Cote d’Ivoire Wins CAN 2015

cote d'ivoire
Cote d’Ivoire player carrying goaler Boubacarr Barry for handing the Mighty Elephants the continental trophy! Photo provided courtesy of

The Elephants of Ivory Coast have become the 2015 African Cup champions after defeating the Black Stars of Ghana.

The win came through what seemed to be an unending penalty shootout. The Elephants had their smile when their goaler Boubacarr Barry punched a kick by the Back Star goaler. Barry got on the ground and had his wrist sprayed.

The penalty spot ended with 9-8 in favour of The Elephants whose international guns have all scored.

The continental tournament, hosted by Equatorial Guinea, saw a rough semi-final involving Ghana and the host team. But the tournament was generally conducted in a peaceful atmosphere.

The host team had earlier lost the third place against Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Elephants last won the continental trophy in 1992 when Senegal was the host.

The continental tournament has once again proven West Africa’s mightiness when it comes to football. It equally saw the early exit of Cameroon, which once dominated African football for more than a decade. North African teams have not also done any extra ordinary performance either.


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