Coup Suspects’ Parents Disappear

Dawda Bojang The parents of Dawda and Bakary Bojang have still not been accounted for 48 days after their arrest in Mbankam village in North Bank Region.

Essa Bojang and Fatou Sonko were arrested by police from Amdalai after their two sons have been implicated in the December 30th failed attack on State House.

Both Dawda and Bakary were former members of the Gambia Armed Forces. While Dawda is reported killed in the attack, the whereabouts of Bakary remains a mystery.

“Essa and Fatou remain missing since their arrest on January 1,” a close relative told our correspondent, begging for anonymity. “We’re tired of searching them because we have not been getting any positive results.”

The family members have since been living in agony and desperate situation. “We still don’t know why Essa Bojang and Fatou Sonko were picked up,” complained a family member. “We have been jumping from one security center but could not trace the duo.”

It is not clear whether Dawda Bojang’s close friend who was also arrested in the aftermath of the coup is still in detention. Dawda named his 18-months old son after Fafa Jallow, a childhood close friend.


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