Solo Bojang Illegally Kept For 277 Days

Lt. Col. Solo Bojang
Lt. Col. Solo Bojang also tastes Jammeh’s height of arrogance!

Lt. Col. Solo Bojang has so far spent 277 days in illegal detention. Bojang remains detained at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) detention centre in Tanjai since his acquittal and discharge by the Brikama Magistrates’ Court on 12 May 2014, Kairo News investigation reveals.

The erstwhile Commander of the State Guards in Kanilai and the former Manager of the Kanilai Family Farms remains incommunicado.

Mr. Bojang’s family lacks knowledge about his whereabouts. The family has been desperately searching for answers about the reasons for his illegal detention.

Lt. Col. Bojang was acquitted on three of the four counts [abuse of office, supplying false information, conspiracy and theft] slapped on him. He was convicted on supplying false information and fined D50, 000.

Mr. Bojang’s family has since paid the fine but their loved one remains in state custody. 

Solo Bojang’s family last saw him in court on May 12 last year. He was whisked away by plainclothes officers soon after the court acquitted and discharged him. Solo Bojang has since not returned home.

Mr. Bojang’s case has once again proven the Jammeh government’s entrenched culture of disrespect for the Rule of Law, Justice Deliver and the Judiciary.



  1. Mr Solo Bojang’s rights need to be respected as a human being though he was brutal and was part of Jammeh’s suppression enterprise. This is the consequence of military dictatorship. Mr Bojang was militia -herdsmen in kanilali and never understood his role as an employee of gambian state . Today he is the victim of the very system he helped to create . The moral lesson is that always try to respect the rights of others even when they disagree with you . I hope he learn his lesson and now know how it feel like to be violated .

    • Scarlet Pimpernel

      These people will never learn their mistakes. Just wait and see, he will be released sooner or later and then re hired to do the same BS. Just look at Captain Camara who was fired and jailed by jammeh and now he’s brought back by the same lunatic who tormented him. These guys should have the balls and shoot jammeh in the head once and for all to bring sanity in the Gambia.

  2. Scarlet , absolutely majority of jammeh’s victim did not learn . Just recently disgraced former presidential affairs secretary momodou sabally wrote a messeges of solidarity to president Jammeh expressing his strong support and condemned the recent attack on state house . As we speak Sabally is going to court for frivolous charges . These people didn’t have dignity and they will say and do anything to appease Jammeh . It is very shameful and undignified situation .

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