. Kairo News will always do its best to empower its brave army of correspondents with all the necessary tools so they producive accurate, factual and reliable information.



  1. Interesting!

  2. Expose these heartless monsters. We trust you because you have worked hard to earn our trust and confidence.

  3. Swallow your pride and release these innocent people.

  4. This is a mafia agency where you have nonentities Calling themselves intelligent agent . Yankuba badjie has no qualification or educational background to run this agency , he was simply appointed because of royalty and Jammeh’s tribal connection to his father who run marabout errands for Jammeh . The guy can’t even write his application when he was in USA . It is disgraceful and outright insulting to the intelligence of Gambian people to see such an idiot In that high position. This is corruption at its best . Yankuba if you are reading this post , please try to do justice and release these peoples . Put yourself in their position and remember that they are not responsible for whatever crimes their sons may have committed . Constitutional requirement for detention is 72 hours and their rights has been violated .

  5. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Wow! Wonder never cease to exist in Gambia. Look guys, this is disgraceful to us all as Gambians.


  6. I am shocked and horrified.

  7. If you put a felon in charge , this is what you get. This is not a surprise . What was their explanation about Daba marenah and co escape? A , ” vehicle summasoulted and the prisoners escaped ” and the guards walked free . This was best intelligence statement they can offer.

  8. This is why any story should have at least two reliable sources.

    It is circulating online that in fact these two lads have been released.

    Will the real truth please stand up ?

  9. Lafia Touray la Manju

    And also, will the real slim shady please stand up in court in a democratic Gambia.

  10. Max, Isn’t that what we want? We came after those Gambian intellectuals who accepted jammeh’s job offer because we want his regime to keep failing miserably. Now if he keeps hiring the likes of Yankuba Badjie, I don’t think we should complain a bit.We need to find and keep recruiting more moles in their NIA. The money that Mr Savage has offered will be of more benefits to the oppositions on the ground if he instead donate it to them.I will match any amount Mr Savage is willing to give and up to 100,000.euros.Let him get back to me.I will fly to the US in a heart bit to meet him. We can call a press conference including all the oppositions back home and abroad and present the cheques.Or We both can fly to Dakar Senegal which will be more convenient for them.Actions Max, actions they still speaks louder than voice.

  11. Kemo , i totally agreed we deserve more than these nonentities can offer. I hope mr savage will listen to your kind gesture . with strong opposition , they can possibly make some impact .

  12. I hope so too, Max.I am capable, ready and always willing.Now we have somewhere to start. Maybe others will follow suit.

  13. Thank you kemo , that was good initiative . Hopefully people will follow suit., finance is very important in political process especially when you have a dictator who think state resources is his personal property . Lack of access to public media and finance are the key disadvantages of the opposition parties in the Gambia . Dictator jammeh will never provide equal access to state media .

  14. Kaironews please send me an email if Mr Savage ever take my offer.It doesn’t even have to be public.Thank you.